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Guide To The Measurement Of Exposure in The Optical Viewfinder

Guide To The Measurement Of Exposure in The Optical Viewfinder

When you approach photography, especially with a SLR, one of the things most difficult to handle it is the exposure. Many beginners (and not only) before taking a photo, keep it, then playing with the settings, click the second picture, evaluate the results and so on. A method to attempts made possible by the advent of digital, but definitely not stylish, not at all precise and fast. Knowing the exposure, as we saw in a previous article, it is essential to get good pictures, but even more important is to understand how the measurement of exposure in the optical viewfinder.
Exposure The Basics

As already explained previously in the article concerning the exposure (even here), this refers generically to the amount of light reaching the camera’s sensor More light gets, the brighter the resulting image. Conversely, the less light reaches the sensor, the lower the brightness of the image.

The amount of light hitting the sensor is a function of shutter speed and aperture. Shutter speed is measured in fractions of a second (1125, 150, etc.) and it is time that the shutter is open for passing light.

Since the number is a fraction, the lower the denominator, the longer the exposure time. For example, 1200 of a second is a much shorter amount of 110 of a second. As a result, a shutter speed of 1200 of a second will leave in a lot less light and produce images much darker than a shutter speed of 110 second. Also note that the longer the exposure, the moving objects will become blurry.

The aperture setting controls the amount of light reaching the sensor by varying the size of the opening through which the light passes. This is expressed in terms of the focal length (f  x). The lower the number associated with the denominator of the focal length, the larger the size of the hole, which means more light enters the camera and therefore a bright image.

I also remember that the small denominator indicates a small focal length and a shallow depth of field. This means that the area of the image that is in focus is quite large with f  11 but with small f  3 or lower.
Exposure in the optical viewfinder ISO

The ISO setting also affects the brightness of the image in combination with the quality. Without going into the complexity of the electronic sensor of the camera (I refer you to Article relative), suffice it to say that the higher the ISO value, the brighter the resulting image. Unfortunately, with increasing ISO also increases the chromatic noise, which dramatically reduces the quality of the picture.

New Startup Ideas That Set The Trends The Company Was Founded For Fans Of Knitting

New Startup Ideas That Set The Trends The Company Was Founded For Fans Of Knitting

New business ideas? Here is to create a company of avid sferruzzatori: spoke Millionaire.

Businesses stratup -a say many experts- are the real future of business and the modern business. New and bold ideas, format to be played with the franchise or innovative ideas from the web, are giving shape to what can be called the new business landscape of our country.

We have repeatedly addressed the issue of new, entrepreneurial ideas and Funding Requests, also interviewing young entrepreneurs that their passion and know-how they did business. Today, we speak of a start-up innovative idea and that we especially loved: a social for knitting and crochet enthusiasts.

The sferruzzatori, is sure to know that the world of blogging is “aggomitola, we should say, around this incredible passion. Daily exchange of pictures, knitting, crochet patterns and so on and so forth …

For another, it is not easy to find information web that are really useful and original despite the demand for materials is really high.

Here, then, it is born a social network dedicated and done, at the same time, from them, the Knitting and crochet addicted the web.
Funds, revenues, budgets, expenditures and so on. all to be found. But where?

Simple: in the research and hard work of its founders who, each with its own specialty, are creating new paths to explore. Obviously, sponsors, donors, funding for start-ups and so on are welcome !!
What are the chances of success of this enterprise?

Often, many of these creative impulses and are not financial “format already tested” are based on intuition rather, testing and courageous activities that have more the flavor of adventure, that’s convenient travel in first class.

And here’s what he said to Maria Cristina Pizzato Millionaire, one of the creators:

“The idea is to bring together a community of enthusiasts knitting in all its forms. A place to share ideas, information, seek advice and assistance, but also to do business. ”

For now, this is what we say but, on the other hand, only about fifteen years ago, anyone could have predicted that Facebook would become the most important business of our time?

The race has just finished: second place! A resounding defeat, especially Andrea, the team principal of the team.

The call from the boss was immediate and it is anything but pleasant: nothing washes head, however, only requests for solutions, immediate and definitive

Calzedonia 2015 Spring Summer Collection

Calzedonia 2015 Spring Summer Collection

Calzedonia 2015, the new Spring Summer 2015 collection has already arrived, and it is a line with a variety of socks and leggings unprecedented. Find out together.

