Canker Sores and Odor Mouth

Bad breath can be caused by many things, even if you feel diligent toothbrush. There are several causes of bad breath, namely cavities that become the perfect place for the growth of germs, plaque deposits and the rest of food or drink. Thrush can also be the cause, especially canker sores are inflamed and not dry.

Sprue, white basin with reddish color around it feels pain when inflamed. Sprue can last 4-20 days, but immediately check if still entrenched in the mouth after 2 weeks. Because usually, under normal conditions, canker sores can heal itself.

Thrush is left to make us uncomfortable to chew something. Moreover, eating pieces of fresh fruits and vegetables that sometimes scratch the wound basin. In fact, the more we are lazy to chew, the less saliva produced, the more dry our mouths. As a result, there was an unpleasant smell from inside the mouth.

When sprue, should diligently rinse and drink water. Try to chew fresh fruit and vegetables. Treat antiseptics to ensure that germs do not develop. What you should look at, it is canker sores are innate. As many as 50% of cases of canker sores are genetic cases derived from their parents. Well, the congenital ulcers that new relapse when tercetus something. For example, spicy food or vitamin C deficiency and vitamin B12 are found in fresh fruit.

Needs of vitamin C per day is not more than 100 mg in normal people. Therefore, if you take vitamin C supplements when canker sores, it is not appropriate. The average vitamin C supplement has a high dosage of vitamin C so it actually spurs kidney work. By taking vitamin C supplements, your sprue does not necessarily necessarily heal and the problem of bad breath is resolved.

So, canker sores can cause bad breath if not treated immediately. This is more because we are lazy to chew during canker sores so that less saliva production and mouth so much drier. But the cause of bad breath is not always canker sores. You can cope with bad breath by checking it out first. Who knows there is a tooth and rotten.

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