The Heroes Of The Olive Trees A Human Shield Against The Construction Of The Pipeline TAP

The Heroes Of The Olive Trees A Human Shield Against The Construction Of The Pipeline TAP

It seems like yesterday that we were talking about saving the trees from xyllela today are saved by the pipeline. It happens once in Puglia, where the protest committee act as a human shield to bulldozers.

Over 200 protesters to save 200 trees, for the second consecutive day take to the streets to say no to the construction of the TAP gas pipeline, which will cross several countries and will transport natural gas from the Balkans to Italy across the Adriatic Sea.

Monday would have to begin the initial work in the municipality of Melendugno in the province of Lecce, but several groups have blocked the bulldozers to save the removal of about 200 olive trees (to be replanted once the pipeline is complete).

Vain attempts of the police to open the road closed by protesters. From the citizens, the governor Emiliano considering the Tap as ‘illegal work’, while stressing that it has no power to intervene because the Italian government had given the green light to the construction, considered strategic for the economy.

The battle to save the olive trees clearly fits in the battle against the pipeline, yet another disturbing element in an area that thrives on agriculture.

According to the mayors of the areas where the eco monster should arise, the corporation does not have the necessary permissions. In particular, the Mayor of Melendugno signed two acts in which warning for lack of environmental impact assessment.

The current situation is blocked because although the governor Emiliano say that the same movement of Olives is illegitimate, even argues that the region does not have the tools to stop the works.

Currently the company has ordered a halt to 24 hours waiting for a compromise with the protesters that will be the voice of the Prefect of Lecce, but the situation has yet to be determined.

What is the Tap

The Tap will pass through Greece, Albania, Italy ‘s Adriatic Sea and the Caspian Sea, a total of 870 kilometers. Do not forget, however, that the Environment Ministry has given the green light to the project and the same prosecutor in Lecce has closed the investigation of alleged irregularities.

Among the protesters, a reader, who writes

The Tap identified as a landing a coastal area (Marina of San Foca – Melendugno) always blue flag with a strong tourist attraction as well as agricultural vocation. From here, you have followed clearance denied and negative opinions by the territorially competent authorities (municipalities and Region) reformulated projects by the company without the necessary authorizations, ignored by the ministry, considering the work of national strategic importance, however, he granted the go free.

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