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Shows Acne from Day to Day

Shows acne from day to day

They do not remember torture when they receive a shin and the next day they have a meeting with special people, dances or other events where they want to perform spectacularly.

Acne is a skin problem that is characterized by the appearance of spots on various parts of the body, such as the face, neck, back and chest. These spots can range from the mildest, such as blackheads and blackheads, to severe spots containing pus and cysts. Usually points are considered serious will leave a scar.

In addition to being characterized by symptoms such as oily skin and the appearance of blemishes, sometimes acne also causes the skin to feel hot and sore to the touch. There are some parts of the body that are usually overgrown with acne and the most common is the face. Acne is a common condition, which means that most people have experienced it

We aged over 30 have almost no problem (although it still exists). Personally, from time to time I have one or more acne. Here I leave the home remedies for when you need to make a lost shin with great urgency.

This has helped me a lot. However, some people may have very sensitive skin and this medicine may make the area red.

If you have sensitive skin, the use of this medication is not recommended.

How to Get Rid of Acne in a Day

Mix some quick yeasts with a few drops of tea tree oil until it is sticking.

Apply to the shin and cover with the help of the band. Act all night. The yeast will pull the shin to the surface and the oil of the tree will attack it.

Tea Tree Oil Dry Pimple

This is another medicine with tea tree oil that also works to dry out acne.

Tea tree oil and milk

Preparation and use
Mix small drops of tea tree oil with milk. Apply with shin cotton. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes. Wash with water.

Why did it work?
Being antiseptic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory, tea tree oil is a remarkable remedy for problems related to the skin.

Growing men should not use tea tree oil. It should not be used if the person has sensitive skin or allergies.

Do not you drink tea tree oil? You can try this home remedy to treat acne or natural acne lotion

Home remedies for crow’s feet

As time goes by, the skin becomes thinner and dry and the wrinkles begin to form and feared “crow’s feet”.

Wrinkles are a manifestation of human aging, appearing personally between the eyes and temples of wrinkles, textures and fish very similar to the lines in the tail, it is called crow foot images.

Wrinkles usually occur over 30 years, more noticeable in older women, a radially arranged wrinkles, length, depth, quantity, shape varies. There are many ways to eliminate wrinkles, according to your own particular selection of your situation, the most appropriate method is the best.

The formation of crow’s feet, caused by a dysfunction of the neuroendocrine, protein synthesis rate is decreased, the activity of the fibroblasts of the dermis is reduced or the loss of collagen fibers to reduce the fracture, Natural beauty, therefore on the elasticity of the skin is reduced, wrinkles of the eyes, and sun, dry, cool, washing water temperature is too high, expressive and smoking causes a decrease in elasticity of fibrous tissue, which improves wrinkles. of the eyes. Due to contraction of the orbicularis muscle in the eyelid caused by a dynamic long-term wrinkles, the radial crow’s feet.

After years of moaning, laughing, blinking and squinting, it is perfectly logical that wrinkles are formed.

Common causes of other wrinkles around the eyes are formed in the sun without wearing sunglasses. Home remedies for wrinkles
How to prevent and reduce wrinkles

There are several steps and home remedies that we can take to prevent wrinkles that disappear or reduce them if they are lost.

Wear sunglasses
Every time you go out in the sun, wear sunglasses. Sunlight makes the eyes shine, which wrinkles the skin around the eyes and causes them to begin to wrinkle.

Moisturizes skin daily
To keep the skin moisturizing cream you can choose from the following three ingredients: avocado, almond oil, aloe vera gel. The aloe vera gel should always be washed before use.

Once you choose this herb you will be served more, you can spread it to the feet of the crow area, but be careful not to let your eyes. Leave on for 20 to 30 minutes and then rinse.

Take mineral water
It is said that mineral water is better for the skin because of its high content of silica, a mineral that strengthens the cells found between collagen and elastin fibers in the skin. This delays the formation of wrinkles.

More information about mineral water and its benefits – the benefits of mineral water
homemade cream against crow’s feet

a bit of almond oil mixed with a little lanolin. Mix well and apply the crow’s feet before bed. last night allowed Some people may be allergic to this herb and should not use it.

Chamomile Lotion to Remove Facial Irritation

Chamomile lotion to remove facial irritation

As we know that the characteristics of skin owned by each person is different. There are people who have a typical dry and oily skin, there are also people who have a good skin type, moist, supple so that not terlelu require care or anything else. Then, is this sensitive skin included from the typical skin like that? It could be, but it can not.

