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Benefits of Green Coconut Fruits

Prevents dehydration

The first benefit is to prevent dehydration. The similarity of green coconut water with our body fluids, making this green coconut water can be easily absorbed by the need at once to quickly replace lost body fluids. Coconut water can maintain body fluids and potassium levels that help maintain water pressure in cells and blood. Electrolytes in green coconut water are also needed for proper muscle contraction and produce energy. Potassium content in coconut water can also prevent hypertension.

Lowering Blood Pressure

The second benefit is to lower blood pressure, especially in pregnant women. Usually a pregnant mother has a sensitive immune system that must always pay attention to his health. The main thing most often experienced by pregnant women is the unstable blood pressure. But for you who are pregnant do not worry, because this can be overcome with green coconut. The content of existing substances in green coconut is very good to regulate blood pressure so more stable so for pregnant women who consume green coconut is also smaller kemungkinanya for high blood pressure.

Nourish the heart

The third benefit is to be heart healthy. Scientists have proven that green coconut water is great for maintaining our heart health because green coconut water is good for raising good cholesterol in your body, green young coconut water is also able to prevent the formation of plaques inside the blood vessels that can increase the risk of occurrence heart disease.

Helps Ward off Free Radicals

The next benefit is to help ward off free radicals. Why is that? Coconut water turns out to contain high antioxidants that can help your body fight the adverse effects of free radicals. Try to choose pure coconut water directly from the fruit to get more benefits, try to avoid some coconut processed products that may have been mixed by chemicals that can reduce the benefits of coconut water.

Maintain the digestive system

Furthermore, one of the benefits of green coconut is to maintain the digestive system. For those of you who have difficulty in the digestive system such as constipation, then you can try green coconut water as a medicine. The content of green coconut water that can decompose toxins in the body can also decompose the garbage or dirt contained in the body and issued through a bowel movement.

Stabilize cholesterol levels

Already we know together that coconut water is rich in mineral content and one of them is potassium. Potassium is known to keep cholesterol levels. Therefore do not be surprised if the coconut water touted as one of the cholesterol prevention drink.

Lose weight

The next benefit is to lose weight. So for those of you who want to lose weight or diet, consume green coconut water. Why is that? Green coconut water can increase your body metabolism, so with the increase in body metabolism will be stored in the body fat becomes too little. Green coconut water has a very low content of fat, sugar, and calories.

Most people will consume weight loss medicines which some have harmful side effects if consumed in excess. In addition, the price of drugs is not cheap. Therefore, instead of spending a fortune to lose weight, it is better to consume this green coconut water regularly. Using green coconut water as a weight loss drug does not cause side effects.

How To Treat Uncultivated Appendicitis

Leaves Sambiloto

The first natural way is to use a bitter leaf. Easy way is by:

Take 20 pieces of samabiloto leaves
Pound and squeeze for water
Drinking the juice immediately drained out once
Repeat daily until healed.

The Krokot Plant (Portulaca Oleracea L)

The second way is to use purslane plants. The trick is:

Take purslane plant
Pound and squeeze the water to one cup
Drink once a cup
Do it every morning and afternoon until healed.

Yellow and Lime

The next way is to use turmeric and lime. Here is how to process it:

Scrub turmeric and grab water
Squeeze the lime and grab the water as well
Camel lime juice and turmeric with brown sugar and salt
Brewed with hot water
Drink this concoction 2 times a day.


Next is to use noni fruit. The trick is:

Clean Noni fruit until clean
Grate and wring it out
Combine mengkudu water with honey
Drink this concoction 2 times a day.


Next is to use turmeric. The trick is very easy, namely:

Take 2 segments of turmeric
Clean and grate
Squeeze and grab the water and can also be added with sugar
Drink this juice 3 times a day.

Balimoa Leaf

The last way is to leaf balimoa. How to process it is:

Take 15-20 grams of balimoa leaves
mix balimoa leaves with hot water
Tambhkan with brown sugar and tamarind
Drink this concoction 2 times a day.

Tips for preventing appendicitis

Consumption of fibrous foods

The first tip is to eat fibrous foods. Foods that contain high fiber is very good to help digestion so as not to clog. Not only that fibrous food also contains vitamins that are very good for the health of the body

But remember, do not also too much or excessively consume fibrous foods. It can lead to accumulation of the intestine which will be the cause of hemorrhoid disease and also the appendix.

