Objects Can Be Donated For Disaster Victims

This article is produced from January 2014 article stricken Indonesia is now evenly. Lots of areas experiencing flooding, landslides and the eruption of Mount Merapi. Consciously or not, now it becomes difficult given assistance. Why, yes it was, this disaster makes people equal to only focus on the immediate area.

Whatcausesearthquakes.com –¬†Even foreign aid from none exists, because some countries are also experiencing the same thing. Now it’s time, our young people move, especially we were not subject to flooding or other disasters. We’ve share Tips for floods . Here are 10 items that we can either directly or through the post, the foundation or the dealer for help.

1. Water Supply

Clean water especially mineral water. As we know that the evacuation was obvious they need to consume a minimum of mineral water or clean water. Especially for mothers, children and the oma-opa they really need the intake of water in order to stay fit. What happens when refugees fed but dehydrated by thirst? Clean water is also needed when the refugees actually finished urinating or defecating to cleanse himself.

2. Ready to Eat (Rice Wrap)

Humans need to eat. Well this is another important aspect that the food was ready to eat. Actually, if we want to directly provide assistance to refugees are more precise than the food ready to eat instant noodles, because it could be that they do not have access to cooking. Unless we give to the manager of the post and then they were Masakin. Cooked rice is the most important aspect so that the refugees do not starve.

3. Bandages, Diapers, and Knickers

Well if this is probably not much that stripped but it’s really important really. Sanitary napkins and baby diapers. Never thinking about the fate of displaced women who are menstruating and babies in refugee camps? Obviously they would greatly inconvenience when there are no two things.
Aceh when the tsunami happened, when thousands of boxes of instant noodle arranged to however many priority items to be shipped are sanitary napkins, baby diapers and underwear. Why? Yes, because they may not change underwear for days, and it could be a source of disease.

4. Clothing

Days in the refugee camps, possibly also had a wet. Most of the refugees did not bring enough clothes a lot and can be left at home shirt has been washed away. Obviously they need for their change of clothing and daily use. Decent clothes must not new or expensive, but still appropriate for their use.

5. Blanket

Many are in refugee camps also became sick due to cold or cold is not strong due to rain there. Especially small children and also older people. This blanket becomes very precious when the refugees went to bed to rest. Perhaps they also slept on newspapers or tarp, and it may still be overcome, but they can not fight the cold and they need a blanket for warmth.

6. Snacks, biscuits and milk

It also could be an alternative for us the love of aid. If indeed give rice packets complicated because it must cook, might be immediately wrote love snacks and liquid milk. This can at least reduce hunger and thirst at the same time give us the energy to the displaced people were not starving.

7. Drugs

Flooded or contact with volcanic ash obviously make health declined. We can love eucalyptus oil, wind starting, vitamins, and other supplements. And paracetamol cough medicine may also be required for those who have a fever and dizziness.

8. Sembako

It can be given to an administrator post or distributor who is willing to cook for refugees but groceries may also be administered after the floods receded and the displaced return to their homes. Obviously after being flooded, they may lose a lot of possessions, including food. It’s good for us to provide these basic needs after the water receded.

9. Money

We can give our money if it is considered sufficient nuisance when purchasing goods. Now we can make a donation to the party dealer or posts that have been willing to help distribute aid. Careful with fraud select aid agencies had been credible and trustworthy. Or maybe if you want to give a donation directly ahead.  

10. Power

No money, can not buy this and that. But you have the energy to help volunteer. You can follow cooking in the kitchen of an emergency, help evacuate victims, distribute food, teach children in the refugee camps to assist the ailing. Or something simpel is to help provide information to donors to provide assistance.
Whatever we can do original intention and done with care. Many things can we give to the victims of natural disasters. Our concern is very meaningful to them. They are in need and we are now if you can give, do not delay to give. No one is to be poor, because it has, in fact there are many stories out there, the more blessed because of a lot to give.

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