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The Unique Features Of A VPS Server System

VPS web hosting is a type of hosting that is employed for different sorts of websites. To get VPS hosting, you need to utilize a VPS storage space. Plenty of business proprietors who have been using shared web hosting for quite some time choose a VPS server to upgrade their hosting facilities.

A VPS server provides with far greater freedom and control for the site owners to work with the hosted environment. This will make it easier for them to run scripts and software of their own. These types of servers also provide users with additional processing power and additional resources.

A shared account with a VPS server provides users with the scope to regulate some parameters of web machine and its database. Some providers of shared hosting allow access to Guaranteed Shell (SSH) that makes it a lot simpler to carry out server maintenance. Such factors make it quite easy to operate on and maintain a VPS shared or dedicated server.

When a user is investing in having access to VPS, he or she is actually hiring a virtual section of a VPS which is merely some of larger machine. This functions like a separate computer with multiple hard drives linked to it. On the other hand, even though the VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER is part of a larger system, users can simply gain access to it and the features like it is an independent system. This gives with a lot of overall flexibility to the users in operating their sites.

A VPS server helps to hook up the gap between dedicated hosting services and shared hosting services.

Typically the costs involved with a VPS server are far below standard dedicated web servers.

The VPS server system can install any type of software that runs on the specific operating system.

These types of servers also help in updating the testing systems for various insecure general public services.

Below are a few of the other advantages of working with a VPS server.

Operating a site or website on custom software

The users can have use of web through a particular kind of software developed either for some explicit functionality or organization that is opposite to or is different from other software systems that are already available (also known as off-the-shelf software programs). Such software systems are generally not made for the bulk market, but created usually for companies, organizations and business entities.

Backup postal mail exchange

A VPS machine system can supply for supporting all types of messaging systems such as an email program or email client, a mail-server and groupware apps. This way, the VPS machine system is designed mainly for being used in business settings.

Virtual Private System (VPN)

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a type of network that utilized a dedicated public telecommunication infrastructure like the Internet, for providing individual users or remote offices with totally secure entry to the network of their organization.

Domain Name server (DNS)

Domain server (DNS) is basically a server that works as an identification label. That defines the scope of administrative authorityComputer Technology Content articles, autonomy or control in an internet based system.

Tips on Building a Printing Business

Print business business will always be there as economic growth like percetakan di grogol. But there are many combinations of situations and conditions that arise when a person wants to start. Where to start? Want a direct investment to start a printing business? How big is the printing business world opportunity?

Many people who have the desire or desire to start entrepreneurship, but sometimes confused start. Starting from the lack of focus on the choice of business areas to be executed until the capital problem hit to start his business.

There are also temporary circles who just happen to have enough capital to finance the intention of his business, but also confused must choose what type of business to be worked on by it. Many conditions and combinations of situations that arise when a business opportunity already exist in the eyelid, but not quickly struck and utilized, one of which is the OPPORTUNITY STARTING BUSINESS PRINTING BUSINESS.

Do not hesitate to get started, consider TIPS Starting Business Printing Business in outline.

Have you occasionally happened to hear there are neighbors and even your closest relatives are planning a wedding / khitanan?

Try to approach and find out whether the Wedding Invitations / circumcision is already there who take care of it. Approach it personally and reassure him that you can help prepare the invitation until it becomes. It’s an opportunity!

Here is an example of more opportunities in RT / RW agency stewardship there must be many needs of printed materials. Maybe it was just a mere photocopian. Try to offer you to print to look better.

There is another opportunity to pay attention and make a list of forms in your office, there must be printed material. Try to find out how much you need. Find the best opportunity to approach who’s used to it. Do not immediately ask for an order. Investigate if he is merely ordering the printed material entirely to Printing or he runs it himself. If you just order to printing, try to offer that you can “help”. Of course with a little diplomacy.

If you are sensitive, look at wide and pairs of ears, actually around you many opportunities that can be made “obyekan”. But this little thing can be a BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES PRINTING & GRAPHIC DESIGN missed if you do not know or exactly do not dare to start it. If you get a chance, be it in the office, the community hanging out, the home environment or for your own needs – your chances are being asked and asked about WHERE I CAN PRINTING stuff like this? Take the chance! Do not look at the big orders.

This opportunity will not pass twice before you. But if you take this order, the second chance and so on will come to you by itself.

My advice, for the first stage, do not ever imagine you will soon get a big profit if you get the opportunity. It’s been given a trust to run the order they are already a miracle for you! If you do not need to make a profit first deh.

The main thing is people will soon know that you have a reliable expertise. Well, on the second chance and so on, then you start to calculate carefully what percentage of profit you must achieve from the next order2.

Have you ever been “asked for help” by your boss, friend or close relative? What is meant here please help of course that smelled “business”. If you are often “ordered” order something, or even you can leak from a chat that is not intentional, just say if you can do it. NEVER EVEN REJECT THE ORDER! Any order should never be rejected, let alone print order.

