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Canker Sores and Odor Mouth

Bad breath can be caused by many things, even if you feel diligent toothbrush. There are several causes of bad breath, namely cavities that become the perfect place for the growth of germs, plaque deposits and the rest of food or drink. Thrush can also be the cause, especially canker sores are inflamed and not dry.

Sprue, white basin with reddish color around it feels pain when inflamed. Sprue can last 4-20 days, but immediately check if still entrenched in the mouth after 2 weeks. Because usually, under normal conditions, canker sores can heal itself.

Thrush is left to make us uncomfortable to chew something. Moreover, eating pieces of fresh fruits and vegetables that sometimes scratch the wound basin. In fact, the more we are lazy to chew, the less saliva produced, the more dry our mouths. As a result, there was an unpleasant smell from inside the mouth.

When sprue, should diligently rinse and drink water. Try to chew fresh fruit and vegetables. Treat antiseptics to ensure that germs do not develop. What you should look at, it is canker sores are innate. As many as 50% of cases of canker sores are genetic cases derived from their parents. Well, the congenital ulcers that new relapse when tercetus something. For example, spicy food or vitamin C deficiency and vitamin B12 are found in fresh fruit.

Needs of vitamin C per day is not more than 100 mg in normal people. Therefore, if you take vitamin C supplements when canker sores, it is not appropriate. The average vitamin C supplement has a high dosage of vitamin C so it actually spurs kidney work. By taking vitamin C supplements, your sprue does not necessarily necessarily heal and the problem of bad breath is resolved.

So, canker sores can cause bad breath if not treated immediately. This is more because we are lazy to chew during canker sores so that less saliva production and mouth so much drier. But the cause of bad breath is not always canker sores. You can cope with bad breath by checking it out first. Who knows there is a tooth and rotten.

wear shoes properly

These new shoes are proving to be a great asset for those women that don’t want to have to find a gym or go running, or maybe use some gadget in their house that they have to fight for 20 minutes to get a good workout! No, all you have to do is walk! These toning shoes are very effective at tightening thighs, legs and butt! and helps you to lose weight all around! With so many styles, designs and colors out there to choose from it’s hard to resist! In today’s busy world we need to find a quick and easy way to tone our legs, thighs and buns… these new toning shoes are exactly what your looking for!

When I first saw these shoes, I thought that the curve on the bottom of the shoe created more motion and therefor a better workout. But the way they work is much more complex than that. These shoes use imbalance to create the workout. The bottom of the shoe is convex on the toe and heal of shoe (there are several variations out there) causing you to work your thighs, hips, sepatu converse indonesia buns and even your back while trying to stay balanced. They create a really good exercise doing something I would have been doing anyway… walking!

Along with the exercise you get from these new toning shoes, a healthy diet is always important. Remember, that fitness is a word that describes both a mental and a physical state.

Always think about what you are doing to physically exercise, and at the same time keep in your MIND the steps you are taking to eat healthy foods. Understanding these concepts, and applying them in your every day routine for fitness, is essential in reaching your goals for weight loss.

Always research everything on the web, it is a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. If you make decisions on a change of diet or eating habits just make sure you read as much about it as you can. You don’t want to stress your body out. Good luck and have a healthy future!

Crocs Tone Shoes Released in the US

1st November 2010 saw the long awaited release of a new line of toning shoes from the healthy footwear manufacturers Crocs. The latest Crocs Tone shoes have come at just the right time, as the U.S. Surgeon General recommends that all Americans should take at least 10,000 steps a day to get firmly on the road to wellness. For the Americans that take up his recommendation, doing so in Crocs shoes will not only make every one of those steps incredibly comfortable, but before long, all of that walking will translate into great lower body tone thanks to an innovative three part design which activates more muscles when walking.

The shoes are constructed from the same Croslite material which has been used throughout the 250 model range, with a design that moulds to the shape of the foot for a personal and highly comfortable fit. The soft spongy sole cushions the feet well, and feels highly comfortable, helping to dampen the shock waves from walking for day long comfort. The footbed helps to reduce muscle fatigue in the feet and legs by promoting a more natural alignment of the bones and muscles, and reducing the concentration of pressure in the feet.

