Doctor Cordovan Fought to Live Outside the Office

Claudio Gallardo Cordoba aims to conquer the highest peak on all continents and both poles carry the Yellow Star message after awareness of the path.

Claudio Gallardo is a doctor who struggles to live outside the 48-year-old office. Aconcagua’s astonishing vision during a family trip to Chile in 2012 and, later, near the experience of patients who have lost loved ones on the route, is the germ of an ambitious project originating from Cordoba Arias proposed to reach the highest peak of the mountain in every continent (including two poles) carries a national campaign message for yellow stars that prevent road accidents.

In 2013, he climbed Aconcagua, the highest peak in America, and soon followed Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) and Denali / McKinley (Alaska). This year he faces challenges with Elbrus in Russia and Yapa including two Eiger and Matterhorns in the Alps are considered the highest peaks in the world.

However, the Claudius Summit did not do it at the top of any mountain, but at home, with his family, where the next destination (Pyramid Carstensz) will come and communicate details of this achievement that not only fly the flag, but also life adventure, self-improvement and encounter with self own.

What’s the most difficult mountain you’ve traveled so far?

Physically, Denali / McKinley, Alaska. I only went up in six days, but because he himself went down, when I was about 12 miles from base camp, I saw a storm and buried three and a half days in the snow. Above, the Arctic Denali / McKinley is full, the coldest mountain in the world (average minus 37 ° C) and I carry a lightweight tent, cloth to reduce the weight of the luggage. So I spent three days locked in a store without being able to move because I could not see anything. Let the snow clean with a shovel so you do not destroy me. All he does is play with a sleeping bag, horrible boredom. And I do not tell you what your head is working for; You think it all

“And technically?
– The final technical level, Eiger, in terms of exposure and verticality, is the most difficult. The way is pure. There is a place where you have to cross the edge of the mountain and not enter both feet together. Tempat wisata asik. At one point, the cliffs form an angle of 90 ° and should move from side to side, blind, with a void underneath. And then, falling on a rock will fall from the top. That’s why I do it with a guide. I also want to climb the Matterhorn, but I have to get off before it reaches its peak due to bad weather.

What is a summit advice for beginners?

I think Mount Kilimanjaro is very good in Tanzania because it is not very demanding and very technical. It is highly recommended for people with little experience in the mountains. In addition to a mandatory place to go with the original guide, but still not an expensive expedition (it costs about 3000 US dollars). stunning surroundings Walking through the forest area and very rarely the original plant formations will give a crazy look to the mountain. You have about the glaciers (though almost in Ecuador) and finally the crater (because Kilimanjaro is a volcano), some try to see it but it’s amazing. Indigenous culture is also something to be known. In Africa, I share some time with the Masai and this is a very enriching experience. Not to mention the diversity of fauna. I already know 25 countries and, if you ask me what the purpose is, I will respond to Africa, because it is so different from everything; unique cultural and natural combinations. This is a mystical, amazing and lush continent.

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What do you like most about this mountain?

I work 14 hours a day, sitting in a chair. This mountain is a space that allows you to find yourself. When you are alone so high, you feel that you are not before the magnitude and it teaches you to appreciate life. Separate learning a lot: the mountain is a set, physical technical training, language, culture, geography, climate, etc. You must learn all the mountains, because each one is different; This is lifelong learning. I think that traveling well, growing, learning, knowing culture and scenery is unimaginable, priceless.

What would you say to someone who wants to travel similar to you?

“First, you must be very determined, because this is not a race, it’s much more a challenge It’s a physical and mental and spiritual challenge.We have to learn a lot of things, we need to know how to evaluate when to ride, when to stop, when to get off and, most importantly, how to wait.The main thing is always to keep someone safe.You must have patience and determination.With the will, many things can be achieved.And only those who take the risk will know how far they can go.

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