15 Small Perfect Pools for Every Patio or Terrace

15 Small Perfect Pools for Every Patio or Terrace

Now that the good weather seems to have finally come, many of us start to fantasize about being able to have a small oasis of peace to enjoy some nice afternoon … who would not want to dive, or dive slowly into a pool on their return to work Maybe having a drink Well, know that if you have an open space, albeit very small, the prospect of indulging this little luxury can be a lot more concrete than you think. Are you ready to discover the 15 references we have selected to inspire you Let’s start!

Small and sparkling

A small pool does not necessarily require sacrificing comfort and technology. This example that we show you has many amenities including air conditioning and hydromassage air vents

With small complementary additions

A wall with integrated vertical garden cascade can produce very interesting results even in the case of very small dimensions.

A lively lining

This mini pool is placed on a roof covering material is bright and heterogeneous to create a pleasant feel of movement and vivacity.

Small but profound

If the space on your patio is really limited, you just have to work on the depth … a deep pool will allow you to dive safely without incurring the inconvenience of bumping your head.

Minimalist and well-lit

If the idea of ??swimming pool you have in mind does not contemplate decorations or particular material effects, work on the light to make it really special!

Natural style

This little oasis of peace is very pleasant thanks to the presence of the plants and the stone used as a lining.

Pool with view

There are pools that go beyond the simple function they are real jewels to enjoy unexpected views of fantastic city scenery.

Swimming pool and pond

Have you ever thought of this possibility On the one hand, there is a pond with water lilies and other aquatic plants, on the other hand an unusually natural green pool with a green background an ideal solution for those who love nature.

A pool with a brush

The oblong dimension of this pool derives from the shape of the building lot. Remember the first design parameters come from a careful evaluation of available resources.

A particular lighting

The pool should not be used only during the day when you are looking for glamorous lighting solutions that can enhance this environment even at night.

The essential

This pool is one of the most interesting of our collection today it has the space to cool off, it’s simple, and lighting is perfect … what else to ask for !

Circular swimming pool

The pool is not a separate element, it needs to be integrated consistently into the surrounding environment so if your home has curved volumes, choosing a circular bath tub can be a winning choice.

Panoramic swimming pool

This pool is a real poster that reminds us of why many of us love the latest plans. If you have the opportunity to put a swimming pool on the terrace of your apartment, remember this reference and keep it in mind before starting the work.

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