Crocs Tone Shoes Released in the US

1st November 2010 saw the long awaited release of a new line of toning shoes from the healthy footwear manufacturers Crocs. The latest Crocs Tone shoes have come at just the right time, as the U.S. Surgeon General recommends that all Americans should take at least 10,000 steps a day to get firmly on the road to wellness. For the Americans that take up his recommendation, doing so in Crocs shoes will not only make every one of those steps incredibly comfortable, but before long, all of that walking will translate into great lower body tone thanks to an innovative three part design which activates more muscles when walking.

The shoes are constructed from the same Croslite material which has been used throughout the 250 model range, with a design that moulds to the shape of the foot for a personal and highly comfortable fit. The soft spongy sole cushions the feet well, and feels highly comfortable, helping to dampen the shock waves from walking for day long comfort. The footbed helps to reduce muscle fatigue in the feet and legs by promoting a more natural alignment of the bones and muscles, and reducing the concentration of pressure in the feet.

By using Croslite, which is a much more flexible material than PU or EVA, Crocs are able to totally conceal the toning technology in the shoes. They have used a design which looks virtually identical to many Crocs shoes within the range. This will be a big selling point at a time when most other toning shoes on the market are noticeable as such, with a thick midsole which announced to all who look, that the shoes are toning your lower body.

The outsole of Crocs Tone shoes is where the action is, and a heel and forefoot sculpted rubber pod is responsible for getting the muscles working harder with each step. The design creates a rocker like sole, sepatu converse┬áincreasing the range of foot movement with the uneven base activating more muscles throughout the legs. The design is such that the extra muscle activity is not felt, just the highly comfortable design. Over timethe shoes will help to firm up the lower and upper legs by “creating a variety of walking rhythms”, according to Crocs. Located around the pods on the sole is a toning ring, which adds stability to the design and further increases muscle activity.

How much toning the shoes can achieve remains to be seen, as at the time of writing the shoes have been on the market for less than 48 hours, however the initial feedback suggests that the shoes are universally regarded as some of the most comfortable footwear ever worn, and the understated toning design is sure to make these shoes a big hit for their comfort and style alone.

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