The streets to the siti nurbaya bridge are charming and beautiful with the Tourism Bus

We of the group one of the companies in Riau want a vacation to boast precisely to bridge siti Surabaya, using the tour bus
bridge siti nurbaya is one of the famous tourist spots in sumbar.Jembatan Siti Nurbaya is a bridge whose name is taken from a story phenomenon of paper writer West Sumatra.

The charm of the siti nurbaya bridge

Saturday morning it we set out with one unit of buses towards boast, during our trip and his entourage enjoyed it very much, and we were able to rest though not too tired I got there, after a long journey we finally reached the bridge siti nurbaya there are views of the soothing eye, Which is beautifully decorated with wooden ships passing by, a beautiful sight this afternoon.


Body length bridges with a total length of 100 meters from the foot bridge on the palm up to the trunk road along the 600-meter area we passed design kami.bridge tourist bus also connects the old town with a Bus Pariwisata. bridge name siti nurbaya initerjadi the desert mountain area where siti nurbaya the first time met with Kek Asi NYA samsul bahri. who do not know the love story between siti nurbaya with samsul bahri of rnah Minang, the love they can not unite because of matchmaking between Datuk siti nurbaya with maringging.

bridge-sitinurbaya4 Mountains bukik siti nurbaya field or meadow, boast, the tomb is believed siti nurbaya.makam as siti nurbaya eternal resting place, because we were curious to see the tomb of siti nurbaya direct, it was our tour buses parked our rental and we went kemakam siti siti nurbaya nurbaya.sesampainya in the tomb we also pilgrimage at the tomb siti nurbaya, after that we went back to the bridge to buy special food for under home field.

This time we will vacation to north sumatera with 2 units of tourism bus to the famous tourist with its waterfall that is sipiso-piso waterfall. Sipiso-piso Waterfall is one of the tourist attractions located in Karo Regency, North Sumatra, which is not so far from the settlement of Tongging Village residents. This waterfall is located in the hills with an altitude of about 800 mdpl and surrounded by pine forests. Management of natural attractions waterfall is held by the District Government Karo. With a height of about 120 meters, Sipiso-piso Waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in Indonesia. This waterfall makes kaeo district became one of the most popular tourist attractions by domestic and foreign tourists.


Its gorgeous waterfall sipiso piso

After a long journey of his end we arrived in the city of Medan and continue our journey using a tour bus with majors Kabanjahe City with approximately 2 hours. Then, after arriving in Kabanjahe, the journey continues towards Lake Toba. The journey takes about 30 minutes with a distance of about 24 Km.


After getting off the tour bus We were very impressed with the charm of Sipiso-piso Waterfall, when arrived at Tongging Village, the place where this waterfall is located. Before we see this waterfall up close, visit the viewing post located on the top of the hill. We saw the beauty of Karo. From this viewpoint also, we enjoy the beauty of the island of Samosir, the island is in the middle of Lake Toba.Setelah we are satisfied to enjoy the beautiful scenery from afar, we continue the journey through the ridge to mingle with the beauty of Sipiso-piso Waterfall. Provided lane in the form of stairs and is provided for the tourists. The journey takes about 1 hour to reach the base of this waterfall. In the journey, do not forget to capture this beautiful moment by taking pictures with the background of Lake Toba.


Arriving at the bottom of the waterfall, our view is directed to the hills around the waterfall. With the green blend of lush pine trees and the sound of the waterfall, make your mood and mind feel peaceful and serene. But our struggle is not over there because we will fight again to climb the stairs to return to the main post. I think, with sweats, one by one our stairs climb, after a long climb up the stairs until we are at the main post and rest a while after that we headed for the tour bus we rent and get ready to return home.

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