Pandan Leaves For Health Benefits

1. Treating Arthritis
If you are affected by arthritis, medications can try this one is by using pandanus leaves. The first way is to prepare a few pieces of pandan leaves that have been cleaned. Then tears with half or one glass of coconut oil. Then let stand until cool. Subsequently rub on your body affected by arthritis.

2. Treating High Blood Pressure
In addition to treating rheumatic pandanus leaves can also treat high blood pressure. The trick is boil some pandan leaves that have been washed clean. Then drink the stew. Try to drink 2 times a day every morning and afternoon.

3. Increase Appetite
It is very difficult to force feed those who do not have the appetite. Well, to resolve the issue you can use pandan leaves as traditional medicine. Namely by boiling two leaves and match with two glasses of water. The stew and let stand until the remaining one cup. After the stew cold drink. You can add honey or sugar to taste sweeter. Try to do this way twice a day regularly.

4. Treating rheumatic Pegal
To treat rheumatism you can also use pandan leaves as a solution. Instead of having to spend money to buy drugs, what’s wrong when trying a natural way on this one. For how to use similar to point number 1. That pandan leaves brewed in advance with half or one glass of coconut oil. Then after a cold stay rubbed into the areas of the body stiff.

5. Treat Impotent In Men
For how to use that provide three pieces of pandan leaves that have been washed clean. Then boiled with four glasses of water. Allow the stew until the remaining approximately three cups. Then after a cold drink decoction is in the morning and afternoon. Try to drink regularly.

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