Do not hold your bowels

The second tip is never to hold your bowels. Habits like to hold a bowel movement will make the buildup in the intestine and make the intestine becomes swollen. In addition, the fases will also harden when holding bowel movements for long periods of time.

A lot of water consumption

The last tip is do not forget to always consume water. As we all know, that white water has many benefits for the health of our body. Water can also digestion. Therefore rajinlah consume water so that it can facilitate digestion

How to Effectively Menstruation

There are several ways that can be done to safe menstruation, namely:

Many rest

Increasing the hormone cortisol at the time of stress can  levels of the hormone estrogen and progesterone of the body that can cause changes in the menstrual cycle so that menstruation becomes not smooth. By doing enough rest then the hormones in the body will be maintained and remain in balance

Regular exercise

The second is to do light exercise that is easy to do by us. Building a good exercise routine to maintain a healthy body, in addition to the right sports can launch irregular menstruation. Many sports that are useful for menstrual smoothness are like yoga, walking and jogging.

Consumption of menstrual smooth food

Unsuccessful menstruation is also caused by a strict diet therefore for menstruating menstruation is important to be able to meet the intake of nutrients, nutrients and vitamins that are needed by the body plus eating the following ingredients:

Acid Food: the acidic food presented here is tamarind, either in the form of drinks or candy, besides that Javanese acid is also known to help thin the menstrual blood that clumps so that it becomes smooth.

Fruits: If your menstruation is late it is advisable to multiply consuming fresh fruits. For example pineapple and papaya that can have a content that can relax muscles that can help expedite menstrual blood expenditure.

Green vegetables: Green vegetables contain lots of nutrients and vitamins and iron that can help launch menstrual cycle.

Nuts: Nuts in it contain lots of good fats and omega 3 which can also help launch menstruation.

Healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle will help you get good health, tarmasuk also can reduce the problem you are facing at this time.

For that, avoid smoking, reduce caffeine, avoid alcohol and others that can make your life unhealthy.

Consumption of traditional herbal medicine

Turmeric since ancient times has been known to have efficacy as antiseptic and natural antibacterial. Consumption of turmeric during menstruation can also facilitate menstruation. Tamarind herbs for menstruation can be made using 2 turmeric rhizomes, half a spoon of coriander, half a moon of nutmeg and half handful of srigading leaves boiled in one liter of water until medidih, then filtered. Herbal turmeric is recommended to be consumed at least once a day during menstruation for menstruation to be smooth

Comfortable outfit

Comfortable outfits will help in performing daily activities, especially when menstruation choose a comfortable underwear with the appropriate size and made of materials that can easily absorb sweat. Underwear that will help relieve pain symptoms during irregular menstruation.

Tips on How to Clean Anti-Stick Cookware

The nonstick pan is one of the world’s best kitchen utensils. With these pans or pans, cooking becomes easier. Once again also skillet and different cooking utensils that have anti-sticky label indeed intend to create to produce a healthier food, because meaningful reduce the amount of oil used. It also saves time to clean and clean.

anti stick cookware

With all the advantages it has, it is also important to protect the pan and sticky pans so they can be preserved to last for a long time.

If in basic pot or pan there is a black crust, use citrun to clean it.

The steps:

Cook the water that has been given citrun and soak it with the kitchen tool is charred. Then, wipe with soap as usual, to remove the black crust, until the cooker will also be clean again.

Beyond that there are many routines that need to be shunned with your non stick pan or pan:

Do not cut meat, vegetables or other ingredients in pots or pans with a metal blade, because it will also cause scratches on the surface. Although the scratches are only a few, but still can make the pot or pan is rusty.

Use rubber or silicon spatula to grab food from pots or pans to avoid scratching.

Significant changes in water temperature, for example, a pan in hot conditions immediately splashed cold water can result in damage to the shape of the structure, until it can not be used once again for cooking. After use, it’s good to have the frying pan really cold before being dipped in water to wash.

Coir clean the plates are usually hard enough to clean all non-sticky fixtures. Causes nonstick cookware to become damaged. It is best to wipe with your hands and wipe them dry. Make sure it has been completely dried previously stored.

