Fact computer history through generation for you to generation


Fact computer history from generation in order to generation-In today’s modern almost all products called this computer is usually not strange in order to hear, compa reversed within date immemorial. by generation for jual running text you to generation computer is rolling out from generation Mining, It looks amazing until right now your own fifth generation computer is usually thin light and also effortless in order to carry around.

The initial generation 1.Komputer

The very first generation regarding computers may be the ENIAC, in which feel ones world’s first electronic computer having a The strain weighing 30 tons, length 30 M along with 2.4 M and involve high electrical power 174 kilowatts. the primary generation computers making use of vacuum tubes (vacuum-tube) glass with regard to a code amplifier. But The idea still has several obstacles these types of as: trouble-free to help break, along with quickly distribute the heat.
history regarding first-generation computers
The primary generation

The historical development of the computer is the initial generation to have your following characteristics:

At the actual generai computer can be still numerous heat.
Elektronikanya work with components made regarding Vacuum Tubes (Vacuum Tube).
The process will be developed with machine language (Machine Language), whose technique is usually retained in computer memory.
Utuk mengoprasikannya also necessitate considerable electrical force.
Capacity provided with regard to penyimpannan info can be very small and also limited.
The process will be still making use of machine language utilizing codes 0 and also 1 within a great certain order.
The method is usually relatively slow.
Has a great size or shape It is so excellent The idea That Prerequisites a room wide enough only in order to put the computer.
The main orientation in company applications.
Use outside ones process associated with magnetic tape in addition to magnetic disk.

2. the second generation computers

The historical development of the second generation born on the 1960s, the invention of any transistor sanggat tend to be affecting your development of your computer at the time. Dapatb transistor replaced the vacuum tubes. as well as It is absolutely altering just about all sizes connected with electrical machines. your transistor taken within computers In regards to the 1956’s. Another invention could be the development involving magnetic-core memory for you to your own development associated with second generation computers smaller, faster, more reliable, along with more energy efficient as compared to your current 1st generation regarding computers.

The development connected with second generation computers have your immediately after characteristics:

Programs will be created throughout high-level languages ??(high level language), just like FORTRAN, COBOL, ALGOL.
The capacity of your main memory can be already quite large
Sirkutinya is really a transistor.
The physical size of your computer smaller when compared with the 1st generation computer
Does not require too much electricity
oriented company in addition to engineering
Operation program may be fast


3.Sejarah development of third-generation computers
-generation computer history to be able to three
the third generation
The third generation connected with computers is a very rapid development of a development of an existing computer. your own third generation regarding computers appeared since the 1965-1971’s. Transistors are
deemed simply no lengthier efficient in order to make scientists look for different alternatives and also later found with the stone quartz (Quartz rock). Jack Kilby, a good engineer in Texas Instruments, designed your current integrated circuit (IC: integrated circuit) within 1958. This can be the innovation It incase boost your current emergence regarding third generation computers.



4. History involving Computer fourth generation

Once ones IC is usually found, ones additional rapid development of computer along with clear. inside 1971 chip INTEL 4004 brought largest advances with the world connected with IC, Intel managed for you to incorporate all of the components within the computer (central processing unit, memory, in addition to control input / output) in to a great one chip will be very small, no matter whether previously obtained IC in order to operate an crafted employment simply subsequently in the course of the particular period the microprocessor is usually designed in addition to programmed to function all the requirements.
fourth -generasi computer history
fourth generation


The development of an fourth generation regarding computers is actually characterized In the same way follows:
Developed microcomputer It utilizes the micro processor as well as semiconductor with the form connected with chips pertaining to computer memory.
In the actual generation computers are generally already cursing Large Scale Integration (LSI)

Fifth Generation 5.Komputer

-generasi computer history in order to four
Historical development associated with fifth generation computers tend to be computers That we make use of currently during which the actual generation will be characterized because of the emergence: LSI (Large Scale Integration) which will be the solidification regarding thousands microprocessor directly into a great microprocesor. in addition, This really is in addition marked from the advent of your microprocessor in addition to semi-conductor. services The item make your own micro-processor include: Intel Corporation, Motorola, Zilog as well as others. on the market my spouse and i can see your current microprocessor from Intel with devices 4004, 8088, 80286, 80386, 80486, and Pentium. Pentium-4 could be the latest production by Intel company This can be necessary to pay each of the weaknesses It exist throughout before products, in addition, ones ability in addition to speed of an Pentium-4 furthermore increased for you to two GHz. your current images The item appear to help possibly be smoother along with sharper, as well as the speed of processing, sending as well as obtaining pictures in addition becomes faster.

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