Calzedonia presents the new collection of socks and basic items for spring summer 2015. A fresh line that straddles many of the new fashion trends that soon will invade our wardrobe. A breath of spring air even for Calzedonia, the famous brand the socks that every season gives us lines increasingly rich in leggings and jeggings. They range from denim version to the printed pants, with many also ideal solutions for curvy or those who want to show a sit high and firm.

All that you need to make your style glam, in short, can be found by Calzedonia, from leather pants to the bon ton tights, without neglecting the needs of the most enterprising women always looking fashionable last gem. Let’s start with leggings that for some years are the highlight of the brand flower. Among the classics stand out as usual push-up models, which emphasize the curves, and let’s face it, there are even seem firmer thanks to the effect shaping. Even the most ordinary leggings are enriched with lace embroidery, geometric prints and abstract patterns creating contrasts between fabrics and colors that do not go unnoticed.

Space to the jeggins denim effect fabric in a wide range of colors and washes, but some of them plain or quilted, in short there is plenty of choice and you can do is choose between a couple of leggings or a sock tattoo effect combined with a sheath dress. A small preview of the new collection Calzedonia find it in our suitable for the beach, appetizers by the pool and leisure in the city; in the latter case, it will be a perfect look for shopping or a walk only if you respect the correct use of accessories that do not recall too the marine environment.

Loafers and suits

A suit is made less formal when paired with a pair of moccasins; choose a suit in pastel tones and moccasins from the classic color, like caramel.

Fashion 90s, grunge style made of leggings, socks with holes in them, amphibians and oversized sweaters is coming back, with the addition of some newer and modern details. If you are still in the closet old wool sweaters, wide, long and a little ‘casseroles, take them out! Of course, to make the current fashion and the sweater Grandma some additions to the outfit, starting with the right accessories are needed.

Smartphone Fell Into The Water Here’s What To Do!

Smartphone Fell Into The Water Here’s What To Do!

Smartphones and tablets today are very delicate, already with regard to their design and their aesthetic. It is not easy to be damaged after scratches, bumps and falls, and now it has become almost essential to preserve the quality of construction, purchase smartphone accessories like covers and cases. And the same goes for now Full HD display and Quad HD, that despite the Gorilla Glass protection still need protective films. If we do not talk about the phones fall into the water being composed of electronic circuits and parts such as the hardware components (processor, video card, RAM and above the battery especially models made of metal with a non-removable battery) is a great trouble and you do not know what to do. The H2O would enter inside the body hurting all over, including the SIM card and micro SD, and could make irrecoverable all data inside the phone photos, videos, music files, documents, the Play Store apps, saved passwords and much more. Unless of course you have not a waterproof smartphone, or with a certification (IP57, IP58, etc.) that makes it resistant to water, as some models of the Sony Xperia and Samsung Galaxy range. But more about that later.

Many, as soon as you are faced with a smart phone fell into the water, it’s a puddle, the sea, the pool or the toilet does not know what to do, and after a little hopping all sorts of this magnitude and not in nature, resign and throw him wet smartphone, ready to spend hundreds of euro to buy another Ready now to choose between Apple’s iPhone, Huawei, HTC, LG and many others, they do not know that maybe they are not obliged to cut back their salary or that of their parents, because the phone fell into the water may still be recoverable. That’s right, you who are reading this article, your phone is not even a brick to be sold as spare parts. Chemistry and the great scientists like Einstein taught us that in the universe nothing is lost, everything is transformed. And that goes for our Android smartphones, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows Mobile 10 who do not own a waterproof certification. They can be recovered if they are followed of simple but accurate maneuvers that allow to dry the entire device. It can work even if the smartphone apparently fell into the water no longer lights. The trick is understanding what to do and be ready to rescue the phone in water as quickly as possible.

Pharmaceutical Care Acne Treatment

Pharmaceutical Care Acne Treatment

GD Usenko, IA Zupanets, NV Bezditko specialized dermatological clinic of the Central Hospital of the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine, Ukrainian National Academy of Pharmacy

Acne vulgaris (acne) are found in 80% of the population in the second and third decade of life and more than 90% of adolescents. Clinically significant and require acne treatment affect about 20-25% of the population aged between 12 and 25 years. For the age group of 17 years, the incidence of facial acne is 86.1%. Severe cystic acne occurs in 5 per 1,000 inhabitants aged 18-31 years. Boys are more common and more severe acne than in girls.

