Implementation SMK3 (PP 50 of 2012)


SMK3 (Management System Occupational Health and Safety) is part of the overall enterprise management system in order to control the risks associated with work activities in order to create workplaces that are safe, efficient and productive. Konsultan Iso Di Jakarta, Occupational Health and Safety (K3) are all activities to ensure and protect the safety and health of workers through prevention of occupational accidents and occupational diseases.

Audit K3 is a systematic and independent examination of the fulfillment of the criteria established to measure the results of activities have been planned and implemented in the application of K3 in the company.

consultant SMK3

3 SMK audit conducted by the Certification Body SMK3, which will provide an assessment of a company whether it is feasible or not certified by K3 Management Sisite


increase the effectiveness of occupational safety and health protection are planned, measured, structured and integrated; prevent and reduce occupational accidents and occupational diseases involving elements of management, workers / laborers, and / or unions / labor unions; as well as creating a workplace that is safe, convenient, and efficient to boost productivity application K3 BC also aims to meet customer demand, which requires for its suppliers to obtain certification SM K3, typically companies that have a risk and a high occupational hazards.

Another advantage with the implementation of K3 management system is the decreasing number of work accidents, then productivity increases. so that the company will be able to maximize the results.


Implementation SMK3 carried out by the national policy on SM K3. The national policy on SM K3 as a guide companies in implementing K3 SM. Agencies builder business sector to develop guidelines for the application of SM K3 in accordance with the requirements under the provisions of the legislation.

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