Extravagant Handbags, The Most Original Proposals From The Catwalk

Extravagant Handbags, The Most Original Proposals From The Catwalk

extravagant handbags, the most beautiful and original proposals spotted on the catwalks. From bags that rely on innovative designs to the inspirations that come from other areas and markets, these are the most glamorous accessories of 2015.

The more strange as they are beautiful. Often they look unlikely, other times they take inspiration from totally unrelated worlds fashionable contexts in recent years tend to bond more and more, building a bridge between totally different market segments but obviously share that inspiration that points to the renewal and innovation.

And so are the collections of clothing and accessories are made very extravagant and unexpected. Some examples From these odd mingling between worlds, genres and styles, often born collections that really make a difference, and they certainly do not go unnoticed. One in all, just to name a few, is the line of bags and accessories that marked the debut of Jeremy Scott Moschino a line inspired by the world of food, and in particular the fast-food, with shoulder bags in the shape of glasses Coca-Cola, collections of chips, and even the friendly Happy Meal

Always one step ahead of the others also Charlotte Olympia that never fails to leave us open-mouthed with its attractive design accessories, playing with the transparency of the materials used, while Saint Laurent surprises us with a bag in sequins that actually looks like a gun with shoulder strap. Even Stella McCartney leaves infected by this playful trend proposing the accessory that are not the usual McCartney.

Returning to the theme of food, which this year has definitely inspired many designers, we can not let ourselves be conquered by Chanel creations that inspired the new collection of accessories at the supermarket world, so they literally paraded on the catwalk bags that looked like baskets of spending and packaged foods. Same perspective for Anya Hindmarch that transforms her bags in cereal boxes with very characteristic illustrations.

Do not miss the most beautiful and extravagant purses of 2015 in our gallery, you will literally struck by the creativity of stylists and designers.

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