How to Take Care Honda Motor Matic Injection

The last few years is the development of motor matic injection Honda very rapidly, sales of motor matic Honda also increased sharply from year to year since at luncurkannya first motor products matic Honda, but there are still many users matic who do not know well about the bike itself, especially how to care for their Honda motor matic injection respectively. Motor Matic itself is so excellent a lot of people, the choice of consumers today more glance matic as a first choice. Because sewa videotron the design is attractive, futuristic and not outdated, apart from simply using this type of motor is a good male or female, young and old, in use far-close, live gas only makes matic so plihan least favorite.

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Having a motor matic with good performance is the desire of every owner of the motor, as it is very helpful in every activity that we have, just in case an unexpected problem when we drive a motor matic, it will be very troublesome our own. It is necessary may we perform maintenance correctly on your favorite Honda motor matic.

How to Take Care Honda Motor Matic Injection
Basically how to care for Honda motor matic injection motors are not much different from the non-matic / motorcycle ordinary, but still there is a need to be noticed in particular that the motor performance matic Honda remain prime and not impaired. Here are several tips we can give on how to care matic injkesi Honda motorcycle that you have:

1. Get used to preheat the engine in advance between 5-10 minutes, if you do not want to heat up the engine for a hurry and want to directly use matic you turn on the motor matic you, just when you directly use it do not jump at high speed, doing low speed first, this function can be equal to heat up the engine, because it is intended that work better oil to all parts of the machine, because the machine does not light when the oil is not evenly to your bike’s engine until the motor is ready for use.

2. Check routine part of plugs and battery (batteries) for this very vital part in Operation of your motor. Make sure the spark plug is in good condition and clean, do not get dirty so that ignition of your motor remains good, while battery should also be done to check, immediately replace the battery if when they are dead.

3. Check the condition of the oil, not to less or is already over-consumption. Check the engine oil and transmission oil not to run, then exchange the oil regularly, you can refer to the user manual of your Honda motor matic. Do not let problems interfere with the driving comfort of your oil.

4. Conduct your drive can also affect the performance of the motor matic you, do not be too often abrupt immediately step on the gas too lencang and braking suddenly, as this can affect the transmission kenerja sehinnga matic you can easily wear out.

5. During the regular service, do not forget to ask the mechanic in order to do cleanup on the transmission if it is dirty.

6. If you do the washing motor matic you, not to the ECM and Throttle body parts excessively wet because it can damage the part.

7. Keep the fuel tank is always full, not to empty. Do not let old habits content of gasoline when it runs out you still have time to get used motor matic. Always filled up before the needle indicator in position E (empty) because it can be bad for the injector pump.

8. Before driving away, do check on Van Belt motor matic, because it works like a chain on your motor matic. Make the change if it feels hard and the bike already feels very heavy pull.

9. The most important thing is to do regular servicing in authorized workshops owned by Honda in order to maintain quality performance motor matic you, so that you become durable motor matic and always tasty the ride wherever you go.

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