Revitalize for Tired Eyes

Revitalize for tired eyes

Although there are conditions known as “tired eyes” or “visual fatigue”, what we see in this article are dropped eyes due to lack of sleep or overwork.

If you are a mother who works both at home and at home, or students who have worked separately or just been exposed by studies and parties, your eyes will look tired.

Eyes tired often also make us feel uncomfortable or confident when it must be in public places or meet important people. In addition to causing disbelayadirian, tired eyes also slightly interfere with our performance in the move.

There are several reasons why the eyes look and feel tired. The most common causes are:

– Lack of sleep
– Allergy
– Dust and contamination
– Smoking
– Stress

Here I leave this recipe to make homemade gel to remove tired eyes. It can be applied during the day under normal makeup or at night as a gift that is appropriate for the eyes. Natural beauty. Home gel to revitalize the area around the eyes. You can try it at home to overcome your tired eyes.

Stir well 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel (you have to wash the gel well to remove iodine), a teaspoon of fresh cucumber juice (you can pour a cucumber into a blender and then filter the juice), 1/4 teaspoon cornstarch, a spoonful of water witch hazel.

It is heated to boiling. If you put it in the microwave in ‘high’, it usually takes less than a minute. It was removed from the heat and hazel witch was added. Mix well and let cool. Put it in a clean jar.

To use it, apply a little gel on the skin around the careful eyes so as not to attract or rub the skin. And be careful not to fall into the eye.

Cold milk to relieve tired eyes

Another home remedy to reduce the appearance of fatigue in the eye area is milk. Milk is very easy to get potions and can help us to make eyes look more open and alive. Probably not many know the benefits or utility of milk for this one. And we can use it very easily. To make this recipe, you simply wet the two cotton with cold milk and put it over your closed eyes.

This drug not only improves appearance but also helps to relax and relieve fatigue.

Well, easy and useful is not it? Try this recipe to overcome your tired eyes.

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