Sensitive skin has several causes. It could be innate from birth or genetic factors, but this only happens to some people. Some people are blessed with God’s skin, but some get sensitive skin not from birth but “in the middle of the road”, that is not from birth. This indicates that sensitive skin can be caused by certain things

People with sensitive skin often have problems with redness or irritation. Fortunately we have chamomile, a potion with anti-inflammatory properties, to soothe and relieve irritation. Natural beauty. It is important to clarify that some people may be allergic to chamomile, in which case they should not use it as it may irritate the skin even more. The nature of chamomile for the skin

According to a study by L. Bauman published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, chamomile can improve skin texture, elasticity and reduce wrinkles from sunlight.

Chamomile is used as an emollient in commercial skincare products. It also provides anti-inflammatory benefits that have been used in rosacea products.

Although there is no clinical evidence that chamomile can treat rosacea effectively, the American Academy of Dermatology accepts that topical preparations made with chamomile may help reduce the symptoms of rosacea.

According to dermatologist Howard Murad, essential oils in chamomile soothe inflamed capillaries that cause the face to become red.
Homemade chamomile lotion to remove red from the face

American beauty prescription teacher, Janice Cox, recommends making chamomile lotions as follows:

– 5 chamomile tea bags
– 2 ounces of amazing water (witch hazel, witch hazel)

Create a powerful chamomile infusion by pouring 5 sachets of chamomile tea into a boiling water cup for 5 minutes. Then the chamomile infusion is mixed with magic water.

Enter the lotion into the refrigerator until cool. Cold lotion will make it more effective to reduce inflammation.

To apply it you must wash your face and then put the lotion with a cotton ball or a spray bottle.

Lotions should be kept in the refrigerator for a week.

This lotion should not be used by people who are allergic to chamomile, ambrosia or daisies. People who use creams or other drugs for rosacea should not use this lotion.

Ephedra Diet Supplements The Legal Challenges Continue

Ephedra Diet Supplements The Legal Challenges Continue Ephedra diet pills are also known as mahuang. They’re a solid stimulant found in popular “herbal phen-fen” fat loss products. Despite it has wide spread use of weight-loss loss pills, there is just limited signs that it promotes weight reduction. However, some research workers, in addition to thousands of thousands of satisfied ephedra consumers, assert that they support its own usage.

Ephedra Diet Supplements The Legal Challenges Continue

What’s the status of Ephedra Diet Supplements at the United States? Back in 2008, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) declared that ephedra diet plan supplements are all prohibited. The FDA earliest released a guideline on February 11, 2004 which announced health supplements containing ephedrine alkaloids pose an unreasonable danger of injury or illness. After having a long struggle with the nutritional supplements industry, the FDA was finally in a position to prohibit ephedra diet pills.

Even the FDA acted after it received more than 800 studies linking ephedra with nausea, nauseaand chest pain, psychosis, seizures and strokes. Some states barred that the stimulant before the FDA acted. They maintained that when ephedra is taken routinely in weight-loss-supplements, your entire body stays within a unnaturally high equipment and there’s threat for heart palpitations and heart attacks.

The ephedra diet plan supplements manufacturers failed to return with out a struggle. Actually, two manufacturers made a last ditch attempt to possess the US District Court at New Jersey input a short-term injunction to forbid the FDA from imposing the principle. But the court ruled that it wouldn’t remain the rule instantly and questioned that the events submit additional briefs. So, the saga remains although pills aren’t currently allowed.

Many dieters loved ephedra diet supplements because they could drop some fat without diet or exercise. Clinical trials demonstrated that ephedra items functioned to non-exercising men and women. You’ll find rather few health supplements on earth which work without exercises. At 1 study areas lost 10 lbs of fat in 6 weeks by carrying 20mg of ephedrine, 200mg of caffeine and 325mg of aspirin three times per day with no any physical exercises.

Ephedra occurs naturally in the central nervous system. It’s just a stimulant obtained from your Ephedra equisetina plant, but is now produced by chemical synthesis. It’s actually a white crystalline product soluble in water and extremely soluble in alcohol. It is closely associated with methamphetamines, although much less potent and more acting.

Some-times ephedra diet supplements have been united with aspirin and caffeine that will assist dieters reach their weight loss goals quicker quickly.

Given that ephedra diet plan pills are all prohibited, products created using “ephedra leaves” are being promoted. But a lot of dieters are finding that those products really are no substitute for the actual thing. Ephedra leaves are legal, but many claim they are utterly ineffective.