The prevalence of severe acne in males than females increases with age.

Although acne is not a serious threat to life or disability of the patient, a cosmetic defect has on many people, especially teenagers, a depressing effect, it contributes to the development of depression, reduces the quality of life.

If you have acne, most of the patients are treated or start the treatment by own account, which makes it particularly relevant pharmaceutical care when using drugs for the treatment of acne.

Acne (acne)

Acne vulgaris – a chronic inflammatory disease of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles, is more common in teens and people of reproductive age.

Recently, instead of the term “common acne” introduced the term “acne”, which underlines the fact that as a teenager the appearance of acne reflects the change of the whole body, and not a local defect in the skin.

The main factors that are important in the genesis and development of acne:

Genetic predisposition – the number, the size of the sebaceous glands and their sensitivity to the level of androgens (male sex hormones);

increased secretion of androgens during puberty, which promotes the overproduction of sebum;
Activities activation flora saprophytes sebaceous follicles (Propionibacterium acne);
the development of inflammatory reactions in the region of the hair follicle on the background hydrolysis of sebum and multiplication therein P. acnes;

follicular hyperkeratosis (excessive growth of the epithelial cells of the hair follicle, leading to a blockade of the epithelial cells of the sebaceous gland horny scales).

Factors contributing to the formation of acne:

hormonal changes in the body during puberty (increase the level of male sex hormones);

Hormonal changes in women during the premenstrual period (sometimes – during pregnancy);
mechanical factors: habit hand propping his chin, keep your chin up the phone, wearing hats and tight collared shirts buttoned tight, which leads to excessive sweating;

Extravagant Handbags, The Most Original Proposals From The Catwalk

Extravagant Handbags, The Most Original Proposals From The Catwalk

extravagant handbags, the most beautiful and original proposals spotted on the catwalks. From bags that rely on innovative designs to the inspirations that come from other areas and markets, these are the most glamorous accessories of 2015.

The more strange as they are beautiful. Often they look unlikely, other times they take inspiration from totally unrelated worlds fashionable contexts in recent years tend to bond more and more, building a bridge between totally different market segments but obviously share that inspiration that points to the renewal and innovation.

And so are the collections of clothing and accessories are made very extravagant and unexpected. Some examples From these odd mingling between worlds, genres and styles, often born collections that really make a difference, and they certainly do not go unnoticed. One in all, just to name a few, is the line of bags and accessories that marked the debut of Jeremy Scott Moschino a line inspired by the world of food, and in particular the fast-food, with shoulder bags in the shape of glasses Coca-Cola, collections of chips, and even the friendly Happy Meal

Always one step ahead of the others also Charlotte Olympia that never fails to leave us open-mouthed with its attractive design accessories, playing with the transparency of the materials used, while Saint Laurent surprises us with a bag in sequins that actually looks like a gun with shoulder strap. Even Stella McCartney leaves infected by this playful trend proposing the accessory that are not the usual McCartney.

Returning to the theme of food, which this year has definitely inspired many designers, we can not let ourselves be conquered by Chanel creations that inspired the new collection of accessories at the supermarket world, so they literally paraded on the catwalk bags that looked like baskets of spending and packaged foods. Same perspective for Anya Hindmarch that transforms her bags in cereal boxes with very characteristic illustrations.

Do not miss the most beautiful and extravagant purses of 2015 in our gallery, you will literally struck by the creativity of stylists and designers.

If you prefer a more ladylike and feminine style, then you can opt for a sweater in pastel tones and a pleated skirt, always in delicate shades. To the notes of color, the spring shades like hot pink and emerald green are perfect and very suitable for classic cut sweaters

Harassed By The IRS 21 Million Italians Have Debts With Equitalia

Harassed By The IRS 21 Million Italians Have Debts With Equitalia

The overall result of collection in the biennium 2015-2016 by Equitalia stood at almost € 17 billion (16,996,200,000 Euros). A an INCREASE results over the figures posted in the previous biennium (2013-2014), Which Was equal to about 14.5 billion euro (14.5447 billion euro) with a positive difference of Approximately EUR 2.5 billion (+ 16.85%). The final balance is is brought back as part of the year 2016 shows an Increase of 9.75% of recoveries for the roles entrusted by the Inland Revenue, arrive at 4.6684 billion euro in 2016, just under 16% More than the previous two years and an Increase of 22.5% of recoveries for loads entrusted by INPS. This was said at the public collection company, Ernesto Maria Ruffini, a hearing in the House Finance Committee.