By using Croslite, which is a much more flexible material than PU or EVA, Crocs are able to totally conceal the toning technology in the shoes. They have used a design which looks virtually identical to many Crocs shoes within the range. This will be a big selling point at a time when most other toning shoes on the market are noticeable as such, with a thick midsole which announced to all who look, that the shoes are toning your lower body.

The outsole of Crocs Tone shoes is where the action is, and a heel and forefoot sculpted rubber pod is responsible for getting the muscles working harder with each step. The design creates a rocker like sole, sepatu converse┬áincreasing the range of foot movement with the uneven base activating more muscles throughout the legs. The design is such that the extra muscle activity is not felt, just the highly comfortable design. Over timethe shoes will help to firm up the lower and upper legs by “creating a variety of walking rhythms”, according to Crocs. Located around the pods on the sole is a toning ring, which adds stability to the design and further increases muscle activity.

How much toning the shoes can achieve remains to be seen, as at the time of writing the shoes have been on the market for less than 48 hours, however the initial feedback suggests that the shoes are universally regarded as some of the most comfortable footwear ever worn, and the understated toning design is sure to make these shoes a big hit for their comfort and style alone.

The Latest Couture Fashion Designers

“Couture” is quite a different category than just clothing or fashion clothing. In the world of style and high fashion, the top of the line, utmost fashion designs are most often referred to as couture. Being at the height of what is new, fashionably current and at the highest end of style to the point where you are even longed for by your fashion peers is to be “couture.”

Couture houses frequently turn out elaborate gowns, dresses and bridal wear. The French designers have always been ahead of the fashion curve. British designers are getting recognition for themselves in the world of high fashion. Each year, the fashion world begins looking for the new big thing in high-end and couture fashion. The cheaper clothes you find on the rack are not good enough for it.

Couture Fashion Week is frequented by the elite of the fashion industry. Only top designers are featured during Couture Fashion Week. Following is a group of a few of the designers who have taken part in the Couture Fashion Show 2009, adding the much coveted ‘couture’ to their status.

– Jorge Diep; Linda Ellis; Nina Gleyzer; Andres Aquino; Soucha Couture; Dany Atrache; Catalin Botezatu; Nedret Taciroglu; Vocce Couture; Space Couture; Sushma Patel

Their standout qualities are creativity and versatility of design. These designs are unique and have earned the respect from their peers. They can try out various color combinations (though black is the timeless color of elegance) and materials yet bring out the absolute top dresses for this time of the year.

These designers had educational as well as professional training that helped them to end up at the runway of Couture Fashion week.

Soucha, for example, is a graduate of the Academia Della Moda in Florence, Italy, is the owner of Soucha Couture which is one of the most popular Italian fashion institutions. Arab stars and celebrities liked his innovative fashions and he began to design for them. With the confidence of youth, he created his new fashion brand and became famous. At present, he runs two small stores in Cairo. Many people in Egypt would be familiar with Soucha Fashion. Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia are starting to see an influx of Soucha Fashion and it expands its selling base. The company plans to enhance the offerings in its stores to cover more casual apparel and apparel accessories than it has in the past.

In order to succeed a designer must work hard and have a natural artistic ability and sense of style. It is of no doubt that these designers keep improving with each collection. The fashion world has shown an endless appreciation of these items, and constantly gives us new variations on this theme. Because designs take on different creations and inspiration, no one design is like the other.

SLR Vs Mirrorless

SLR Vs Mirrorless

For many years, photographers have assumed that, when it comes to image quality, full frame camera beats a camera equipped with a smaller sensor, including DSLR half frame.

The reasons in support of this view are several, starting with the fact that the full frame camera sensors have larger pixels (or photosites). This means that a full frame sensor creates images with less noise and better image quality overall.

Photosites larger also means greater light captured: the full frame cameras able to photograph without the aid of artificial light sources, where all the others can not.

The full frame cameras usually have more megapixels: although this does not matter to most photographers (indeed, many turn up their nose at the more megapixels means smaller photosites), can be useful if the user needs to make prints large.

There are many targets to choose from, the zoom lenses to the fixed focal lengths. There are also many manufacturers can offer a range of solutions for all requirements, needs above all portfolios.

Legacy lenses can be used without problems: if you have a goal of your old 24mm film camera, you can use it exactly the same way on a full frame camera (electronics separately). A very interesting solution whereas there are lenses of excellent workmanship made (and commercially available) to the old analog. Obviously a lens analog can also be used on a camera with smaller sensor but this means “stretch” (because of the crop factor) the focal length of the same (in the case of Nikon, in 24 mm would become a 25 ├Ś 1.5 = 36mm).

