Build an Easy Chicken Coop

Building an easy chicken coop does not have to take several hours depending on the size required. One good thing about keeping poultry is that they do not choose where to stay and their beds. The most important thing to remember when building harga mdf a chicken coop is that it needs to be built in such a way that it keeps the predator out. It is also important that chickens have a dry shelter in the event of a rainstorm.

To build an easy chicken coop, you need at least six wooden or metal fence posts of eight feet. Measure how much you think the chicken coop needs, then use a post hole digger to stand at one end of the fence post, making sure they are buried deep enough to stay firm after you pack the sides with dirt. Show the dirt around the fence post.

Once you have installed a fence post on the ground with the shape you want from your chicken coop, cut out plywood or sheet metal with the right size to use as a wall and plug it with screws or nails into the fence posts. If possible, attach the pen on three sides, then use the poultry cable for the fourth side. This allows your chickens to have access to the sunshine they love. For the third wall, use a poultry fence with the smallest hole in it. Measure and cut enough fences to build a secure wall attached to a fence post.

After you install the fence posts and plywood walls or metal sheets you need to build a roof. It is important to use sturdy materials for the roof to let the predators out at night, like owls, and also let poultry get out of the weather element. Measure and cut plywood or sheet metal to fit at the top, then connect each piece to the top of the fence post. Use enough nails or screws to hold the roof in a very safe way.

Add a door to one wall with a hinge and put straw, fresh water and food into it. If you have chickens, you also want to build a nest box so they can lay their eggs. As stated earlier, chickens do not choose their lodging. As long as they are safe from predators, get shelter from the weather, fresh food and water, and a place to lie in the sun, they will be happy and secure.

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