Whelping box

When preparing your dog for breeding, it is important to plan the whole process. One of the important key items that you will need 2 months after the dog marriage has taken place is the whelping box. The box should be built with an open top. With a high enough wall where the mother will feel safe and have enough privacy to make her feel comfortable. They should also be high enough that the puppies stay at home as they are old enough to move. The box must be draft-free to prevent puppies harga mdf from getting sick. Puppies are very susceptible to disease at this age and all efforts should be made to protect them.

Installing a safety rail is a very important whelping box. It protects the puppies from injury or even choked from the mother accidentally spilling it.

It should be designed with one side having a U shape opening that allows the mother to climb in and out of the box by having to jump. It also should not let the puppies easily get out.

Different types

The box should be built from sturdy cardboard, plastic or plywood.

Newdog Company offers sturdy whelping box disposable boxes that are available in various sizes that are ideal for most dogs. The price is quite cheap and has received great reviews online from other breeders.

Plastic box made of non-porous surface and easy to water. The good thing about plastic enclosures is that they last longer and can be used for years. Depending on your settings and your finances, this can definitely be the optimal choice.

Boxes built with wood offer a sturdy and stable environment for dogs. Strong structures add value and privacy to the matrons and ensure their puppies are safe.

How to Build Your Own

Some things to keep in mind while building your cage are: 1. Maintenance, you want to make sure it is easy to clean and does not take time. 2. You want the whelping box to be sturdy and durable.

Materials you need:

-1 pcs 4’x4 ‘3/4 “(make sure both are smooth on both sides
-3 pieces 16 “x4” (3 sides)
-1 pieces 2 “x6 ‘(front box whelping, high enough to keep puppies but short enough for mom to easily climb out)
-Screws to assemble a whelping box

Before assembling the box, place the contact paper on the plywood. This will help protect the wood and make the breeze. Also consider using vinyl for flooring. This will help keep your whelping box stains free.

For bedding you can use sheepskin or newspaper. Sheep skin will last long. Its washed and helps the puppies stand faster because more gripping. Newspapers are cheap and easy to clean and replace.


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