Although it is the first time you face a print order, just accept the order. No problem, if you do not understand the twists and turns of printing. Either that order has to be thrown back to the other party or you can work with someone else again, that’s another matter.

The important thing is that order must be, the price is reasonable and the order giver is satisfied. Thus there is a self-image, that you are a person who can be trusted to complete the order in question. Be smart to diplomate and convince your prospective customers, especially from your closest circle.
Begin your journey to get this prime order. The first and most expressing step without any risk of mistakes is that you can go to one of the PRINTs you believe in. Ask how price prints here and apply the difference in selling price to your customers.

This step is safe, but you will not get any knowledge from the person printing it. Boro-boro share knowledge, to reduce the profit margin alone is not even possible.

Well, if you want a little tired and can science, just go PAPER SHOP and ask for samples of paper / media that you bring to print. Ask how much paper prices last. Do not hesitate to ask. Ask anything about the printing production process. Let’s just say you are the most foolish person in the world at that time. Listen and listen to the information from the seller of the paper.

The paper shop is the least open party in explaining the stages of PRINTING PROCESSING PROCESS. But remember, they will not open their mouths before they are sure you will buy raw materials from them.

Just ask a little when it comes, ask again when the seller is writing the order note, and ask once again as you wait for the order items to be prepared. Then bring out your order. Wait another half hour. Then you can go back to the paper shop, pretend to buy again, wondering. Not bad, add a little science.

Printing production process will not be able to memorize your head as you can memorize your routine life cycle since waking up to sleep again tonight.

This stage will run smoothly by itself, as the process of maturing your business pursue this field. But, as a first step you can write in the diary work out how the scheme stages to be run starting from the stage

Accept order
Analyze the order
Print price calculation
Production component required
Production process
Quality controlling
After sales in the form of service / service is good

Want a direct investment to start a printing business? How much does it cost? DO NOT INVEST IT! Why is that ? Indeed, a non-investment business venture is a nonsense thing! If your finances happen to be enough to capitalize on this business, it should be postponed first for investing the tools of production work, especially that is quite a big siphon.

You better focus first look for order opportunities. From the orders you get, you can deepen your knowledge and experience about the technical production process. You may invest, but prioritize useful things to smoothen and multiply your networking as an order supplier, such as the procurement of communication tools (HP, tel or fax) and transportation (car or motor) that looks somewhat worthy of your client’s eyes. Prioritize utility function not only for the sake of prestige solely in terms of investment of these goods.

If your networking is already wide enough and orders accumulate, then you can start investing production tools, such as HR, Computers, Printing Machines, Paper Cut Machine, Building rental / shop business place, Better yet, before making such expensive investments, try to arrange a more realistic work program for five years into the future.

Make a financial casflow that depicts your capital flow projections for that period. For the first year you start a business with a big investment, do not ever expect you to achieve big profits, maybe losses will be obtained! Especially the first 3 – 6 months, do not despair to see numbers on your books always minus because it always sucked for operational costs.

But here is the test. Your mental as an Entrepreneur will be forged by this situation.

How to Start a Printing Business
So think twice a thousand times three, to fulfill your desire to invest in costly production tools – even if you feel you can – and will not be poor if you go bankrupt. There is no prohibition for investment, but think positive.

Know the Type Sensor Fire

In this article we will discuss about Types of Sensors Fire commonly used in fire extinguishing systems or fire system.

The role of fire sensors ( fire sensor ) in the fire extinguishing system is a system integration in mendeksi potential for large fire risk and provide a warning or alert system when the risk of fire appears.

Some things that are considered potential fire hazards such as the appearance of smoke, the rise in temperature / heat, sparks the onset, change the color of the surface, and the presence of certain gases that can cause fires.

Gambar terkait

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From some of the potential fire above the type of sensors or sensor used in Fire alarm systems are grouped into:

  • Sensor asap (Smoke Detector)
  • Heat sensors (Heat Detector)
  • Sensor sparks (Flame Detector)
  • Sensor gas (Gas Detector)
  • Sensor color / image (sensor Images)

Fire sensors in the working system has two types:

  • Stand alone Fire Detector: fire detectors stand alone, which is working to detect potential fires and provide better warning alarm sounds or lamp. Usually the power supply or power supply using batteries.
  • Integrated Fire Detector : fire detectors connected to a fire extinguishing system control panel or fire system. So there is a potential fire, the sensor will provide alerts to the fire system , and would make the system standby or function fire suppression. System integration to fire the system can use the conventional connection method ( wire connections ) and Addressable . Furthermore, we will discuss in the next article.

