The Best Mouse Pads SteelSeries QcK Surface

The Best Mouse Pads SteelSeries QcK Surface

The most important advantage of this mat is that its coating guarantees nothing short of perfect fluidity in the movement of the mouse. And at the same time it has a great price-quality ratio, although it is also a suitable pad for gaming at good levels. It ‘made of fabric on top, while on the lower one has an anti-slip material. Finally, we point out the great reliability of the SteelSeries brand that veteran in the industry.

Editor’s Choice – Best mousepads Logitech G240

Logitech is one of the best brands in absolute devices, and this mat is excelled both at work and in gaming. Its fabric covering is constructed so as to give a great fluidity and accuracy with any DPI level, and the control is therefore great The mat also ensures very little friction, and also presents a part of the underlying anti-slip. E ‘then very large, and then from the maximum freedom to move the mouse even for long distances. For its balanced price we recommend this model especially.

The best mouse pads CM Storm Speed ??RX

Here is a mat of another very famous brand in the achievements for PC components and peripherals. This mat is a great friend of optical mice because it is made with nanofibers forming a very handsome synthetic fabric for speed and accuracy. The friction and the resistance to movement is virtually nonexistent it will seem as if your mouse is walking on the oil. Usually the mouse create dirt, but this pad has a coating that retains it not. Finally it is also non-slip.

The best mouse pads Razer Goliathus Medium Control

This mat made from what is considered by many the best brand of gaming peripherals, has received very positive feedback from users. It has a very attractive design that would surely love to gamer, but at the same time has a coating that preserves the fluidity, control, precision and speed at the same time. He has a non-slip bottom, and is among those that fit more with every type of mouse and user who uses them.

The best mouse pads Razer Vespula

Finally we have the absolute top of the range between the mouse pads, able to satisfy any need thanks to its highly articulated build quality. It has two sides of use the first, called Speed, extremely facilitates the speed and fluidity of movement.

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