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You’ll see how to overcome the November, December and January rejections, and create like “Time-Leisure Growth Bandits”.

New patients during the holiday season? Have I overcome eggnog?

Not to eggnog, and yes to new patients. The truth is, vacation is a premium time for you to market, because other chiropractor experts do not! This means many new unclaimed patient opportunities … and by following the following tip, they will be yours to take.

Plus, when chiropractors postpone karimunjawa travel marketing efforts over the past few months, then hit … mid-winter, they really feel the pressure “I need a new patient”.

What’s the Best Kind of Holiday-Time Marketing Method?

Conducting a health presentation in your community is the answer, as only this marketing method gives you the opportunity to confront the habit of vacationing (and others).

Before I give you some solutions … I know what you think. “Everyone will be distracted, thinking of their shopping, this will not work.”

It seems logical on the surface, but actually this is not true!

People want a holiday, and transition to the New Year’s Resolution, to go without a hitch. They have been planning their vacation for months, have invested money, will see friends and family they rarely see, and are motivated for their upcoming diets. The lower back pain they may have tolerated on a “normal” day is now very important, as in “My ski trip will be ruined if my back does not feel better!”

And of course, the last thing a person needs during stressful holiday shopping, is a headache that will not go away. You’ve heard it before: “Ugh, I’m a headache, I hope I do not have to spend!”

This is a time when people want relief. They will absorb your stress reduction tip, and will be grateful for your help.

3 Oral Oral Closure Tips If They Say “I Can not Handle It”

Each lay learner should contain some kind of new patient offer for your audience. For the whole year, try these ideas:

1. Give your audience a special incentive for new vacation patients, which will save time or money by spending them. Yes, this will cost you some of your patient’s costs, but you’ll make up for it when the patient continues to take care of him.

For example, everyone who schedules their first appointment before X will receive a giftcard to one of three stores of their choice. Leave the giftcard empty, so they can use it themselves, or can give to others.

Or, offer everyone a free massage (with your own therapist, or the person you refer) as they schedule before Christmas. Give them the option to use it yourself, or give it to someone as a gift.

2. Offer a new patient payment plan for the vacation to your audience. Be sure to collect post-dated checks, or get a credit card number, and make sure the patient has just signed an agreement.

3. Make sure your audience members understand the value of initial care now! Remind your audience of the above concept: continued stress or physical pain means they will waste money on their voyage, their New Year’s date will be a bottle of Tylenol, or their New Year’s Resolutions exercise regime will be spoiled


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