Tips & How To Overcome supervisor or boss


Overcoming fierce boss – In sebuag career or employment often friction or a bad relationship between subordinates by superiors, and in this case is when you find your boss or grumpy boss. A thing that does not make you uncomfortable or make you feel at home in the company if you have a boss who tempramental, always blame your performance and often angry angry without tas ultah anak any apparent reason. Obviously this is very annoying and makes the working atmosphere becomes uncomfortable.

Grumpy boss or bosses who often scold, berate you if you make a small mistake and so on. Under these conditions, certainly a lot of employees who decided to get out of the office because it is not robust in the face of the boss or grumpy reasons.

Indeed, in a work assignment and the responsibility of the boss or supervisor is large and dominant, but of course the boss or grumpy and often angry boss angry because they want the system his men become better, more responsible and produce a better performance in advancing the company.

Usually the main cause of this situation due to the lack of a positive communication between supervisors and subordinates. The reality in the workplace, an employer must be someone who is dominant, but it often makes a boss became arrogant and felt he was always right. While as a subordinate, you certainly will get its own pressure because of this situation. It is better you do some anticipation when facing a boss that is fierce, among others, are as follows:

Overcoming boss or boss Yang Galak

Overcoming boss or boss Yang Galak

Quiet & Wise In response to It
Make sure you stay calm and prudent in the face of fierce boss or supervisor. Do not let your emotions provoked you join, you have to think a long way in this regard. Grumpy boss or supervisor will only be grumpy or arrogant when the job because of their greater responsibility in directing employees to be better, so you have to be wise and calm in this regard. They scold you or being grumpy is not because they hate you, but as I mentioned above merka have a greater responsibility in directing and improving the performance of his men.

If they hate you you must already laid off from your job is not it? Approach and intensive communication in the face of the boss or your boss or grumpy, boss or supervisor this way you will better understand the performance and duties in running your job.

Active, creative and better
If you as an employee can show you performance that is more active, creative and better in the future there is no reason for the boss or your boss’s boss even scold you very fierce or sinister though hehehehe …. Show me the performance and the performance is better than the day by day and this you will easily reach your achievement and a good assessment for the boss or your boss. So it is not an excuse for your boss or grumpy boss to scold you because you perform better, even it is not possible you get a promotion, a bonus even become employees of “favorite” your boss because you are a good performance.

Avoid conflicts
Avoid conflicts with the boss and another employee, boss or grumpy boss in a job is not necessarily fierce or sinister in life outside of work. Yyang good relationships with fellow employees, with men as well as with the boss or your boss’s fierce will create a harmonious atmosphere in the work environment.

Better communication
A bad relationship between the employee and the employer usually occurs due to lack of communication intensive. If you always communicate, consult the job with a boss or grumpy boss they do not have to scold you for all the problems in the work already terhandle well. You will not find many faults in the work because you always communicate and consult with a supervisor or your boss, your boss was fuming mad because you do not perform manual work as directed by the boss or your boss.

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