The benefits of Betel Leaves For Body Health  

There is no harm if we grow betel leaf in the yard. As it turns out excellent benefits betel leaves to ward off a wide variety of health disorders of the body everyday. Betel leaves are very easy to obtain because it is one of the plants that are popular in Indonesia. These plants can thrive in the highlands and the lowlands.

This creeper plants that actually have several types, such as red betel leaves and betel leaf green. But in terms of the benefits and usefulness, the two are not much different. As reported from, here are some benefits and efficacy of betel leaves to health you can get.

Benefits Daun Sirih

dau benefits betel


To cope with nosebleeds

Nosebleed is bleeding from the nose. To stop the bleeding, you can simply take a piece of betel leaf and then break the leaves and roll. After that lay Pasian and enter the betel leaf that has been rolled into the nostril which was bleeding. Let stand approximately 15-30 minutes until the blood stops.

To cope with toothache

Toothache is very disturbing, especially at night, can make we could not sleep. To fix this you can boil the betel leaf. After boiling let stand for a moment let me not be too hot that you will use to gargle. Repeat rinsing with boiling water several times until the betel toothache cured, especially in the area of ??the sore tooth. In addition to toothache, this recipe you can use to cope with canker sores, bad breath and gum swelling.

For heart disease

Betel leaves can also be an alternative to treat heart disease. The trick Wash three betel leaves are met notch ruasnya, three onions, and four seeds cubeb. Then mash until charred together one teaspoon of cumin. Add four tablespoons of boiled water. Then stir until smooth and strain. Tersebur herb drink water twice a day, morning and afternoon. Perform routine and regular.

To get rid of acne

How to get rid of acne one of them was able to do with the betel leaf. The way is easy, take 12 pieces of betel leaf, then mix with a piece of ginger. Enter both in the cups / glasses, after the hot brewed with freshly boiled water. Drink this mixture three times a day. In addition to acne, this herb can also eliminate dark spots on the face.

To scent miss v

Efficacy of betel leaves to scent miss v is already no doubt. No wonder if there is a miss v care product that uses the main ingredient of betel leaf. Karea betel leaf can cope miss v is not good. Besides betel leaves can also prevent vaginal discharge and balancing pH miss v. Here’s how:

Prepare materials Materials needed:
5 betel leaves
2-3 cm cinnamon
5 grains clove (if you do not discharge, reduce cloves)
1/2 liter of water.
How to create and use:
Boil these ingredients until the color changed to yellow-brown, for about 10-15 minutes.
At the time boil, use a small fire, then prepare a special bench hundred namely the bench with the center of the perforated to fit denganposisi miss v to perform evaporation.
Put the stew herbal footbath was underneath.
Sit on it, blanket the waist down with a cloth or towel so that the steam hanyamengarah miss v.
Perform evaporation for 10-15 minutes.
You can do this treatment one week of all, you should not do it too often because it can adversely affect the pH balance miss v.
To overcome white

Betel leaf contains an antiseptic that can fight bacteria that cause vaginal discharge in Miss V.

To overcome body odor

The content on betel leaf remedy against all sorts of bacteria are also useful against the causes of body odor.

To cope with bad breath

To cope with bad breath, you can gargle with use of betel leaf decoction routinely and regularly. This is because the leaves sirin contains natural ingredients that can fight the bacteria that cause bad breath.

Quite a lot of properties that we can get from the betel leaf. Besides betel leaves, you can also try the benefits of soursop leaves is no less powerful to overcome a wide range of health disorders of the body. Hope it is useful!

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