Harassed By The IRS 21 Million Italians Have Debts With Equitalia

Harassed By The IRS 21 Million Italians Have Debts With Equitalia

The overall result of collection in the biennium 2015-2016 by Equitalia stood at almost € 17 billion (16,996,200,000 Euros). A an INCREASE results over the figures posted in the previous biennium (2013-2014), Which Was equal to about 14.5 billion euro (14.5447 billion euro) with a positive difference of Approximately EUR 2.5 billion (+ 16.85%). The final balance is is brought back as part of the year 2016 shows an Increase of 9.75% of recoveries for the roles entrusted by the Inland Revenue, arrive at 4.6684 billion euro in 2016, just under 16% More than the previous two years and an Increase of 22.5% of recoveries for loads entrusted by INPS. This was said at the public collection company, Ernesto Maria Ruffini, a hearing in the House Finance Committee.

Equitalia, here are the figures

‘From 1 October to date, the receipts to the Exchequer Increased sostanzialmente in the period 2000-2005 private concessionaires had grossed on average each year about 2.9 billion euro; Equitalia with the figure rose to 7.8 billion euro. In 2016 the collection is, However, Further Increased http://smconsult.co.id/id/tax-consultant-jakarta.html, surpassing the 8.7 billion euro, with an INCREASE in percentage terms Compared to 2015, of 17.6 percent, said Ruffini on the fight against tax evasion. As for the number of people with slopes, Ruffini Explained that to date there are about 21 million taxpayers who are found to have debts in various ways with more than 8 thousand Creditors institutions’ that exerts Equitalia collection. The 53% accumulated slopes That do not Exceed 1,000 Euros, then stated.

Arriving the deadline for the annual spesometro 2017. On 10 April, it is the deadline for monthly VAT payers, while the quarterly will have another 10 days, until April 20. Within these two dates shall be communicated to the annual spesometro relative to fiscal year 2016.
Spesometro 2017, here is how it works

According to remember the Revenue Agency on its portal, here are the main things to keep in mind for all stakeholders.

Who VAT taxable persons carrying out the monthly settlement for the purpose of Tax on added value.

What communication of the supply of goods or performance of services rendered and received in 2016. Only for the supply of goods or performance of services rendered and received in 2016 for which there is the obligation to issue the invoice, Telematics must it is carried out where the operation unit amount is equal to or greater than 3,600.00 Euros, gross VAT. But beware, warns the Agency, this notice has been suppressed by D.L. n. 193 of 2016 starting from the transactions carried out since 1 January 2017.

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