A Small Bilocale That Will Make You Feel Younger!

A Small Bilocale That Will Make You Feel Younger!

With the book of today’s ideas, we turn to singles and young couples who prefer to opt for a small-sized housing, but not dark or no style. The ATELIER MENTA is an architecture studio that makes clean lines and clear shades of its battle horse, just as it did for the apartment in question, extending over a 35 sqm surface, but which seem to be many of them More because of the careful choice of colors. In addition, the living area and the kitchen are enclosed in a partially transparent cube, which also serves to bring sunlight to these otherwise inaccessible corners. Enjoy the reading!

The social area

This small chest expresses such intimacy despite being the home area to welcome the invited; This is a very bright space because, as we have said, this environment is characterized by colors ranging from white milk to gray and beige, with few accents of color, but always very clear and bright; Not to underestimate the importance of the solution adopted and to create an opening on the adjoining room to ensure that sunlight also benefits this inner area, otherwise it is much sharper.

A look at the kitchen

Looking to the kitchen, we encounter a more decisive use of color, but always in light version yellow ocher, gray pearl, white and green water join together and create a geometric wall that gives energy to the entire space. This is where you choose whether to go left or right, depending on what you want to do …

We have chosen to go to the left, but before we look at the bathroom, we analyze the kitchen furniture more closely, which have a white candy for its furniture, a fairly large wooden shelf and a steel hood. It’s hard to imagine how gray, green, yellow, and white can create something catchy, but we have recessed, noticing how much movement adds the colored tiles so prepared to this kitchen.

The bathroom

Here we are in the bathroom. We remain stucco in seeing how much light can get you here from across the house; Obviously the color palette provides exclusive white for walls, furniture and sanitary. The only element that brings vitality and a touch of fantasy is the floor, in perfect Portuguese decorative style. Finally, the shower cabin, located on the right of the entrance, was embellished with white bricks and enclosed by a transparent glass cabinet, which limits its size.

On the opposite side of the bathroom is the spacious bedroom, in which the furniture consists only of a chest of drawers, a long mirror and a dress door. As you can see in the room there is so much light and the idea of ??creating a glass wall with the living room was a super winning solution!

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