Manual Call Point Alarm

The series of system installation fire alarm broadly divided into two, namely conventional and addressable . They are different in complexity and accuracy of monitoring installations where there is a fire. Until now, conventional systems are still widely used in small to medium scale buildings. Harga alarm kebakaran

In the large and multi-storey buildings will be better if you use an addressable system. Both on a system of conventional or addressable, there are three main parts to fire alarms ie manual call point alarm , alarm indicator and fire alarm bell

Manual call point alarm - open

Manual alarm call points are available in various shapes with distinctive red color. At first this tool mostly shaped lever “T”, is activated by pulling or pressing down, although this form is rarely or no longer used.

Along with technological developments present many manual call point alarm types with a variety of shapes, such as a button with protective glass, there is also a button that uses the technology  of wireless  that is easier to install. Until now in Indonesia alarm manual call point is the most widely circulated type of push button fire alarms are usually spherical / box with a button in the middle.

In practice manual call point alarm is called by various terms such as MCP, Emergency Break Glass, Push button alarm, and so forth, but they all have the same shape / similar and easily recognizable. In this tool there is a switch or switches, at some specific types are equipped with a telecommunications link that connects the monitor room fire, so it could be used as a tool to communicate with the firefighters.

Inside manual call point alarm

Function Manual Call Point Alarms

As the name implies, alarm manual call point is used to activate the series of fire hazard warning system manually or requires the interaction with humans. This tool is activated by pressing the switch / alarm button, anyone can instantly hand pressed with a finger, but there also must break the protective glass alarm button switch.

When the switch button is activated, it will light a fire warning circuit including a siren / bell fires and fire hazard indicator lights. In this tool generally is a button reset to turn off the alarm circuit fire warning, this becomes very useful if there is a fire simulation training.

Placement Manual Call Point Alarms

Given the function, manual call point alarm should be placed in an area that is recognized by many people, or refers to the installation of fire alarm project consultant. This tool can be placed outdoors or indoors. In general, the criteria for placement meets some kategri as follows:

  • Easily seen by many people who pass through these points
  • When a fire occurs, this tool must be on the path of a fire evacuation
  • Easily accessible to be operated

If there is the installation of indoor hydrant box in a building equipped with fire protection systems are usually manual call point alarm attached to the upper part of town hydrant box. The tool is placed lined with fire alarm bell and alarm indicators.

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