Safe Holidays And Comfortable With Personal Car Rental

going home with friends or family is one thing that is identical with the month of Ramadan to the feast of Eid al-Fitr. In fact, the tradition of returning to the village during the fasting month or Lebaran is only happening in Indonesia.


In order for the trip back and forth smoothly and safely, there are many things that we must pay attention, ranging from buying tickets to match them with a holiday schedule together. Without proper preparation, we may experience a less enjoyable journey home or even go home.

Related transportation for homecoming, travelers have a variety of options. One of the most frequent transportation for homecoming trip is a private vehicle. Below are tips for travelers who will go back and forth by using private vehicles:

Ensure Cars are in Excellent Condition
Because it will go with a private vehicle like a car, make sure the condition is prime. Take the car to the garage about a week or two before going home to make sure it’s in good condition. If something is broken, fix it immediately before it’s too late. Also check the vital parts such as steering, brakes, tires, mirrors, and so forth. Also, check the car lights, do not work and we can not use if you have to travel at night. Fuel must also be considered before we go home together so as not to strike in the middle of the journey.

Preparing Physical and Mental
Especially for those who will be driving, physically and mentally should be really prepared. Because it is no secret that travels back and forth in Indonesia is always colored congestion until the accident. Too long driving will make the driver tired even sleepy. If the journey traveled a  Rental Mobil Jakarta Murah considerable distance, make sure there are at least one or two people who can drive so that later can take turns to give each other rest time. Fatigue or too sleepy can create unstable emotions and can bring unwanted things down the road.


Priority Safety (Safety Drive)
The Javanese proverb says along-alone origin klaxon; Slowly coming to the destination. This applies also when we are going home with friends or family. Whether the streets are running smoothly or jammed, make sure we keep up with traffic rules and drive at the recommended speed. Do not let us be tempted to increase the speed of driving just because the streets are empty. If tired, immediately look for a rest area to rest for a moment. Keep in mind that accidents can happen anytime, especially if we do not follow the match during the trip back home.


Keep Keeping Distance Safe
Who does not want to get to the destination when going home? Not infrequently because want to hurry up, there are drivers who do not care about road safety and can endanger many people. One thing that is often overlooked is the safe distance while driving. It is important for a rider to keep the safe distance, even if the road is relatively safe or smooth. Note also how the drivers around us to know the condition of the streets. Although there is no official benchmark on safe distance, ignoring it can lead to accidents like a successive collision.

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Holding the Wheel Using Two Hands
Whether feeling good or neglected, the driver who was on duty when traveling together sometimes just hold the wheel with one hand. While one other hand is doing other activities such as calling. Whereas using two hands can improve concentration, maintain control, comfort, to alertness if at any time things happen. It seems trivial, but the role of the driver in activities back and forth is very important. Especially if in the car was there are many people, for example with the family, which must be protected until the goal.

Notice the Weight of Car Cargoes
The car has a limit to capacity that can be accommodated. Therefore do not be desperate to bring passengers or goods beyond the limit that has been determined. Although only a slight difference, the consequences can be very fatal, especially if the road to the destination is quite heavy. Any excess weight will make the engine work heavier and fuel will also run out quickly. Drivers will have difficulty when driving. So make sure the passengers and the goods that are brought when going home together do not exceed the capacity to avoid a variety of accidents.

That’s 6 tips to go home safely together with a private vehicle. Hopefully you travelers with private vehicles can benefit from the above description

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