It’s How to Make Super Ball Slime

Make your own super slime at home? Why not?
Currently making your own slime at home is a common thing. Moreover, the materials used are also easy to obtain.

1. Introduction

This time I will show you how to make slime with a little change of preference. That’s how to make a super mucous ball. Slime Super Bowl is a super ball made with PVA washing glue like slime. If you are constantly running water and making a round and round object, if you drop it like your usual Super Bow will bounce back.

Although I do not know if it can be said slime, I decided to name the Slime Super Bowl and comfort for the sake of convenience because the way of making similar. So, we’ll move on to comments on how to make a Super Bowl Slime soon, so please see.

2. How to make super slime ball

Below, I will explain how to make a super slime ball. There are two ways to make a slime superbre, so please try to make it to your taste.

【What to prepare beforehand】

· Pasta Washers (PVA)
· Water
· Bowl or cup
· Stir bar
· Paint or redness (dye)
. Salt to taste

【Super mucous ball procedure】

1. Dissolve 40 grams of salt in 100 cc of water to make saline solution.
2. Pour a little dye into the brine.
3. Prepare 100 cc of clean flour.
4. Place salt (100 cc) and glue washing (100 cc) in a bowl.
5. Mix and stir with a stir bar.
6. Remove the blob attached to the stir bar and round shape.
7. Completion of Super Bowl Slime after becoming moist.

3. Points to make a super slime ball

Mix in moderation when the salt melts.
· Do not put as much unscented salt as possible.
Mix the dye in the brine and mix the washing paste.
· Put salt to taste.

4. Points to remember when making a super mucous ball

· Wash hands after making Super Bowl Slime.
· Do not rub your eyes with your hands with glue.

5. Conclusions

This time is a comment on how to make Slime Super Bowl. How to make slime. If you make superball slime well, it will bounce back like a normal super ball, so you can make something really exciting like a toy. It would be even more fun if you make a super slime ball that shines with coloring or fluorescent paint. Everyone please make the original Slime Super Bowl and try to think about various ways of playing and designing.

When else can make that fun toy itself at home? Let’s make it!

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