Stella Baby Doll

Babies who celebrate their first birthday begin to develop imaginative abilities. At the age of 12 months, your baby girl starts to imagine who she is and Baby Stella Doll is the right choice to give to her. He could easily identify himself with the doll.

In six months, your baby girl likes to play the role of mother or sister. The needs of your toddler’s development stage can be supplied and fulfilled by dolls manufactured and manufactured by the design of Manhattan Baby Toys Items has focused on the close resemblance of the doll with the characteristic little girl with difficulty souvenir boneka put into soft and cuddly dolls. The doll is in light skin or dark skin model.

Stella Baby Doll is so much fun that moms even want to hug her and teach their daughter how to take care of her. It has a magnetic mouth that makes the soft toy stick undisturbed in the doll’s mouth. When you release the pacifier, you will see the smiling face of the doll. Your little girl will love to play as “little mom” or as “sister” to Stella doll.

What is fantastic about this doll is that it has been designed to have a piece of clothing that is easily removable. Your little princess can change doll clothes for various hours and for various occasions. Baby Stella Doll even has a removable diaper under her clothes like a real baby wearing a diaper all day. Your little girl can point her doll with a sleepy “snuggler” outfit or bright outdoors outfit or bug clothes or ballerina outfits or regular everyday clothes in various designs and patterns.

For accessories, there are food sets, bath sets, diaper changing suits, baby lullaby beds, Moses baskets, sleeping tidal bags, rocking horses, strollers, high chairs, and rocking chairs. All these accessories are specially made for Baby Stella Doll and have colors that match the beautiful colors and textures.

You have a selection of dolls in rare hair appearance like the original beige / brown color or peach color. Then there is the option for horsetail hair with blond or brunette. While almost all Stella dolls are girls, there is also a model for boys dolls. Your daughter pictured as a little mother or a sister deserves this cuddly doll!



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