Exciting Family Vacation

St. Petersburg Holiday Packages and Hotel Deals George is now easier than ever to find. Also called Aghios Georgios South Corfu is often confused with Aghios Georgios on the north side of Corfu. Make sure you know where you are making plans for your holiday if you are considering Aghios Georgios to avoid confusion early in your Greek island holiday.

Family Vacation to St. Petersburg George is quite popular for many reasons. First of all, the resort is not as crowded as some of the more famous resorts in Corfu. This means you are not constantly searching for your family members amongst the crowd or trying to weave your way through harga paket karimunjawa the large crowds on the beach, at the malls, and are appropriate for facilities along the beach.

Also on the plus side you can find many great vacation packages to St. George is perfect for families who want to have everything close but are not interested in visiting too overpriced and overrated areas. St. George offers a great selection of restaurants, pubs, bars and shopping options to keep you satisfied but not meet the glamorized or glitz target audience. In other words, this is a resort designed for real people looking for Greek island holidays and not for those who are rich.

The beauty of St. George is worth mentioning. In addition to the beautiful sandy beaches, St. George is also home to a beautiful olive grove that you can explore during your stay. If your big family vacation idea often extends no farther than the beach or the main drag then you will find 6 miles of beautiful beaches to enjoy at St. George and many activities to be enjoyed along this beach. Popular activities include cycling, hiking, walking, paragliding, jet skiing and snorkeling. You should also consider exploring the inside of the island a little while you are here. Many vacation packages include bus tours from the inland villages of the islands as well as boat tours from several other island resorts. Including this cultural tour lets you get the most of your visit to Corfu and build wonderful memories of your family holiday. Begin your search today for

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