Sensor asap (Smoke Detector)

A smoke detector will detect the intensity of the smoke in a room. Smoke detector works using multiple detection methods including:

  • Optical Smoke Detector : Detect smoke based on the density of light. The use of LED and Photo Transistor is commonly used in this type of
  • Ionization Smoke Detector : Detect smoke ionization process based on radioisotope (radioisotope). Smoke will be airborne and cause ionized isotope triggering the alarm. Type commonly used isotope is americium 421.
  • Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide Smoke Detector : Smoke sesor type that detects the concentration of CO or CO2 in the air. These sensors are more focused on the smoke was not visible / invisible to human harm caused by fires that might not be visible but have fatal consequences on health.

Heat sensors (Heat Detector)

Heat sensors will detect heat changes in a room with a conductivity change in shape or object on the sensor because the heat changes.

Thermal sensors have two (2) classification system of work:

  • Fixed temperature heat detectors : Works by deformation sensor components from solid to liquid. In this type of sensor used heat-sensitive eutectic alloy , or a mixture of chemicals that will change shape at a certain temperature or eutectic point . heat sensitive eutectic alloy is easily exemplified as lead or Tin (Sb) that will melt at a temperature soldering. Once this melting occurs the sensor will work to move the alarm.
  • Rate-of-Rise (ROR) heat detectors : work based on the effect of rapid changes in body shape, usually metal. The working principle of ROR is actually just a regular bi-metal switch. The switch will be in contact when detecting hot enough. Bimetal which changes shape can be used as a switch that supplies power to the alarm.

Sensor sparks (Flame Detector)

Flame detectors will work to detect if there is a spark in an observation area. Usually work based on changes in color or light (optical sensors) and ionization in an area that affects the sensor.

Type Flame Detector which works with optical sensor systems:

  • Ultraviolet (UV) Flame Detector : working with wavelengths shorter than 300 nm. These detectors detect fires and explosions within 3-4 milliseconds because UV radiation is emitted in the event of a spark.
  • Near Infrared Array Flame Detectors : also known as visual fire detector, using flame recognition technology to confirm the outbreak of fire by analyzing near IR radiation through an array of pixels of a charge-coupled device (CCD).
  • I nfrared (IR) Flame Detectors: fire detector that works in the infrared band spectrum. The hot gas emits a pattern of specific spectrum in the infrared region, which can be felt with a special thermal imaging camera (TIC), the type of camera is also known as thermographic cameras 
  • IR3 flame detectors : works by comparing three specific wavelength bands in the IR region of the spectrum and their ratio to one another. 

Current flame ionization detection
for type flame ionization detection that uses a current known as flame ionization detection. The system works by measuring the intensity of ionization in fire . Sesor type is usuallyused in the process of heating gas in large industries which are connected to the control system of fire and act well as monitor the quality of fire and fire system devices.
Gas Sensors (Gas Detector)

Thermocouple flame detection
thermocouples are used extensively to monitor the presence of fire in the system of
combustion heater  and stove gas . Generally used as prevention of harm to cut off the supply of fuel when the flames could not be controlled . This is to prevent the danger of explosion and fire or danger of asphyxiation in a confined space because the thin oxygen .

Sensor Gas (Gas Detector)

Gas Detector would be to detect the presence of a gas in a certain area that could potentially cause a fire or cause disruption to human safety.

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a gas that is very dangerous and binds oxygen in the lungs , killing hundreds of people around the world each year . CO is odorless , colorless , Making it impossible for humans to detect it . The detector of carbon monoxide can be purchased at a price of around US $ 20-60, or about Rp 200,000 to Rp 600,000 depending on the brand .  

In addition to CO and CO2, other gases type of sensor used is a gas sensor propane / propane, butane gas / butane and other gases that may trigger an explosion of fire. 

Sensor color / image (sensor Images)

Sersor color / image analyzing the resulting color spectrum of an object that could potentially result in an explosion kebakara. Color sensors are mostly working within the range of the color spectrum ultraviolet, visible light, infrared, Infrared broadband and CO2.

Manual Call Point Alarm

The series of system installation fire alarm broadly divided into two, namely conventional and addressable . They are different in complexity and accuracy of monitoring installations where there is a fire. Until now, conventional systems are still widely used in small to medium scale buildings. Harga alarm kebakaran

In the large and multi-storey buildings will be better if you use an addressable system. Both on a system of conventional or addressable, there are three main parts to fire alarms ie manual call point alarm , alarm indicator and fire alarm bell

Manual call point alarm - open

Manual alarm call points are available in various shapes with distinctive red color. At first this tool mostly shaped lever “T”, is activated by pulling or pressing down, although this form is rarely or no longer used.

Along with technological developments present many manual call point alarm types with a variety of shapes, such as a button with protective glass, there is also a button that uses the technology  of wireless  that is easier to install. Until now in Indonesia alarm manual call point is the most widely circulated type of push button fire alarms are usually spherical / box with a button in the middle.