Equitalia, here are the figures

‘From 1 October to date, the receipts to the Exchequer Increased sostanzialmente in the period 2000-2005 private concessionaires had grossed on average each year about 2.9 billion euro; Equitalia with the figure rose to 7.8 billion euro. In 2016 the collection is, However, Further Increased, surpassing the 8.7 billion euro, with an INCREASE in percentage terms Compared to 2015, of 17.6 percent, said Ruffini on the fight against tax evasion. As for the number of people with slopes, Ruffini Explained that to date there are about 21 million taxpayers who are found to have debts in various ways with more than 8 thousand Creditors institutions’ that exerts Equitalia collection. The 53% accumulated slopes That do not Exceed 1,000 Euros, then stated.

Arriving the deadline for the annual spesometro 2017. On 10 April, it is the deadline for monthly VAT payers, while the quarterly will have another 10 days, until April 20. Within these two dates shall be communicated to the annual spesometro relative to fiscal year 2016.
Spesometro 2017, here is how it works

According to remember the Revenue Agency on its portal, here are the main things to keep in mind for all stakeholders.

Who VAT taxable persons carrying out the monthly settlement for the purpose of Tax on added value.

What communication of the supply of goods or performance of services rendered and received in 2016. Only for the supply of goods or performance of services rendered and received in 2016 for which there is the obligation to issue the invoice, Telematics must it is carried out where the operation unit amount is equal to or greater than 3,600.00 Euros, gross VAT. But beware, warns the Agency, this notice has been suppressed by D.L. n. 193 of 2016 starting from the transactions carried out since 1 January 2017.

Mansur Gavriel The Bucket Bag That Crazy About The Vip

Mansur Gavriel The Bucket Bag That Crazy About The Vip

D Kirsten Dunst Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosio Busy Philipps all crazy for the Mansur Gavriel, bag-shaped bucket, simple, elegant and high quality of processed leather in Italy, which features all the brand’s handbags.
Conceived in 2012 by designer Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel, the first collection went on sale in June 2013. Prices starting from € 425, a decidedly affordable fees when compared with those of other IT bag in circulation. Each reassortment, the magical bucket is always sold out in record time, a sign that the accessory is particularly appreciated by the fashionista audience.

X Factor 2014 all the looks of Victoria Cabello

ictoria Cabello, sworn eighth edition of X Factor, will certainly not be an expert on the music of his colleagues Morgan, Fedez and Mika. But, as far as style, it is unrivaled. Always bet on sophisticated outfits and sexy, who remain faithful to the rules of bon-ton.

Always critical of herself with regard to its physical (repeatedly stressed he had boobs), Vicky never disappoints when it comes to originality in the way they dress. Here is a gallery showing some clothes worn during the episodes.

Vivienne Westwood, bizarre street style looks like a homeless

bizarre and multicolor look for British designer Vivienne Westwood, 73, to the point that it could almost be mistaken for a homeless. Probably it is a put griffatissima, the fact is that while walking down the streets of the City Westwood opts for an eccentric outfits with big Scottish knitted zip, Turkish trousers sweatshirt, hat in gray wool scarf and beige.
The photos were published in the journal Who, describing the designer as a luxury Homeless.

Camel, the color trend more autumn 2014

Camel, the color trend more autumn 2014. It brings so mixed or matched with a contrasting effect in garments and accessories. And ‘gentle, natural, warm, hardly inappropriate. Elegant top coat version neck or attached to life, even better when paired with heeled shoes and bag the same color. But even with the black is very chic.

Kim Kardashian loves and chooses for its iconic longuette that showcase his explosive curves. Jennifer Lopez it prefers in its powdery version. Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss have opened with the advertising campaign of the perfume MyBurberry, in which both are wearing a beige raincoat tending to camel.

