How to care for the dog to quickly tame

How to provide treatment to the dogs in order to quickly tame and not pooped carelessly is to practice it we practice it every day then it could make famous animal wild this would be by us or lulut or benign have a pet dog of course we have to pay attention to his health condition from giving care cage and also the type of food. ,Dogs on has a habit of peeing and pooping carelessly on this issue we can slowly train so that the dog does not throw dog is an animal that is fierce and biting, but we should know for sure what caused the dogs we have liked to bite especially the bite is A man called the owner, we must always take care of dogs start small.
Affection for dogs

To tame a pet dog we can give love affection here could be treated dogs with no rough and do occasionally yell out loud, the kind of food A dog is a type of meat but will will need a lot of meat and the price is expensive we could mix the meat with some other foods such as rice and potatoes.

4 How to care for a pet dog to quickly tame

  1. Give affection is done to the brain in dogs peliharan we will detect that we are the theme
  2. Give food every day feeding the right we can do in the morning
  3. Caring for a dog cage
  4. Chained dogs and occasionally we give food to the dogs we provide by using our hands so that the dog get used to us.
Dogs are wild animals for that we as dog owners should remain vigilant and keeping also we have to consider is do not bring our pet dog close to the children even though the dog is tame though.

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