Gan Want to know how to increase online sales ? if we are talking about the sales will certainly be associated with the number! if the word bule heck, it’s all about numbers! you may doubt their words! of course, I was at the beginning of time to think like that, because they are also human being could just wrong! but after I apply it turns out! really!

sales is closely related with the quantity! the more we sale the greater our opportunity to sell! but if we do promotion blindly! I can guarantee you will not get any sales at all!, definitely not you curious why did it happen? The answer is quite simple, namely the level of your customer’s trust or confidence plummeted!

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If we are doing a promotion where where, anywhere, anytime, all the time, every time! I think it’s pretty stupid! because what we do not directly own harm our reputation! for example, you are an online clothes seller, who had just made online shop: D after you follow Imer seminar somewhere! Your teacher says that you must do the promotion at any time, just by anyone, at kek neighbors, family and so on! then you do it!

usually does when someone runs out of attending, would be eager not: when we do marketing by excessive volume, usually it will make people think negative! you should do is the promotion of an efficient and effective! meaning we only sell to people who are in need! if someone in need and we offer these products, certainly, or at least 90% of people are going to buy!

Maybe some of you will ask, how do we know if the person is needed or wanted to buy our products? good question gan: D ane aja, can know that Ente was need advice how to sell products online? not really: D should you had been able to do what I do! It’s easy really gan:  how there are only two, namely SEO and SEM! That’s it, use it this way, I can guarantee your sales increase 10 x fold! indeed only to implement seo and sem not easy, because the one bit old while the other was paid!

I love to know the trick! using SEM, and find ways to cost less! ie 80 silver per click: so with a capital of 1 million you can get tens of thousands of visitors who are in need! conversion of at least 1-5% or approximately 1,000,000 / 80 = 12,500 visitors! if the conversion of 1-5% it means that 120 to 600 people will buy the product you are selling! : D if fortunately 50 thousand per product, then you can get a profit of about 31 million! :  just do need a process and exercise! but I’m sure sooner or later you will be able to achieve that! Do not forget to read other articles I Google Adwords! though.

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