Type Stove Need to Know To As Needed

Stove is the main equipment that must be in the kitchen. Without a stove, the cooking process will certainly be more difficult. Previously, cooking with the furnace (analogous to the stove) is a difficult process menggoreng tanpa minyak, To be lit, the stove must be fueled wood and coal. You can imagine yourself how much effort it out just to turn it on, not to mention maintain or increase the flame.

Thanks to technological developments, stove present only need to be screened knopnya so on. In addition, many innovations also make stoves became more diverse. A wide-ranged? Let’s refer to the following explanation.

1. Stove based on the source of energy used

Gas stove

Gas stove favored by the cooker, both reliable as well as beginners. This stove has a good setting fire levels. Compared to electric stoves, gas stoves levels of fire in greater detail. The fire greatness level is also easy to set up. You only need to rotate the knob portion as desired. Normally, to turn down the fire button, knob must be rotated to the left. Meanwhile, rotation to the right will increase the fire.

Using a gas stove also will save expenses. Imagine how much your electricity bill if you use an electric stove daily. However, compared to electric stoves, gas stoves more difficult to clean. You should clean the parts stove gas separately. In addition, you should always make sure the gas cylinder is properly connected to the stove.

Electric stove

Stoves of this type are also popular in the community. Electric stove has a flat surface so that it looks more beautiful. The flat shape also allows users when cleaning this stove. Compared with gas stove, electric stove are also easier to install. If using a gas stove, of course you will need a regulator at the same interval. Meanwhile, electric stoves only need to be plugged into a power source.

There are two types of surfaces on an electric stove, which are winding / copper wire and smooth berpermukaan. In terms of price, the copper surface is cheaper. However, an electric stove with a smooth surface, there will be hot when it is held because it is induction. Obviously this is very beneficial for those who have small children.

2. The stove is based on the number of furnace

Stove single furnace

This stove is suitable for people who live alone or who move out of the house solid. Typically, these people are just going to cook the food that is easy to make. Call it like an omelet, toast, or heating the instant food. However, many people who bought this stove only as an extra.

Two stove burner

Two stove burner stove is the most popular. Users come from all walks of life, from housewives to chefs. This stove can be to cook one to three types of food at once. You can optimize both the furnace without losing much time.

Four-burner stove

Stoves of this type we usually see on a TV cooking show. So, this stove is suitable for you who also love cooking. Moreover, if the dishes will be made not only one kind only. Because the number of furnaces many, the process of cooking can be done at once. So, you can save time cooking.


3. Stove based design



Portable stove is a stove that is easily installed and dismantled. Examples are gas stoves in homes. Portable stoves have the most affordable prices among other stove. Typically, gas stove placed on the kitchen table. Meanwhile, gas hoses and tubes located in the section under the table. To make it look neat, gas hose can be hidden. Enough holes in the table and the input hose to the rear. Portable stoves produced by two furnaces.


Stoves freestanding cookers are the greatest. The size is about the size of a washing machine. This stove is a stove that can stand alone. So, it is easy to arrange. Stoves of this type have four to six furnaces. In addition, the freestanding stoves also has its own patron on the back. The protector prevents the kitchen wall to avoid smudges and exposure to heat.

Compared portable stove, freestanding stoves further expensive. However, this stove does have more functions. In addition to the stove, there is also an oven at the bottom. So, this stove is more practical than buying a separate oven.

Built in

This is the kind of stove stove permanently attached. This is because the way the installation grown on the surface of the table. Typically, the table width so that it can also be used when eating. The surface of the stove built in the most presentable looks compared to other types of stoves. This stove furnace usually amounts to two to four furnaces. Each furnace has a capacity different fire. Long burner built in range between 60cm to 90cm.

In general, some of these things must be considered when selecting a stove.


Cost of course be one of the factors that need to be considered. If one chose the stove, your expenses might be increased. An example is an electric stove that is too often used.


Size stove also needs to be considered. Adjust size to the size of your kitchen stove. Do not let the stove make your kitchen become increasingly narrow.


If you often cook in large quantities, choose a stove with a lot of stoves. Likewise, for those of you who like to cook and make cakes, free standing stove is an option that could be considered. If you are not familiar with the installation of gas, you can select an electric stove.

Ease of use and ease of cleaning

Gas stove requires installation is more complicated than an electric stove. Make sure you know how to connect the stove to the gas tube correctly . Consider also whether you have time to clean up dirty easily portable stove up to the inside.


Basically, all types of stoves safe. Provided you know how to install and use the right one. In addition, consider also the do’s and dont’s of each type of stove.

Each consumer would have a separate standard to make his choice. For me yes ng live alone, induction cooker (electric) of the furnace is the right choice, because it is also practical to put anywhere. So, congratulations examine your needs!

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