A Modernly Decorated Fantastic Way

A Modernly Decorated Fantastic Way

Reception and style are two of the prerogatives indispensable in all homes. For this reason, we at Homify show you a holiday apartment, whose interior has been handled by the HOME DECO studio and located in Barcelona. It is impossible to remain indifferent to the integration of styles and details that gives this holiday home, in which the minimal style blends with details of great interest that you would never think could be combined with each other. What are you waiting for Make yourself comfortable and browse the images below, take inspiration from the union of the most popular trends and let yourself be inspired!

The sleeping area

Let’s start with the bedroom, which is extremely clear in the shades, but discreetly embellished with stronger color touches here and there. In any case, neutral colors make it a master, and the various elements that characterize it, such as walls, curtains and bedding, are an environment that relaxes at first glance, welcoming and pampering us after a tiring day.

A living room cn special details

At first glance, we are immediately struck by the harmony that emanates this living area, but if we focus on every single element that furnishes it, we realize that our professionals have done a styles integration work since they pass without any Effort from industrial-style furnishing, for example chairs and dining table to the minimal sofa, until you get to a very rustic style of the two tables made of a tree trunk; The latter also have dimensions suitable to be positioned in a passage area without being too large for use.

There is no light

Taking our shoulders at the bathroom door we can see that this integrated space is really very bright thanks to a window that occupies much of the wall behind the television; The abundance of light is exalted to the maximum thanks to a very light tones.

An essential dining area

We have already mentioned the industrial style of the dining table with chairs, but what strikes us most is the possibility of integrating such a strong style in a totally cool and delicate environment. All this has been made possible by the cooking corner that is constantly in place with this space used for eating meals.

Elegance angles

If we were only looking at this image, we would have come to think that we are in a modern but very elegant home and in fact this corner expresses this with a shiny black console that recalls the abat jour; To complement this refined picture there are two mirrors in silver frames that add elegance to this passage of the house.

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