Collecting Porcelain Dolls

I’m sure you do not know that collecting dolls is considered the second largest hobby in the United States. This hobby is a passion for many people. Porcelain dolls are usually made of high-quality porcelain and then hand-painted to give them specific features and facial expressions.

Before the 1900s, most dolls were made of materials such as paper mache, clay, wax, and wood, depending on which country they came from. As the 1900s rolled, porcelain dolls became increasingly popular. This early porcelain doll is now considered antique and very popular among collectors. Some may even be worth pabrik boneka quite a bit of money!

Porcelain dolls can be very expensive depending on things like the popularity of the artist that made them, the number of them that have been made, and how limited their production. The more limited dolls in production are often more valuable than the mass-produced varieties. Finding a porcelain doll can be difficult, but sometimes you can buy it at flea markets, garage sales and even at online auctions. You should be careful, however, with online purchases because you can not completely check the doll before buying it. Be sure to ask lots of questions about her condition and ask for more pictures if needed.

Dolls of porcelain dolls come in different sizes and styles. The details given on the dolls are wonderful because they really try to capture realistic facial features. This is one of the reasons why porcelain dolls are highly collectible. The more realistic doll looks, the more popular it becomes.

If you are someone who thinks of collecting porcelain dolls, you need to do a little research about artists and manufacturers before investing in dolls. If you are collecting as a way to make money, you definitely want to do an investigation to find out which doll holds their value and even increases its value. You also want to know about the shortcomings of certain dolls.

The condition of the doll is one thing that will greatly contribute or reduce the value of the piece. A cracked or peeled porcelain will give you a doll whose value is less than any other doll in mint condition.

Accessories owned puppets can also affect its value. If your doll still has the original accessories like topim shoes, wallet, etc.) Then it will be more valuable than the doll without accessories. If the doll is still in the original box, it is a huge plus.

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