How To Whiten Teeth with Coconut Oil, Turmeric and Wild

By incorporating our coconut oil including a potent antibacterial. Bacteria will darken our teeth and make them more susceptible to cavities or gingivitis.

With these three natural ingredients we can achieve amazing results in the appearance of our teeth. Not only do they work as 100% natural toothpaste, they also allow us to eliminate tartar that appears over time.

In this article we explain how you can prepare this effective drug with coconut oil, turmeric and white clay so you can reduce or avoid regular dental cleansing.
Three ingredients

The three products we propose below are famous for natural treatments thanks to some of its properties, some of which are very effective for our oral health.

Coconut oil and clay are the two ingredients commonly used in organic toothpaste, while turmeric is used in many natural treatments thanks to its numerous benefits.

These three ingredients can be found in shamans and natural product stores.

Coconut oil

Extra virgin pure coconut oil is an excellent food and also a very useful product for skin and hair. Natural beauty. In the same way, it can also be very useful for our dentures thanks to its antibacterial properties.

Bacteria that are not lifted properly will make our teeth dark and make them suffer from disorders such as caries or gingivitis, among other diseases.


Whenever we talk about cleansing and detoxifying our body can use clay, because it contains the content of toxic substances that absorb as well as providing minerals that are very beneficial to health.

At the mouth acting in the same way, helping us to remove the particles that accumulate between the teeth and create tartar.

However, it is important to emphasize that we can not use clay in the mouth, as some may contain heavy metals and other substances that are too aggressive for oral mucosa. We will always choose white clay sold exclusively for oral use. That is, it can be swallowed. In addition, it certainly has a very fine powder texture so as not to scar the enamel.

Although turmeric is a known gastronomic dye, its use in teeth has amazing results, because it whitens progressively.

In addition, turmeric is a very anti-inflammatory food. People with gallstones often also experience progressive gingivitis, which can even cause bleeding when having to brush teeth.
On the other hand, if we consume turmeric every day we will also improve our digestion, because if it does not develop well then it can also affect the health and appearance of our teeth.
How do we make it?

We will mix clay and turmeric and we will add coconut oil until we get gel texture which will be more easily applied.
We will set up the amount we want, but we recommend not to describe it too much because coconut oil can be fired if it is near a hot spot.

Ideally, keep this medicine for up to 15 days.
How do we apply them?

We will apply this medicine in the same way as our regular toothpaste, but we must remember that turmeric is a very strong dye that can stain the clothes and even the ceramics in the bathroom.

We will brush our teeth properly and clean our mouths with this product between one and two times a day. We can take turns with our regular toothpaste.
But … why are your teeth yellowing?

The best way to prevent yellowing of teeth is to prevent it, and for this we should know what the commonest cause is:

Unbalanced food, rich in sugar, harmful fats and fine flour.
Coffee and black tea.
Dental hygiene is bad.

Good cleanliness

In addition to using this natural remedy to remove plaque, we must also remember that it is important to use an appropriate toothbrush and in good condition, which we will change after a maximum of three months.

Brushing should last at least two minutes and we have to do it in all directions and without forgetting the deepest part.

We will push the entire front area if all we want is the visible part of the cleaner and white teeth.

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