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Set on what was a Dairy Farm,¬†mvpofthempc is nestled with over 20 other specialty shops known as Artisans’ Alley.

The “Alley” is located in the corner of a farm once owned by the Tomasini Family. In the 1800’s Baron George Von Tomasini, an adventurer, left his wife and children in Austria and went to Mexico to seek his fortune. For a while he worked for General Maximillian as a professional soldier. He decided he liked the area and returned to Austria to bring his family back with him. Unfortunately, as his absence from home took much longer than he had planned, he found his wife having given him up for dead, had remarried.

The Baron then returned to Mexico, and headed north to what is now known as Texas and the area we call Hill Country Village and Hollywood Park. In 1878, he purchased 118 1/2 acres of land for $1.50 per acre, and developed a dairy farm. He remarried and began a new family, and continued to purchase more land and succeeded in acquiring 400 acres during his lifetime.

Future generations lived on his land. In fact, two of the original Tomasini houses are part of Artisans’ Alley The original main house serves as offices for one of the shops. The other house has become the front entrance and the first two shops in the Alley.

Apple Annie’s Tea Room was founded in 1986 and is dedicated to bringing you nutritious freshly made foods. Our soups, salads, and bakery goods are made in our “postage stamp size” kitchen and bakery. Only finest quality foods are used and only fresh fruits in season will be served. Soups are made from scratch daily, and all baking is done with natural ingredients.

Each of your food orders is prepared at the time the order is placed in the kitchen. If it seems to be taking a while, please remember it is freshly made and prepared with tender loving care.

Should you be feeling “Stressed”, remember it is Desserts spelled backwards. So leave room for the marvelous remedy and enjoy our large variety of baked goods.

Thank you for joining us, and enjoy your dining experience.

Note: Apple Annie’s Tea Room can seat 130 people in our four charming “Rooms” : We cater to Private Luncheon Parties, Bridal Luncheons, Birthday Parties, and Breakfast Meetings and will happily discuss arrangements with you.

Note: Inquire about catering for your next special party – office – church – home – weddings – showers – etc. Full choice of menu and box lunches available

We will open in the evening for your Special Party. The entire restaurant will be yours for your party* – dinner meeting, and special event. *(Note: There are minimums – please inquire for additional information.)