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Scene Dolls

My Scene Doll is Mattel’s invention favored by little girls today. Each of My Scene dolls has their own individuality and social networking “pages”, which include personal information, including the zodiac sign and their friends list. For girls ages 4 to 14, My Scene dolls are a series of fashion dolls created in 2002, as Bratz doll rivals, who have similar sizes and accessories, in addition to their multi-ethnic background.

Dolls are named based on different locations in New York City and each has a pet, an individual lifestyle, along with a male friend. There are some special edition dolls, such as Lindsay Lohan dolls, “My Scene Goes Hollywood”, because Mattel received a special right to create a replica of this resemblance. Each doll shares a small nose, wide cheekbones boneka promosi and large and pouty lips, but that will definitely have deep-rooted lashes, and each will have different skin color, hair color and ethnic background.

Advanced technology has changed the way girls play with dolls because the My Scene doll is a prime example. Take a long time, blond Kennedy and his profile page, where you can learn about his “girly glam” style, along with his “barefoot” ride. His signature is Aquarius, he has a mobile phone loaded and wants to become an actress. Prianya, River agrees with his friends, who say that he is very helpful, friendly and party life. According to her “last post”, she is also very impressed with her latest acting showcase and she thinks she will be a “big movie star”.

When it comes to My Scene dolls, Kennedy is just one example, but his friends have their own life, wallpaper and post. Some of my other My Scene dolls include Kennedy Nia’s friends, Madison, Chelsea and Delancey. For example, Delancey’s profile shows that he is a Taurus, riding a skateboard, in comparison. His career goal is an adventure travel writer, with his favorite “seductive” hobby. He prepares for his favorite vacation to Hawaii and his girlfriend is Ellis, who hopes to join him. Of course, his buddy list is the same as Kennedy, but you can see My Scene dolls live through their profiles and posts, just like a teenage girl now. is the site where the internet version of this doll exists and there are other features that girls can use, including games, shopping and watching their puppet videos. As Mattel’s official website for My Scene dolls, girls of all ages can play fashion games and participate in cool activities, in addition to seeing their latest dolls and adventures.

As technological advances have changed a lot, My Scene dolls have developed individual personalities and profiles that make them more realistic for young girls everywhere. For this reason, many young girls love a mixture of imagination and reality that is part of the identity, which comes with this Mattel doll series.



Stella Baby Doll

Babies who celebrate their first birthday begin to develop imaginative abilities. At the age of 12 months, your baby girl starts to imagine who she is and Baby Stella Doll is the right choice to give to her. He could easily identify himself with the doll.

In six months, your baby girl likes to play the role of mother or sister. The needs of your toddler’s development stage can be supplied and fulfilled by dolls manufactured and manufactured by the design of Manhattan Baby Toys Items has focused on the close resemblance of the doll with the characteristic little girl with difficulty souvenir boneka put into soft and cuddly dolls. The doll is in light skin or dark skin model.

Stella Baby Doll is so much fun that moms even want to hug her and teach their daughter how to take care of her. It has a magnetic mouth that makes the soft toy stick undisturbed in the doll’s mouth. When you release the pacifier, you will see the smiling face of the doll. Your little girl will love to play as “little mom” or as “sister” to Stella doll.

What is fantastic about this doll is that it has been designed to have a piece of clothing that is easily removable. Your little princess can change doll clothes for various hours and for various occasions. Baby Stella Doll even has a removable diaper under her clothes like a real baby wearing a diaper all day. Your little girl can point her doll with a sleepy “snuggler” outfit or bright outdoors outfit or bug clothes or ballerina outfits or regular everyday clothes in various designs and patterns.

For accessories, there are food sets, bath sets, diaper changing suits, baby lullaby beds, Moses baskets, sleeping tidal bags, rocking horses, strollers, high chairs, and rocking chairs. All these accessories are specially made for Baby Stella Doll and have colors that match the beautiful colors and textures.

You have a selection of dolls in rare hair appearance like the original beige / brown color or peach color. Then there is the option for horsetail hair with blond or brunette. While almost all Stella dolls are girls, there is also a model for boys dolls. Your daughter pictured as a little mother or a sister deserves this cuddly doll!



