Calzedonia 2015 Spring Summer Collection

Calzedonia 2015 Spring Summer Collection

Calzedonia 2015, the new Spring Summer 2015 collection has already arrived, and it is a line with a variety of socks and leggings unprecedented. Find out together.

Calzedonia presents the new collection of socks and basic items for spring summer 2015. A fresh line that straddles many of the new fashion trends that soon will invade our wardrobe. A breath of spring air even for Calzedonia, the famous brand the socks that every season gives us lines increasingly rich in leggings and jeggings. They range from denim version to the printed pants, with many also ideal solutions for curvy or those who want to show a sit high and firm.

All that you need to make your style glam, in short, can be found by Calzedonia, from leather pants to the bon ton tights, without neglecting the needs of the most enterprising women always looking fashionable last gem. Let’s start with leggings that for some years are the highlight of the brand flower. Among the classics stand out as usual push-up models, which emphasize the curves, and let’s face it, there are even seem firmer thanks to the effect shaping. Even the most ordinary leggings are enriched with lace embroidery, geometric prints and abstract patterns creating contrasts between fabrics and colors that do not go unnoticed.

Space to the jeggins denim effect fabric in a wide range of colors and washes, but some of them plain or quilted, in short there is plenty of choice and you can do is choose between a couple of leggings or a sock tattoo effect combined with a sheath dress. A small preview of the new collection Calzedonia find it in our suitable for the beach, appetizers by the pool and leisure in the city; in the latter case, it will be a perfect look for shopping or a walk only if you respect the correct use of accessories that do not recall too the marine environment.

Loafers and suits

A suit is made less formal when paired with a pair of moccasins; choose a suit in pastel tones and moccasins from the classic color, like caramel.

Fashion 90s, grunge style made of leggings, socks with holes in them, amphibians and oversized sweaters is coming back, with the addition of some newer and modern details. If you are still in the closet old wool sweaters, wide, long and a little ‘casseroles, take them out! Of course, to make the current fashion and the sweater Grandma some additions to the outfit, starting with the right accessories are needed.

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