The best applications to focus on when studying

applications to focus

The love for our smartphones is a reality, but this affection can make our day to day difficult if it becomes addictive. Although our desire is to spend the day enjoying it and its applications, which are essential for our daily routine, we have a series of responsibilities that we must fulfill (Not everything could be good things).

That is why several companies have expressed their potential to try to launch some application that can get off the mobile during the time of study and thus be able to take advantage of this. Browsing the Google Store, we’ve found quite a few apps that get or try to avoid this little addiction. Today we are going to focus mainly on two of them: Forest: Stay focused and Flipd.

Forest: Stay focused

The idea that developers have for our taste is magnificent: Plants a tree and in the next thirty minutes this will grow while you study. If you leave the application this tree will die and will not be part of your forest, if you wait half an hour without picking up the cell phone, in a short time you will get a giant jungle full of different plants, whose variety you can choose before starting your study. Forest is designed for people who are not addicted to mobile, since you do not have any restrictions to navigate your smartphone beyond the death of your tree.


Flipd is made for people who find it hard to concentrate. It consists of a rather simple and intuitive interface in which they give us to choose the number of hours that we want to be studying. Once this schedule has been selected and we have given it to accept, there is no turning back; We will not be able to access almost any function of our telephone.

We only needed a few days to say that this application has surprised us a lot. After several failed attempts to search the Play Store we think that Flipd is the best option if we really want to take advantage of our study hours and be able to express them to the maximum.

As a conclusion, we think that this type of applications is very useful for all those who it costs a little more to concentrate and we need to carry the mobile always on top. Forest: Stay focused and Flipd play their part and the first one is fun.

Are you difficult to concentrate, or are you social networks have changed their dream cycle ?, Do not hesitate to leave in the comments what you found these applications and if you are being useful at the time of study.

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