A full frame present a lower depth of field at any aperture and focal length compared to what we would get with a focal length for an APS-C (the half frame). For example, a photo taken at f2.8 with a 85 mm lens on a full frame camera has less depth of field in a photograph taken with f2.8 lens and a 50mm on an APS-C. This is a huge advantage, especially if you want to create photo with bokeh.

Very often the full frame are made of the best materials and are bright. A full frame “survive” more than to maintain a good economic value over the years: try searching on the internet is not just brand new models and compare them with the prices of the current full frame, you will not notice the abysmal differences as in the case of APS-C that in Within a couple of years they amuse “throwaway”.

Liu Jo Shoes 2014-2015, The Fall Winter Collection

Liu Jo Shoes 2014-2015, The Fall Winter Collection

Liu Jo Shoes 2014-2015, the fall winter collection of Italian brand has a soul rock but always chic. Applications glam, high heels and ankle boots, must-have of the season, dominating the Liu Jo collection.

The Italian brand Liu Jo presents its new shoe collection for autumn winter 2014 – 2015, and the “rock chic mood is immediately apparent in every model. Prevail the typical dark colors of winter, such as black, brown, burgundy and beige, but there are surprises, like the touch gold present on some pieces and lights and glitter inserts that cover some models.

Boots with high leg, although present, give way to the ankle boot, must-have of the season model. Present both in biker style, low, with buckles and glam applications, which in high heels for a more sexy and feminine look, the ankle boot literally dominate the collection. The classic heels, cleavage and mary jane, certainly not lacking, but all have particular interpretations, beginning with light applications on fabrics and straps, very rock and little bon ton. The open toe models, for festive evenings to pair with right party dresses, have stiletto heels and the typical background of pumps, as well as presenting the already mentioned glam effects.

The sneakers, in this autumn-winter collection of Liu Jo, can certainly not be conventional. Touches of gold and animal applications out there, cutting patterns is masculine and aggressive, even here buckles and studs dominate. The oxford are enriched by particular applications, such as fringes and buckles. A completely original collection, that desired and created by the Liu Jo brand for Autumn Winter 2014 – 2015, a concentration of aggressive glam rock, but still chic, that will appeal to a lot of this style passionate.

Moncler began his collaboration with Leica, by signing the “Leica X Edition Moncler”, because coveted limited edition: there are only 1500 pieces. The silver camera, finished with a leather cover in three colors (white, red and blue, like the French flag, the country where the brand foundation), has a padded white case, to recall the famous brand duvets. The bag has a strap made of genuine leather coordinated with the inscription “Leica & Moncler” .The handbag, in pastel colors, can be used as normal micorbag ??by day, thanks to the long adjustable shoulder strap.Another major collaboration is one that sees work together Canon and fashion designer Stella McCartney

Tips on Building a Printing Business

Print business business will always be there as economic growth like percetakan di grogol. But there are many combinations of situations and conditions that arise when a person wants to start. Where to start? Want a direct investment to start a printing business? How big is the printing business world opportunity?

Many people who have the desire or desire to start entrepreneurship, but sometimes confused start. Starting from the lack of focus on the choice of business areas to be executed until the capital problem hit to start his business.

There are also temporary circles who just happen to have enough capital to finance the intention of his business, but also confused must choose what type of business to be worked on by it. Many conditions and combinations of situations that arise when a business opportunity already exist in the eyelid, but not quickly struck and utilized, one of which is the OPPORTUNITY STARTING BUSINESS PRINTING BUSINESS.

Do not hesitate to get started, consider TIPS Starting Business Printing Business in outline.

Have you occasionally happened to hear there are neighbors and even your closest relatives are planning a wedding / khitanan?

Try to approach and find out whether the Wedding Invitations / circumcision is already there who take care of it. Approach it personally and reassure him that you can help prepare the invitation until it becomes. It’s an opportunity!

Here is an example of more opportunities in RT / RW agency stewardship there must be many needs of printed materials. Maybe it was just a mere photocopian. Try to offer you to print to look better.

