Tips Motor Matic and Running Fast

Automatic motor currently being loved by the public. The streets were jammed making the motorcycle rider to switch from manual transmission, such as motorcycle and sport, to the automatic transmission.

Unfortunately the automatic machines still reap a number of disadvantages, such as inefficient use of fuel and power are not big enough, so it is difficult invited to run fast.

Well, this Berkut tips for picking efficient motors and gallop.

First, clean kaburator regularly, at least once a month. Carburetors regulate the supply of fuel to the combustion chamber, so it needs to be clean. When a dirty carburetor will make the fuel supply hiccup.

Second, the engine oil change periodically with the distance of less than 3,000 km. By changing the oil, the components rub against each other does not quickly wear can reduce the speed. Oil changes will also make the engine performance keep it nice and smooth.

Third, use a fuel with a high octane, as well as Shell Super Pertamax. With a high octane, fast fuel explode and burn completely. Besides high octane also not much cause the crust on the machine.
To be more efficient fuel consumption, Heri said the rider was not stomp the gas. Rotate the necessary gas and reduce braking.

Once your automatic motor more efficient, certainly want to feel how your way of the run? Here are tips to make automatic motor can run fast.

First replace the roller on the inside of the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), for replacing roller traction performance will be more powerful. Replace it with a standard roller, eg roller used 11 grams, then you change it to 10 grams.
Roller is useful to give out the variator pressure, so it is possible variator can open and give change a diameter greater circumference of the belt drive so that the motor can move.

Second, clean the spark plugs, the ignition so the sector will be more perfect, so that the combustion in the engine room for the better because of the quality spark plugs increases.

Third, replace fanbelt sizes thicker and harder, it can make it more responsive traction.

Fourth, replace the coil, this in order to provide maximum sparks on the ignition.

Fifth, replace the CDI. Although the factory default standard CDI has been good, it’s good to be replaced with another brand more to boost performance.

Sixth, reduce excessive weight, avoid excessive use of accessories that can add to the burden while the motor is running. Instead, use a lighter variation such as aluminum wheels.

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