Scene Dolls

My Scene Doll is Mattel’s invention favored by little girls today. Each of My Scene dolls has their own individuality and social networking “pages”, which include personal information, including the zodiac sign and their friends list. For girls ages 4 to 14, My Scene dolls are a series of fashion dolls created in 2002, as Bratz doll rivals, who have similar sizes and accessories, in addition to their multi-ethnic background.

Dolls are named based on different locations in New York City and each has a pet, an individual lifestyle, along with a male friend. There are some special edition dolls, such as Lindsay Lohan dolls, “My Scene Goes Hollywood”, because Mattel received a special right to create a replica of this resemblance. Each doll shares a small nose, wide cheekbones boneka promosi and large and pouty lips, but that will definitely have deep-rooted lashes, and each will have different skin color, hair color and ethnic background.

Advanced technology has changed the way girls play with dolls because the My Scene doll is a prime example. Take a long time, blond Kennedy and his profile page, where you can learn about his “girly glam” style, along with his “barefoot” ride. His signature is Aquarius, he has a mobile phone loaded and wants to become an actress. Prianya, River agrees with his friends, who say that he is very helpful, friendly and party life. According to her “last post”, she is also very impressed with her latest acting showcase and she thinks she will be a “big movie star”.

When it comes to My Scene dolls, Kennedy is just one example, but his friends have their own life, wallpaper and post. Some of my other My Scene dolls include Kennedy Nia’s friends, Madison, Chelsea and Delancey. For example, Delancey’s profile shows that he is a Taurus, riding a skateboard, in comparison. His career goal is an adventure travel writer, with his favorite “seductive” hobby. He prepares for his favorite vacation to Hawaii and his girlfriend is Ellis, who hopes to join him. Of course, his buddy list is the same as Kennedy, but you can see My Scene dolls live through their profiles and posts, just like a teenage girl now. is the site where the internet version of this doll exists and there are other features that girls can use, including games, shopping and watching their puppet videos. As Mattel’s official website for My Scene dolls, girls of all ages can play fashion games and participate in cool activities, in addition to seeing their latest dolls and adventures.

As technological advances have changed a lot, My Scene dolls have developed individual personalities and profiles that make them more realistic for young girls everywhere. For this reason, many young girls love a mixture of imagination and reality that is part of the identity, which comes with this Mattel doll series.



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