There is another opportunity to pay attention and make a list of forms in your office, there must be printed material. Try to find out how much you need. Find the best opportunity to approach who’s used to it. Do not immediately ask for an order. Investigate if he is merely ordering the printed material entirely to Printing or he runs it himself. If you just order to printing, try to offer that you can “help”. Of course with a little diplomacy.

If you are sensitive, look at wide and pairs of ears, actually around you many opportunities that can be made “obyekan”. But this little thing can be a BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES PRINTING & GRAPHIC DESIGN missed if you do not know or exactly do not dare to start it. If you get a chance, be it in the office, the community hanging out, the home environment or for your own needs – your chances are being asked and asked about WHERE I CAN PRINTING stuff like this? Take the chance! Do not look at the big orders.

This opportunity will not pass twice before you. But if you take this order, the second chance and so on will come to you by itself.

My advice, for the first stage, do not ever imagine you will soon get a big profit if you get the opportunity. It’s been given a trust to run the order they are already a miracle for you! If you do not need to make a profit first deh.

The main thing is people will soon know that you have a reliable expertise. Well, on the second chance and so on, then you start to calculate carefully what percentage of profit you must achieve from the next order2.

Have you ever been “asked for help” by your boss, friend or close relative? What is meant here please help of course that smelled “business”. If you are often “ordered” order something, or even you can leak from a chat that is not intentional, just say if you can do it. NEVER EVEN REJECT THE ORDER! Any order should never be rejected, let alone print order.

Although it is the first time you face a print order, just accept the order. No problem, if you do not understand the twists and turns of printing. Either that order has to be thrown back to the other party or you can work with someone else again, that’s another matter.

The important thing is that order must be, the price is reasonable and the order giver is satisfied. Thus there is a self-image, that you are a person who can be trusted to complete the order in question. Be smart to diplomate and convince your prospective customers, especially from your closest circle.
Begin your journey to get this prime order. The first and most expressing step without any risk of mistakes is that you can go to one of the PRINTs you believe in. Ask how price prints here and apply the difference in selling price to your customers.

This step is safe, but you will not get any knowledge from the person printing it. Boro-boro share knowledge, to reduce the profit margin alone is not even possible.

Well, if you want a little tired and can science, just go PAPER SHOP and ask for samples of paper / media that you bring to print. Ask how much paper prices last. Do not hesitate to ask. Ask anything about the printing production process. Let’s just say you are the most foolish person in the world at that time. Listen and listen to the information from the seller of the paper.

The paper shop is the least open party in explaining the stages of PRINTING PROCESSING PROCESS. But remember, they will not open their mouths before they are sure you will buy raw materials from them.

Just ask a little when it comes, ask again when the seller is writing the order note, and ask once again as you wait for the order items to be prepared. Then bring out your order. Wait another half hour. Then you can go back to the paper shop, pretend to buy again, wondering. Not bad, add a little science.

Printing production process will not be able to memorize your head as you can memorize your routine life cycle since waking up to sleep again tonight.

This stage will run smoothly by itself, as the process of maturing your business pursue this field. But, as a first step you can write in the diary work out how the scheme stages to be run starting from the stage

Accept order
Analyze the order
Print price calculation
Production component required
Production process
Quality controlling
After sales in the form of service / service is good

Want a direct investment to start a printing business? How much does it cost? DO NOT INVEST IT! Why is that ? Indeed, a non-investment business venture is a nonsense thing! If your finances happen to be enough to capitalize on this business, it should be postponed first for investing the tools of production work, especially that is quite a big siphon.

You better focus first look for order opportunities. From the orders you get, you can deepen your knowledge and experience about the technical production process. You may invest, but prioritize useful things to smoothen and multiply your networking as an order supplier, such as the procurement of communication tools (HP, tel or fax) and transportation (car or motor) that looks somewhat worthy of your client’s eyes. Prioritize utility function not only for the sake of prestige solely in terms of investment of these goods.

If your networking is already wide enough and orders accumulate, then you can start investing production tools, such as HR, Computers, Printing Machines, Paper Cut Machine, Building rental / shop business place, Better yet, before making such expensive investments, try to arrange a more realistic work program for five years into the future.

Make a financial casflow that depicts your capital flow projections for that period. For the first year you start a business with a big investment, do not ever expect you to achieve big profits, maybe losses will be obtained! Especially the first 3 – 6 months, do not despair to see numbers on your books always minus because it always sucked for operational costs.

