Make Slime with Simple Materials

Make Slime with Simple Materials

【Materials needed to create a simple slime】

The washing paste (containing P · V · A (polyvinyl alcohol))
Borax (not to be mistaken as boric acid)
The red food (paint, ink etc could be used)
Basin or cup (easy to handle if it is a transparent disposable cup)

※ Sakura Pharmacy Group does not handle materials.
【How to make slime with simple materials】

1. Create Borax Sand Water

Melt borax so no grains are left. If it is difficult to melt, use lukewarm water.
(The amount of borax 8 g corresponds to 200 ml of water.)
When making lots, use a washing kit. How to make slime. Dissolve about 2 tablespoons of Borax for a glass of basin. (It will be difficult if there are many boraxes, and soften if it is lacking.)
In the case of using a cup, melt about 1 teaspoon of borax for 1 cup of water.

2. For color
For color, add a bit of reddish food (yellow, green, blue etc). With the scarlet thread, the slime becomes clear and clear. When paint and color of the poster are used, the finish becomes unclear.

3. Put the washing paste into the borax sand water
We can slime only the amount of starch washing.

4. Lift the slime from the borax sand and stir it with your hands
At this time, if you soak your hands first in the borax water, it will not stick. How to make slime. Also, while kneading, be careful not to bubble. When the bubbles come in, it will stay and stay solid.

In the case of a cup, you can stir the disposable chopsticks. The exact amount of 1/3 ~ 1/4 wash cup is suitable for 1 glass of borax water.

5. Method of disposal
Slime will be perfectly reinforced if left for about a week, but until then it seems to have hardened, but once squeezed with hands it becomes softer again.

When disposing of it, it is advisable to solidify it, dissolve it in water, dilute it, discard it.

Very simple and simple, it is also very easy to practice by you with friends or your child at home.

Materials needed are also not much and easy to obtain, you can easily make slime with these simple and easily obtained materials.

Borax contains harmful substances. So be sure to keep an eye on your kids if they will make it. Do not let your kids create slimes without any parental supervision.

If there is an external wound on the skin, it should be covered in order not to get boraxed. Use gloves to be safe and unharmed. If swallowed, contact your doctor immediately.

Creative spirit at home. Let’s get rid of stress by playing slime handmade self-made results.

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