Benefits of mineral water & Recipe to make homemade Alka Seltzer

Benefits of mineral water

Mineral water contains minerals and other substances to which a healing value is attributed. In ancient times the mineral water was used to fill the spas and other sources for people to enter those pools to alleviate their ills.

In modern times the mineral water is sold in bottles and there are around three thousand brands for the consumption of the people who look for it.

The benefits that mineral water brings to our body are as follows:

– Helps strengthen bones and teeth.
– Controls nervous irritability, relaxing muscles and strengthening the nervous system in general.
– Prevents cardiovascular disease and controls intestinal flora.
– Oxygenates the cells of the organism and helps to maintain the PH level in the gastric juices.
– Stabilizes the body fluids.

Mineral water is considered a natural resource to keep the body in balance. In English this product is known as “sparkling water”. “Sparkling” translates as something shiny or sparkling, that is the impression that mineral water gives when looking at it through the bottle through the bubbles that are formed.

Many people only consume mineral water to combine it with alcoholic beverages.

The purpose of this combination is to largely eliminate the effects of alcohol on the person and reduce the digestive discomfort that would result in ingesting this type of drinks.

Mineral water is not recommended for people with digestive problems such as certain types of stomach or duodenal ulcers or if they have chronic gastritis.

It is also not recommended for people who suffer from heartburn, because the gas containing the mineral water could make the problem worse.

Recipe to make homemade Alka Seltzer

Alka-Seltzer is an effervescent and analgesic antacid used for the temporary relief of heartburn, indigestion and heartburn.

It is a very popular remedy that is obtained almost in all pharmacies and comes in effervescent pills that are put in a glass of water and taken while it is bubbling.

Today I bring you a recipe to make a remedy that tastes almost the same as the Alka-Seltzer and has the same effects for digestive health. To this recipe we will call it Alka Seltzer homemade.

Alka Seltzer contains active ingredients such as baking soda to relieve digestive problems and as aspirin to relieve headache and body pain. The Alka Seltzer that we are going to do today does not contain aspirin so it only serves to relieve indigestion and heartburn.
Homemade Alka Seltzer Recipe

– 2 tablespoons lemon juice
– 2 cups mineral water
– 1/4 teaspoon baking soda

Sprinkle the ingredients and sip as long as it is effervescent. Baking soda is a very effective natural neutralizer to control stomach acid.

It is important to note that half a teaspoon of baking soda contains 616 milligrams of sodium. People on sodium restricted diets should consult with their physician to determine if this home remedy for the stomach is safe for their condition.

On the other hand, according to a study published in the “European Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology”, bottled mineral water can help relieve indigestion and constipation better than tap water.

Lemon on the other hand is also a good neutralizer of stomach acid since although it is acidic, it becomes alkaline when it is digested.

Lemon to Keep Skin Healthy and Beautiful

Lemon to keep skin healthy and beautiful

Lemon is a popular remedy to lighten the skin, remove age spots and freckles, remove excess fat on the face and close the pores. With all these benefits it is not surprising that lemon is a great way to keep skin healthy and beautiful.

Lemon contains vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and also stimulates the production of collagen. Benefits of Collagen for the Skin

Vitamin C also helps the tissues heal, helps the skin repair itself and protects it from damage caused by free radicals. It also inhibits the production of melanin so the skin is seen with a more uniform tone. Home Remedies for Skin Whitening

Citric acid in lemon acts as a mild exfoliant to remove dead cells and reveal healthier skin.

Lemon juice is slightly acidic, so it can temporarily irritate the skin when applied. People with sensitive skin should dilute the lemon juice with water. If it burns too much, it should be rinsed immediately.

Lemon juice to remove stains and whiten the skin

To match skin tone, lemon juice can be applied externally once a day. For best results freshly squeezed fresh juice should preferably be used of organic lemons. Natural beauty. Lemon juice can be diluted with water or green tea for a more powerful antioxidant action. As the skin becomes accustomed to lemon juice, the concentration of the juice can be increased if desired.

Skin and blemish clearance occurs gradually. With regular use, results can be seen from one month to six months depending on how strong the pigmentation in the skin is.

Lemon to remove fat from the face

The front, the chin and around the nose are the areas where the fat usually accumulates.
Moisten a cotton ball with lemon juice and gently wipe greasy areas. Avoid using lemon on the skin around the eyes and on open skin or rashes.
Lemon to close open pores

Well, rather, to reduce the size of the pores, lemon is an easy, effective and inexpensive remedy. It can be applied in the same way as to remove fat from the face. Home Remedies for Open Pores

Avoid exposure to the sun for at least one hour after applying lemon juice on the skin. Lemon makes your skin more vulnerable to the sun and can also stain. The best way is to apply the juice at night and wash your face well before leaving the next day.