But here is the test. Your mental as an Entrepreneur will be forged by this situation.

How to Start a Printing Business
So think twice a thousand times three, to fulfill your desire to invest in costly production tools – even if you feel you can – and will not be poor if you go bankrupt. There is no prohibition for investment, but think positive.

Banner Design Tips Cool For Promotion

One of the most effective and interesting promotional tools that you can use is banners. There are two types of banners are generally the choice of many people, namely roll up banner and cetak x banner jakarta. What kind of banner you use, the more important is how you design the banner to make it look interesting. Here are seven banner design tips from us:

1. The position of the logo is at the top
To be effective, position the logo at the top of the banner because the top position is a position parallel to the human eye in general. The top part of the banner is the part that has the most chance to attract the attention of many people. So make sure you position the most important things in your campaign at the very top of the banner.

2. Writing should not be too much
Do not put too much writing in a banner. Banners will look very solid, and people will be reluctant to read them. Quite short, solid, clear and informative.

3. Use words that can make people turn

The next banner design tips you can do so that all eyes look at your banner is by using words that make people turn. Those words can be intriguing, so they will come to your place.

4. Make sure that the images are of high quality
If you decide to insert an image into the banner, especially if the image is a picture of the product it sells, the image needs to be of high quality. Do not let images look blurry or damaged on banners, as they may deprive interested visitors.

Remember that you want to attract the attention of the image so that the visitor wants to buy your product. Choose the best and most interesting images you have.

5. Color selection pay attention
Choosing the right colors can make your banner stand out in the crowd. Some colors that can attract the attention of people who are yellow, red, orange. But of course you can not choose arbitrary colors. Colors should be designed according to the color of the company’s identity logo and company.

You also need to consider the effect of the background colors on the images and posts that are included in the banner.

6. Pay attention to material selection
Material selection is also one of the banner design tips that you need to pay attention to. Before you choose the material, make sure you already know where you want to install or put the banner, because not all banner material suitable to be applied in all places.

Albatross materials, for example, are more suitable for indoor banners, while flexi materials are better suited for outdoor banners.

7. Do not forget contact details
One last thing you need to remember and must have in a banner is the contact details of the company. Contact details are very important, especially if at a promotional event you can not talk to every visitor who comes, so if there are visitors who are interested in your product and want to know more, they can record the contact details listed on the banner and then contact your company.

Easy Nail Care Tips

For most women have a beautiful hand nail is a pride of its own. Moreover, the nail is a strong nail and not easily broken. Having beautiful, strong, and beautiful nails will reflect the personality of the owner. If the nails appear dirty and unkempt will give a dirty impression and judged as people who are not clean and pay less attention to appearance. Surely you do not want to be the type of person is not it?

In order to have the dream nails is certainly not obtained just like that. There are special efforts and treatments that must be given. Easy and instant ways that can be taken is to go to the salon routine to do nail care. Of course it can be done if you have lots of free time of course you also have to provide a special budget.

Then how the fate of those who do not have so much free time and minimal budget? Do they have to expel their dream of having beautiful nails ?. Of course not, there are still some other ways to go without having to spend a lot of budgets.

Alternative way is to do own treatment at home using natural ingredients. So you no longer need to pursue kesalon and you can also allocate funds kesalon for other purposes. Curious ?, mautau ?, or is it really so? Hehehe, please see more below:
How to Take Care of Hand Nails

Treatment from the outside to nail strong and not easily broken

Want to have beautiful long nails but fail to keep up because nails break easily ?. Then there are some things that can be done is to provide care using Olive oil. The content of the oil zaiitun able to make nails so strong and not easily broken.
The trick is to apply olive oil on the nail and then let stand for at least 15 minutes until the oil is absorbed by the skin. Do this every 2 days on a regular basis until the nails appear thicker and sturdier.
So that nails are not easily broken with treatment from within

After doing the treatment of the first step but the nail is still fragile and easily broken. It could be caused by nail lack of vitamin B suply especially B5. The solution can consume vitamin capsules that contain vitamin B5 that can be purchased at the nearest pharmacy.
Doing Manicure

Manikure does not have to be done in the salon, you can do this treatment yourself at home. Provided you prepare some supportive purposes.
Tools to be prepared:

