Mansur Gavriel The Bucket Bag That Crazy About The Vip

Mansur Gavriel The Bucket Bag That Crazy About The Vip

D Kirsten Dunst Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosio Busy Philipps all crazy for the Mansur Gavriel, bag-shaped bucket, simple, elegant and high quality of processed leather in Italy, which features all the brand’s handbags.
Conceived in 2012 by designer Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel, the first collection went on sale in June 2013. Prices starting from € 425, a decidedly affordable fees when compared with those of other IT bag in circulation. Each reassortment, the magical bucket is always sold out in record time, a sign that the accessory is particularly appreciated by the fashionista audience.

X Factor 2014 all the looks of Victoria Cabello

ictoria Cabello, sworn eighth edition of X Factor, will certainly not be an expert on the music of his colleagues Morgan, Fedez and Mika. But, as far as style, it is unrivaled. Always bet on sophisticated outfits and sexy, who remain faithful to the rules of bon-ton.

Always critical of herself with regard to its physical (repeatedly stressed he had boobs), Vicky never disappoints when it comes to originality in the way they dress. Here is a gallery showing some clothes worn during the episodes.

Vivienne Westwood, bizarre street style looks like a homeless

bizarre and multicolor look for British designer Vivienne Westwood, 73, to the point that it could almost be mistaken for a homeless. Probably it is a put griffatissima, the fact is that while walking down the streets of the City Westwood opts for an eccentric outfits with big Scottish knitted zip, Turkish trousers sweatshirt, hat in gray wool scarf and beige.
The photos were published in the journal Who, describing the designer as a luxury Homeless.

Camel, the color trend more autumn 2014

Camel, the color trend more autumn 2014. It brings so mixed or matched with a contrasting effect in garments and accessories. And ‘gentle, natural, warm, hardly inappropriate. Elegant top coat version neck or attached to life, even better when paired with heeled shoes and bag the same color. But even with the black is very chic.

Kim Kardashian loves and chooses for its iconic longuette that showcase his explosive curves. Jennifer Lopez it prefers in its powdery version. Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss have opened with the advertising campaign of the perfume MyBurberry, in which both are wearing a beige raincoat tending to camel.

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