The Best Mouse Pads SteelSeries QcK Surface

The Best Mouse Pads SteelSeries QcK Surface

The most important advantage of this mat is that its coating guarantees nothing short of perfect fluidity in the movement of the mouse. And at the same time it has a great price-quality ratio, although it is also a suitable pad for gaming at good levels. It ‘made of fabric on top, while on the lower one has an anti-slip material. Finally, we point out the great reliability of the SteelSeries brand that veteran in the industry.

Editor’s Choice – Best mousepads Logitech G240

Logitech is one of the best brands in absolute devices, and this mat is excelled both at work and in gaming. Its fabric covering is constructed so as to give a great fluidity and accuracy with any DPI level, and the control is therefore great The mat also ensures very little friction, and also presents a part of the underlying anti-slip. E ‘then very large, and then from the maximum freedom to move the mouse even for long distances. For its balanced price we recommend this model especially.

The best mouse pads CM Storm Speed ??RX

Here is a mat of another very famous brand in the achievements for PC components and peripherals. This mat is a great friend of optical mice because it is made with nanofibers forming a very handsome synthetic fabric for speed and accuracy. The friction and the resistance to movement is virtually nonexistent it will seem as if your mouse is walking on the oil. Usually the mouse create dirt, but this pad has a coating that retains it not. Finally it is also non-slip.

The best mouse pads Razer Goliathus Medium Control

This mat made from what is considered by many the best brand of gaming peripherals, has received very positive feedback from users. It has a very attractive design that would surely love to gamer, but at the same time has a coating that preserves the fluidity, control, precision and speed at the same time. He has a non-slip bottom, and is among those that fit more with every type of mouse and user who uses them.

The best mouse pads Razer Vespula

Finally we have the absolute top of the range between the mouse pads, able to satisfy any need thanks to its highly articulated build quality. It has two sides of use the first, called Speed, extremely facilitates the speed and fluidity of movement.

The Heroes Of The Olive Trees A Human Shield Against The Construction Of The Pipeline TAP

The Heroes Of The Olive Trees A Human Shield Against The Construction Of The Pipeline TAP

It seems like yesterday that we were talking about saving the trees from xyllela today are saved by the pipeline. It happens once in Puglia, where the protest committee act as a human shield to bulldozers.

Over 200 protesters to save 200 trees, for the second consecutive day take to the streets to say no to the construction of the TAP gas pipeline, which will cross several countries and will transport natural gas from the Balkans to Italy across the Adriatic Sea.

Monday would have to begin the initial work in the municipality of Melendugno in the province of Lecce, but several groups have blocked the bulldozers to save the removal of about 200 olive trees (to be replanted once the pipeline is complete).

Vain attempts of the police to open the road closed by protesters. From the citizens, the governor Emiliano considering the Tap as ‘illegal work’, while stressing that it has no power to intervene because the Italian government had given the green light to the construction, considered strategic for the economy.

The battle to save the olive trees clearly fits in the battle against the pipeline, yet another disturbing element in an area that thrives on agriculture.

According to the mayors of the areas where the eco monster should arise, the corporation does not have the necessary permissions. In particular, the Mayor of Melendugno signed two acts in which warning for lack of environmental impact assessment.

The current situation is blocked because although the governor Emiliano say that the same movement of Olives is illegitimate, even argues that the region does not have the tools to stop the works.

Currently the company has ordered a halt to 24 hours waiting for a compromise with the protesters that will be the voice of the Prefect of Lecce, but the situation has yet to be determined.

What is the Tap

The Tap will pass through Greece, Albania, Italy ‘s Adriatic Sea and the Caspian Sea, a total of 870 kilometers. Do not forget, however, that the Environment Ministry has given the green light to the project and the same prosecutor in Lecce has closed the investigation of alleged irregularities.

Among the protesters, a reader, who writes

The Tap identified as a landing a coastal area (Marina of San Foca – Melendugno) always blue flag with a strong tourist attraction as well as agricultural vocation. From here, you have followed clearance denied and negative opinions by the territorially competent authorities (municipalities and Region) reformulated projects by the company without the necessary authorizations, ignored by the ministry, considering the work of national strategic importance, however, he granted the go free.