1. Hot water and cold water
2. 2 pieces of medium size basin
3. Nail clippers
4. Cuticle scissors
5. Nail Tool
6. Towels
7. Liquid soap, choose a soft felt skin
8. Nail polish, the color you want
9. Nail polish
10. Fine pumice / fine brick
11. Smooth brush
Material :

1. Olive oil (especially for body care)
2. Salt as needed
3. Lemon 3 slices

1. If your nails have been stained before it is advisable to remove the nail polish first with a special liquid color remover nails like nail polish.
2. Then take the piece of lemon and rub and rub on the nail approximately 5 – 10 minutes.
3. In a basin containing hot / hot water input of salt, liquid soap, lemon slice and olive oil.
4. Soak your hands for approximately 15 – 20 minutes, after that can also for the feet.
Take a towel then clean your hands and feet.
6. Nail clippers then shape to your liking while filed. Afterwards also provide a cuticle with a special cuticle scissors that have been prepared earlier.
7. While the foot is immersed, soak your hands in a basin of cold water.
8. Afterwards rub dead skin cells on feet using pumice until the dead cells are released. Then rub by hand until all the dirt is gone.
9. Dry the nails while giving massage of the fingers of the hand and the legs for the blood flow smoothly. So the vitamin supply is also smooth and the nails are not easily broken.
So some ways to treat your nails that you can do yourself at home without having to go kesalon. But if you have excess money then there is no harm in occasionally pamper yourself kesalon to get maximum results. At least 4 months once you can take care of your nails to the salon. Hopefully useful, and do not forget if this article you feel useful then do not hesitate to share to your friends.

Best Cheap Smartphones 2016 Moto X Play

Best Cheap Smartphones 2016 Moto X Play

cost smartphone

Moto X Play stands out so much for his sublime camera resolution 21 Megapixels to a sublime detail and photos noteworthy in good lighting conditions (5 megapixel for the front). We signal the presence of a good optical stabilizer to shoot always very clear photos even in the hands of beginners, and a dual two-tone LED flash that greatly reduces noise in low light. High performance is also the display from 5.5-inch diagonal full HD resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels, with a high brightness and IPS technology that goes to improve visibility under all lighting conditions.

In the hardware sector it is an octa-core Snapdragon processor 615 1.7 GHz maximum, 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage expandable via micro SD We are pleased with the speed and useful features of the software sector (gesture, automated controls, ability to control it with your voice, and more), which allow very comfortable making the user experience. Excellent finally autonomy from the 3630 mAh battery that always exceeds your day with each use. If you do not use a very big but still busy, this terminal will ensure you also have two days of autonomy, making it one of the best budget smartphone in this sector. If you like the autonomy and the pictures we recommend to take a look at the price of this device, which now you can buy really doing a great deal compared to other smartphones in these areas among the competition.

PRO Functional Software, faithfully and bright screen, decent pictures, prominent autonomy

AGAINST Design not too compact

2016 best cheap smartphones Asus Zenfone 2

cost smartphone

Asus Zenfone 2 is considered by many the best smartphone for value for money. Its main advantage is a big hardware industry. We have a quad-core Intel Atom Z3580 2.3 GHz, a 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of expandable internal storage. For this price range, these components guarantee the top notch performance. RAM allows you to use this device with a multi tasking permanent and substantial (not listen to anyone who says that they are poorly managed GB).

In addition we also have a great speed in performing all operations. Plus we have a full of interesting software features to discover, including the ability to resize the display at will to use it better, a super customizable interface and a functional ultra browser. Excellent also the yield of the 5.5-inch IPS screen that displays images with Full HD resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels and colors with excellent temperature and customizable. No disappointment even with the 13-megapixel camera with dual two-tone LED flash, which detailed photos, good color rendering and little noise even in low light.

Lots and innovative are the functionality of the camera app to improve the shots indeed there is also one that allows you to capture pictures at a resolution of 53 megapixels. The 3000 mAh battery if not used particularly intensively manage to bring you up to bed and you will also sing a lullaby, you just have to be careful not to stress too much the smartphone. Finally we can only dwell as already mentioned on the price, because it is a miracle that this device has been among economic smartphones for the last year. We consider it one of the very few true almost top range that you can find with this expense.

PRO Stellar Hardware, value for money at the top, quality screen, acceptable camera

AGAINST Design a little ‘from frying pan