In practice manual call point alarm is called by various terms such as MCP, Emergency Break Glass, Push button alarm, and so forth, but they all have the same shape / similar and easily recognizable. In this tool there is a switch or switches, at some specific types are equipped with a telecommunications link that connects the monitor room fire, so it could be used as a tool to communicate with the firefighters.

Inside manual call point alarm

Function Manual Call Point Alarms

As the name implies, alarm manual call point is used to activate the series of fire hazard warning system manually or requires the interaction with humans. This tool is activated by pressing the switch / alarm button, anyone can instantly hand pressed with a finger, but there also must break the protective glass alarm button switch.

When the switch button is activated, it will light a fire warning circuit including a siren / bell fires and fire hazard indicator lights. In this tool generally is a button reset to turn off the alarm circuit fire warning, this becomes very useful if there is a fire simulation training.

Placement Manual Call Point Alarms

Given the function, manual call point alarm should be placed in an area that is recognized by many people, or refers to the installation of fire alarm project consultant. This tool can be placed outdoors or indoors. In general, the criteria for placement meets some kategri as follows:

  • Easily seen by many people who pass through these points
  • When a fire occurs, this tool must be on the path of a fire evacuation
  • Easily accessible to be operated

If there is the installation of indoor hydrant box in a building equipped with fire protection systems are usually manual call point alarm attached to the upper part of town hydrant box. The tool is placed lined with fire alarm bell and alarm indicators.

HTC 11 filtered all features in full through the terminal box


It seems that HTC wants to make up for lost time. Needless to say, the Taiwan-based firm has one of the worst gaps in its history, a streak that has spread over several years. Unfortunately, HTC does not seem to give a change of air to its business strategy, and the manufacturer remains obstinate in continuing to produce terminals that do not end convincing.

Although the company introduced a few months ago the Ultra U-phone that seemed to be its flagship, HTC has not finished this year. The Asian firm has prepared the HTC 11 to try to regain confidence in its followers and, at first glance, the smartphone does not look bad. And is that a few hours ago filtered the features of the HTC 11 through the illustrations of the box of this.

Filtered information from the HTC 11 box

The boxes of the telephones usually contain most of the specifications of the same, if not all of them. Unfortunately for HTC, through PhoneArena we have been able to take a look at the alleged leakage of features found on the back of the HTC 11 box, the flagship of the firm for 2017.

According to the leak, the HTC 11 will have a 5.5 inch screen with QHD resolution and glass Corning Gorilla Glass 5. Under the hood will presumably be the 835 Snapdragon accompanied by 6 GB of RAM and 64 or 128 GB of internal storage expandable Through microSD cards up to 2TB.

The photographic section of the HTC 11 would consist of a 12 megapixel rear camera with f / 1.7 aperture and OIS, while the front would be 16 megapixels with f / 2.0 aperture and “Selfie Panorama”. The terminal will have, presumably, HTC BoomSound, IP 57 resistance to water and dust and Edge Sense, the functionality that would serve to control some aspects of the device by pushing the edges of it.

What do you think about the possible features of the HTC 11?

The best applications to focus on when studying

applications to focus

The love for our smartphones is a reality, but this affection can make our day to day difficult if it becomes addictive. Although our desire is to spend the day enjoying it and its applications, which are essential for our daily routine, we have a series of responsibilities that we must fulfill (Not everything could be good things).

That is why several companies have expressed their potential to try to launch some application that can get off the mobile during the time of study and thus be able to take advantage of this. Browsing the Google Store, we’ve found quite a few apps that get or try to avoid this little addiction. Today we are going to focus mainly on two of them: Forest: Stay focused and Flipd.

Forest: Stay focused

The idea that developers have for our taste is magnificent: Plants a tree and in the next thirty minutes this will grow while you study. If you leave the application this tree will die and will not be part of your forest, if you wait half an hour without picking up the cell phone, in a short time you will get a giant jungle full of different plants, whose variety you can choose before starting your study. Forest is designed for people who are not addicted to mobile, since you do not have any restrictions to navigate your smartphone beyond the death of your tree.


Flipd is made for people who find it hard to concentrate. It consists of a rather simple and intuitive interface in which they give us to choose the number of hours that we want to be studying. Once this schedule has been selected and we have given it to accept, there is no turning back; We will not be able to access almost any function of our telephone.

We only needed a few days to say that this application has surprised us a lot. After several failed attempts to search the Play Store we think that Flipd is the best option if we really want to take advantage of our study hours and be able to express them to the maximum.

As a conclusion, we think that this type of applications is very useful for all those who it costs a little more to concentrate and we need to carry the mobile always on top. Forest: Stay focused and Flipd play their part and the first one is fun.

Are you difficult to concentrate, or are you social networks have changed their dream cycle ?, Do not hesitate to leave in the comments what you found these applications and if you are being useful at the time of study.