Good Adventure and Wine in The Uco Valley

Good adventure and wine in the Uco Valley

The city of Pope, famous for producing the best wine in the country, is the ideal place to enjoy an active tour combined with a gourmet experience.

Three is the city that forms the Uco Valley. The first is Tupungato, 80 kilometers from the city of Mendoza, which started the Wine Trail that runs through the valley. There is the first winery to visit during the trip, ideal for wine tasting, lunch or a tour of the facility (for those interested in the process of making this drink). Different stays are also possible to enjoy a typical campero breakfast and to do activities with horses. In Tupungato where there is a famous point of view Cristo Rey, the ideal series for those who enjoy trekking. The road surrounds the hill until it reaches the peak, where there is a beautiful view of the vineyards and mountains. Depending on the time of year, the environment is used as an outing route for mountain bike competitions or other extreme activities.

Following the same route you will reach Tunuyán. This region keeps the history of its return to the San Martin homeland in general through the mountains, after liberating Peru. This is where high-end lodging is concentrated, like the famous resort of The Vines, whose restaurant Siete Fuegos is responsible for the prestigious Argentinian chef Francis Malman. Tempat wisata keluarga. The Tunuyán streets took us to Paraje de Montaña Manzano Histórico, famous for where San Martin rested while returning to our country. The surroundings are many hiking trails in different difficulties, and all are marked, allowing you to travel alone or family, on foot or on horseback.

Taking the route of the 40th Myth of Tunuyán, which crosses the whole of Argentina parallel to the Andes mountains, arrives in the San Carlos area, in the southern part of the Uco Valley. Here the traveler can experience the pioneer story of this land. Riding a horse through the streets Paraje altiplano shows how the landscape is transformed from the Tunuyan River Gorge to the south. Geography of this region allows entry into the secrets of mountains and deserts with 4 x 4 crossings, mountain biking, trekking, climbing cordilleranas, bird watching and fishing. For the braver, during the coldest months of the year you can cross the Cordillera on foot or on horseback, a four-day adventure that will confront them with many mountains.


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