Creating a Waldorf Doll

Undoubtedly, there is a certain mystique about the Waldorf puppets, and for good reason. Each Waldorf doll is made by hand. The fact itself distinguishes it from the mass of commercially produced toys. These irresistible dolls can achieve their distinctive appearance using unique construction methods, and their strange huggable nuance is simply the result of all natural ingredients.

But do not be fooled! Rarely, they deserve a lot less rare. There is no good reason why the fun of making a Waldorf doll should be reserved only for some skilled konveksi boneka craftsmen.

If you ever wanted to make a Waldorf doll, but in doubt, maybe one of these Waldorf doll myths hold you back:

Myth No. 1: The material is too hard to find.

This may be true twenty years ago, before the internet became a presence everywhere, but now it is not true now!

The Waldorf doll is fussy about what goes into it. Only all natural ingredients can be used, such as 100% cotton fabrics and soft sheepskin sheets. This is not commonly available in fabric stores or craft outlets, but there are many online merchants that have it in many color choices, along with a variety of useful tools and ideas for doll makers. In Australia and U.S. There is a domestic source. Elsewhere, inventory may need to be sent, but certainly not hard to find. Type “Waldorf doll inventory” into your favorite search engine to get an extensive list of vendors.

Myth No. 2: The material is too expensive.

I admit, there is at least one truth here. Compared with polyester fibers, wool batting exchanges are quite expensive. On the other hand, if you have worked with poly fleece, then work with wool, I think you will agree that the difference in quality is much greater than the price difference.

A one-pound wool batting package will result in large dolls, or some smaller ones. If you create a small doll, you might consider buying things with friends and sharing costs. Cotton shoe fabrics that make the best doll skins are sold in cheap widths. The ½ yard piece will definitely make some dolls, so it’s good for sharing.

You may also be able to recycle some materials as a cost-effective alternative. Cotton T-shirts that have been washed up to a beautiful softness can be dyed and used for doll skins. Outdated clothes often produce pieces of cloth in good condition. This can make amazing doll clothes. The loose yarn of the old woolen sweater makes some of the finest curly hair dolls.

Myth No. 3: Waldorf dolls are too hard to make.

Speaking nonsense Waldorf dolls are among the easiest to make all dolls! Their body shape is quite simple, with mitten-shaped hands (no finger small fingers to rotate) and minimal articulation on the limbs. The typical Waldorf-shaped head is achieved by tying two strings around the wool ball. Presto! The adorable child’s head looks as if by magic.

The extraordinary wool stuff seems to be worth every penny when you see how smooth the shape is. No loose limbs. You can pull everything and re-stuff with the same wool, and it’s as good as new.

Collecting Porcelain Dolls

I’m sure you do not know that collecting dolls is considered the second largest hobby in the United States. This hobby is a passion for many people. Porcelain dolls are usually made of high-quality porcelain and then hand-painted to give them specific features and facial expressions.

Before the 1900s, most dolls were made of materials such as paper mache, clay, wax, and wood, depending on which country they came from. As the 1900s rolled, porcelain dolls became increasingly popular. This early porcelain doll is now considered antique and very popular among collectors. Some may even be worth pabrik boneka quite a bit of money!

Porcelain dolls can be very expensive depending on things like the popularity of the artist that made them, the number of them that have been made, and how limited their production. The more limited dolls in production are often more valuable than the mass-produced varieties. Finding a porcelain doll can be difficult, but sometimes you can buy it at flea markets, garage sales and even at online auctions. You should be careful, however, with online purchases because you can not completely check the doll before buying it. Be sure to ask lots of questions about her condition and ask for more pictures if needed.

Dolls of porcelain dolls come in different sizes and styles. The details given on the dolls are wonderful because they really try to capture realistic facial features. This is one of the reasons why porcelain dolls are highly collectible. The more realistic doll looks, the more popular it becomes.

If you are someone who thinks of collecting porcelain dolls, you need to do a little research about artists and manufacturers before investing in dolls. If you are collecting as a way to make money, you definitely want to do an investigation to find out which doll holds their value and even increases its value. You also want to know about the shortcomings of certain dolls.

The condition of the doll is one thing that will greatly contribute or reduce the value of the piece. A cracked or peeled porcelain will give you a doll whose value is less than any other doll in mint condition.

Accessories owned puppets can also affect its value. If your doll still has the original accessories like topim shoes, wallet, etc.) Then it will be more valuable than the doll without accessories. If the doll is still in the original box, it is a huge plus.