Homemade and Natural Tonics for The Skin

Toners, astringents and refreshing lotions are very important for the health of the skin. These lotions can be applied with a cotton or with a bottle with atomizer.

Then I left some homemade recipes to make their own toning lotions. Some of them contain vodka that makes the lotion last longer because alcohol kills bacteria. However, if you have dry skin it is recommended that you use the toner that contains water as alcohol removes the natural fat from the skin.
Toning Honey Bee Lotion

Mix 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of rose water, 2 tablespoons of vodka or water witch hazel. Put the mixture into a small bottle. If you think it is very sticky you can let the mixture rest for 5 days before applying it. Natural beauty. Do not expose yourself to the sun while using this toner. If you need to leave, wash it thoroughly.
Toning cucumber

To make this refreshing lotion, mix 1/4 cup fresh cucumber juice. This juice can be made by pouring the cucumber with everything and peel it into the blender and then strain it. 2 tablespoons witch hazel and 2 tablespoons distilled water.

It is poured into a small bottle and applied with a cotton ball. The rest should be stored in the refrigerator as the cucumber spoils very fast. This toner is also good for wearing on tired eyes. You can wet two cottons in the solution and put them over closed eyes while you rest. More beauty recipes with cucumber
Toner for green tea skin

Green tea is an excellent toner for the skin because it contains antioxidants. This lotion can be used especially to relieve skin that has been resected by some product or burned by the sun. Put 1/2 cup of distilled water or bottled water to boil. In a ceramic bowl pour 2 tablespoons of green tea leaves and pour the freshly boiled water over the leaves. Let stand for 3 minutes. Strain and wait for the tea to cool.
Toning Peppermint and Vinegar Lotion

To make this lotion, mix 1 tablespoon dried mint leaves, 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar and 1 cup distilled water. Stir well and let stand for 3 days. Strain the mixture and store the lotion in a clean bottle.
Aloe vera

A very easy and very effective toning lotion to renew the cells is the aloe vera gel. Simply peel a piece of aloe, wash the gel well and apply the gel on the skin. It is very important to wash the aloe gel first, because the iodine it has can burn the skin.
Home toning for smooth skin

In a glass with water put a lemon and a few parsley branches and let it stand overnight. The next morning apply it to the face with a cotton. But do not apply it if you have to go out in the sun. Do not expose your skin to the sun after using lemon.

Revitalize for Tired Eyes

Revitalize for tired eyes

Although there are conditions known as “tired eyes” or “visual fatigue”, what we see in this article are dropped eyes due to lack of sleep or overwork.

If you are a mother who works both at home and at home, or students who have worked separately or just been exposed by studies and parties, your eyes will look tired.

Eyes tired often also make us feel uncomfortable or confident when it must be in public places or meet important people. In addition to causing disbelayadirian, tired eyes also slightly interfere with our performance in the move.

There are several reasons why the eyes look and feel tired. The most common causes are:

– Lack of sleep
– Allergy
– Dust and contamination
– Smoking
– Stress

Here I leave this recipe to make homemade gel to remove tired eyes. It can be applied during the day under normal makeup or at night as a gift that is appropriate for the eyes. Natural beauty. Home gel to revitalize the area around the eyes. You can try it at home to overcome your tired eyes.

Stir well 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel (you have to wash the gel well to remove iodine), a teaspoon of fresh cucumber juice (you can pour a cucumber into a blender and then filter the juice), 1/4 teaspoon cornstarch, a spoonful of water witch hazel.

It is heated to boiling. If you put it in the microwave in ‘high’, it usually takes less than a minute. It was removed from the heat and hazel witch was added. Mix well and let cool. Put it in a clean jar.

To use it, apply a little gel on the skin around the careful eyes so as not to attract or rub the skin. And be careful not to fall into the eye.

Cold milk to relieve tired eyes

Another home remedy to reduce the appearance of fatigue in the eye area is milk. Milk is very easy to get potions and can help us to make eyes look more open and alive. Probably not many know the benefits or utility of milk for this one. And we can use it very easily. To make this recipe, you simply wet the two cotton with cold milk and put it over your closed eyes.

This drug not only improves appearance but also helps to relax and relieve fatigue.

