Ways and Tips for Choosing a Good Blender

How to Choose a nice Blender good and durable can see from what material the blender, usually of glass blender brands better than Mika blender of material. The price is also different between the blender blender glass and mica, glass blender more expensive.

It looks like a blender brand National is not like before because National has changed the brand to Panasonic. If there are sales came to the house and offers a blender brand National hope in considering, especially if the price is cheap because of the possibility of such blender is not the original Japanese product and SNI products also need to be noticed.

Hasil gambar untuk cara memilih alat mikser untuk masak yang benar


I myself passable buy blender of a clear brand stores such nice, genuine products Indonesia there Maspion, Miyako, Cosmos, Oxone, etc., while the exterior product that is Philip. And why local blenders cheaper, because in domestic production. Even so the quality is not inferior to foreign blender because I’ve tried it.

In choosing a good blender engine speed is also noteworthy due to the hard and soft materials that differ engine rotation speed to reach the point of maximum crushed, such as blender, ice cubes and fruit differentiated from speed. more speed the better the quality blender. Unit of rotational speed per minute or RPM abbreviated

Still confused choosing a good blender and suitable for ice cubes? Choose a blender at maximum speed or high speed usual with a great power or force, so the results can be like ice and soft snow stuck to the sides of the blender jar because very quickly the round cutter.

If the result of the ice cubes blender is still somewhat rough means less good. Of course only a good blender brands are able to do this usually have a lot of speed and high power. Power unit or power in watts 150watt or 250watt eg, the greater the wattage the more the power consumption of your course.

So what is a good blender to crush ice cubes? the answer is a blender that has the fastest rotation speed, strength and a good strong knife and try to made of glass because it is more durable. For ice cubes or meat blender or blender heavy work usually had to choose a good blender knife and strong engine, powerful engines are usually marked with the higher wattage watt blenders are getting stronger in crush ice cubes or meat

Choose the brand or what a good blender brand also need to be considered should not be tempted by cheap brand blender and told you this nice seller. Logically aja cheap price, but good certainly does not make sense. Perhaps it is the nature of our people in Indonesia, when in love’s excited about much less free, of course not everyone is so. What is good about the brand please come to the store and see the price, the blender price certainly will not lie.

I personally think “no blender with cheap price but good quality”. Since the substance of motor blender and a knife can not lie, the better the power of the motor or dynamo it will be more expensive, also the price, as well as the quality of the blade blender, although there are products from china with low price but the quality still can not compete with the brand blender that has been very well-known and reliable.

Maybe your neighbor has a blender and still preserved to this day, and he said this venerable aerospace blender I have ever had. Perhaps you will think the brand blender eligible to be purchased or not.

Tips on choosing what brand blender saving electricity, durable and long lasting? there are some blenders are sold in electronics stores ordinary no information how watt each brand can be different but if you want to choose a select power-efficient blender blender with a small wattage. Watt difference will affect the electricity consumption in your home.

To note is whether watt blender with small / big can destroy objects in a short time? How long did it used a blender to whirl if takes a long time will definitely be wasteful instead of saving electricity.

If you want power-efficient blender blender look for a brand with excellent quality in which only briefly spinning machine has a maximum results, this course will be saving electricity your household. Because it does not take long blender works, so also you will save time instead! cooking, making juice will be faster.

Differences in glass and plastic blender or mica:

from Price

Blender of glass are more expensive than plastic or mica. The converse blender of mica certainly have cheaper rates

Where a noisy blender jar?

When viewed from the noisy and whether, blender of mica sometimes more noisy than the glass material, a blender with a glass material is ensured to muffle the noise.

But there are other things that should be considered in choosing a blender is a blender, first when there are indeed already bought some not noisy noisy or normal. It is the influence of the motor of the blender and the supporting components.

Tips for buying a blender that is: it’s good compared to between 2 blender or more and try alternately, that is not too noisy blender deserve to take home the noisy leave it, hopefully the tips of his help.

In terms of treatment:

Blender glass material is easy to clean than a blender mica or plastic. This is because the glass is chemically inert materials with other compounds.

Of quality / quality

Blender glass material will not change color even if used for a wide spice turmeric chili blender etc. Plastic blender mostly tend to yellow and hard to bersikan, so rather than anxiety or blender want to be free of any kind please use the blender of glass.

Another advantage of glass blender is calm or not rocking when worn or machine is turned on even though many ingredients in blender input, either used in Puran engine rpm or higher so that you blend into a more comfortable and secure.

The quality of the blender container or plastic cup that had SNI is not easily broken and robust, food grade course that is safe for the food we eat.

In terms of durability

Mica / plastics may be more durable because it is not easily broken even if dropped. But equally if used over a long period of plastic material or mica blender will definitely opaque and no longer translucent. In contrast to the blender glass material which tetep clear and obvious when we look at the results of the external mixer, blender nice glass used in the long term.

If the blender asked what the most durable then the answer is relative because all depend on the same use and maintenance, minimal if you want to search for a durable blender at least choose a blender that has received a certificate ISO or Indonesian National Standard.

Keep in mind that not all blenders have SNI, so that durable blender is a blender that is certified ISO

So wait let alone put on a good blender together for good blender can last for decades, made of winding, cutter or glass selections, food grade etc. Because it would be very helpful when it comes to cook or make a fresh drink healthy fruit juices faster and maximum results.

Some of the best blender 2017 brands domestically nice and we recommend:

  1. Blender Brands Cosmos native to Indonesia established since 1976 already meet the Indonesian National Standard or SNI
  2. Blender Brands Maspion original product Indonesia has a factory in Sidoarjo, East Java, with its good quality as well as spare parts and warranty service that is easy, making a decent blender Maspion brand of choice to take home.
  3. Miyako Blender This product is not inferior to the above products, was founded in 1970 under the auspices of PT Kencana Gemilang, make the brand more scintillating Miyako stepped forward. Miyako ISO-standard products backed with quality parts and service centers spread throughout Indonesia
  4. Oxone local brands but do not lose in electronic brands beyond compare, in the brand beyond compare in my opinion the best Oxone as the original brand Indonesia. There is a pride in itself put domestic products

Is there a special electric blender / can be used for meat, if there is what brand?

There our readers who have contacted us and asked about post types include blenders, and we will certainly be happy to help. Blender cheap and good quality blender some of them local brands following the full explanation.

There are some special blender for meat or commonly called chooper chopper or food processor, while the blender can be used to grind the meat could use a meat blender Miyako. That type PLY bleder CH-511 is equipped with Blender Chooper meat grinder, can be viewed at the bottom of the red circle there is meat, so in addition to fruit blender can also be for meat as well. Blender is also qualified because it has passed the test SNI, so safe to use and are certainly more durable.

In addition to the above type blender there are still other multifunctional blender of Miyako is also which type blender Blender Chopper – CH-501 PF-AP, two blenders have the same type specifications even as well, the difference is  models of zoom. For business miyako meat blender grind the meat is now no need to be in doubt, as indeed the advantage there.

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