Well, easy and useful is not it? Try this recipe to overcome your tired eyes.

The Great Benefit Of Tomatoes For Your Health

Tomato is one of the fruits that is identical with the red color is lit. Most people must have been familiar with this one red fruit. Tomato fruit can be consumed immediately or added to various dishes of all family favorites. Because tomatoes are one of the types of fruits, so it is not surprising that the fruit contains various nutrients needed by your body. Maybe you did not have time to realize, the tomato has a benefit that is so great for the body.

benefit of tomatos for health

Tomato is one of the relatively cheap and festive in terms of its market price. Until not surprisingly, tomatoes are always in the kitchen or your refrigerator. However, many of the nutrients in the red fruit are burning. Based on the fact, this fruit is a source of vitamin A, C, K, potassium, folate, thiamin, niacin, vitamin B6, magnesium, phosphorus, copper and low sodium, fat tired, caloric or cholesterol. Here’s what makes tomato so one among the fruits that must be consumed daily. Mustika Dara HPAI Based on a variety of nutritional content, health guidelines will also explore the various benefits of tomatoes for your body’s health. Below 7 great benefits of tomatoes for your body’s health:

#1 Streamlining and Enhancing the Digestive System. One of the advantages of tomatoes is the source of fiber needed by your body. Until, for anyone who wants the digestive system stay healthy and smooth, start with the consumption of red fruit.

#2 Make skin protection face and Body Skin. This is because, tomatoes are a source of lycopene. The content of lycopene in tomatoes plays a role to avoid damage to skin tissue caused by ultraviolet light from the sun.

#3 Strengthens Bone On Body. This is because, the fruit is a source of vitamin K that can avoid bone or more in the loop is familiar with the meaning of osteoporosis.

#4 More Efficient Cancer Prevention For those of you who want regardless of the various types of cancers such as prostate cancer, mouth, throat, stomach, colon, and ovarian cancer, start regularly for the consumption of the tomato. Because the content of lycopene in tomatoes so powerful to avoid a variety of cancer.

#5 Natural Diabetes Prevention. Chromium content in tomatoes can help balance blood sugar content in your body. Up to more stable and not harm your body health.

#6 Sharpen your View. Sources of vitamin A in tomatoes play a role to protect the health of the eyes and can sharpen the power of the eye organs of a variety of objects around him.

#7 Strengthening and Beating Your Head Crown. The source of vitamin A in tomatoes can nourish the hair and strengthen hair from the tip to the roots.

The Secret Benefits of Starfruit For Body Health

Star fruit is one of the fruits that has a shape that is so unique among the other fruit. Starfruit is the name of star fruit in English. Judging from the physical touch of star fruit is similar star or star with the color of yellowish green-green. The taste of star fruit can vibrate the tongue of lovers, because the sweet taste mixed with acid when chewed and felt by the tongue. Like other fruits, starfruit also has a great benefit for your body’s health.

benefit of star fruit for health

Star fruit may be one of the fruit types that are not often consumed by some Indonesians. Some of the core arguments may be the flavor that can shake the tongue or ignorance will also vary the benefits of the fruit star fruit. Star Fruit in fact has a complete nutritional content such as carbohydrates, fiber, protein, vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin E, calcium, potassium and iron. Diabextrac HPAI Various nutrients that have been described must act wonderfully to protect and improve your body’s health. Below 7 secret benefits of starfruit for your body’s health:

a. Healer Of Various Diseases. Various diseases called fever, ulcers, sore throat or cough. Beyond that, starfruit is very effective to avoid diabetes.

b. Antidote Various Radical Free Causes of Cancer. This is because, starfruit is one of the fruits rich in anti-oxidant content in it.

c. Healthy Digestive Organs. The fiber content in star fruit can help the maximal digestive organs work and avoid the problem of constipation or disorder caused by difficult big waste.

d. Helps Lower Your Body Weight. Star fruit has a caloric content of some 30 calories per fruit. So it’s good for you who want to lose weight, by providing this fruit in your daily diet.

e. Avoid Heart Disease Or Stroke. Various ingredient vitamins in star fruit that has been described above can help to avoid the coming of various dangerous diseases such as heart and stroke.

f. Effective Hair Loss Prevention. High content of anti-oxidants and vitamin C from star fruit can provide nutrients every hair and avoid the marks of hair loss in your head.

g. Antidotes Coming Acne Or Oily Skin. This is because, star fruit has zinc content that acts to prevent the growth of acne on the skin of your face.