Almost all nonstick cookware is designed for cooking with low heat to the middle. Extremely high heat can cause a sticky, sticky, melted or blistering arrangement, to make the pan or pan become damaged.

To keep and make it long, you should read about use terms about the heat that can be used by each equipment. Each brand must have different provisions

Symptoms of Kidney Stone Disease and Treatment

Kidney stones are one of the most painful and common urological disorders in the community. In addition, kidney stones are pieces of solids that form when substances normally dissolve in the urine so that high concentrations. These solids can be formed by calcium, phosphate and oxalate. Usually kidney stones are only a few millimeters in diameter. Some factors that cause kidney stones are:
– Frequent urination
– Drinking less water
– The concentration of salt in urine so that it can potentially the occurrence of stone deposits in the urinary tract
– Too much chemicals in the urine such as lime and oxalate salts.
– Excessive Vitamin D and uric acid levels or consume too much insoluble calcium completely.

Symptoms of Kidney Stones and Traditional Kidney Stone Drugs
Symptoms of Kidney Stones

Symptoms of kidney stones that can occur include:

No Symptoms
Usually people who suffer from this kidney stones without any symptoms (asymptomatic). If you have very small kidney stones you will not usually know or feel it. Small kidney stones are usually found by undergoing imaging tests (X-rays, ultrasound or CT scans) for reasons unrelated to kidney problems.

Kidney stones can cause mild to severe pain. Pain path that occurs usually on the lower back (on both sides), lower abdomen, as well as the groin area and at the bottom of the ribs.

Nausea and vomiting
Kidney stones that may be so severe will cause pain and will cause you to experience nausea and vomiting. Severe pain, nausea and vomiting should be treated promptly with strong pain medications, antiemetics and intravenous fluids.

Fever and chills
Sometimes fever and chills are also a symptom of kidney stones. If you have fever and chills associated with kidney stones then you should get treatment immediately.

Blood in the urine
Blood in the urine or hematuria is another common symptom of kidney stones. Irritation of the ureters may occur when the kidney stones pass through the urinary tract and may cause bleeding. The color in the urine usually looks pink or reddish depending on the severity of the bleeding.

Other urine changes
If you see cloudy urine even very smelly, it can be a sign of infection associated with kidney stones. However, these symptoms can also be a sign of symptoms of other medical problems such as urinary tract infection (UTI), cystinitis, bladder infections or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as gonorrhea. If you experience something like this then you should immediately see a doctor.
Traditional Medicine Kidney Stone Disease

Kidney stone penyej not only attack the men but kidney stones can also attack the women and children. Some types of traditional kidney stone drugs that you can use include:
1. Materials
Papaya leaves as many as 7 sheets
– Day 1, prepare 3 papaya leaves are still fresh then washed and boiled with enough water. After that cooking water can be drunk 1 cup at a time.
– Day 2, prepare 5 pieces of fresh papaya leaves then washed and boiled with enough water. After that boiled water is drunk 1 cup at a time.
– Day 3, prepare 7 pieces of fresh papaya leaves then washed and boiled with enough water. After that boiled water is drunk 1 cup at a time.
Note: This recipe is not recommended for people with hypertension.
2. Materials
Leaves of yellow
Prepare 30 grams of fresh yellow leaves and then wash. Make juice with 150 ml of water and then drunk once a day.
3. Materials
– 30 grams of fresh tempuyung leaves or 10 grams of dried tempuyung leaves
– 30 grams of fresh meniran plants or 10 grams of dry meniran plants
– 15 or 40 grams of liman leaf
– 30 grams of fresh cat whiskers or 10 grams of dried cat whiskers
All the ingredients in the wash clean then cook in boiling water about 1 liter of water. After that lift and strain. Drink while warm 2 times a day (morning and afternoon).

These traditional ingredients can be used to treat kidney stone disease. In addition there are some good foods to be consumed by people with kidney stones are:
– Garlic
– Red paprika
– Sprouts
– Berries (strawberries, raspderry, blueberries, cranberries)
– Olive oil
– Red onion
– Fish
– Cherries

Well, for those of you who have not been exposed to kidney stone disease, from now on you should always be vigilant with this disease and strive in your family to live a healthy lifestyle to avoid from various health problems.

How to Lower High Blood

Someone who has high blood pressure should really pay attention to his diet. Here are some types of high blood pressure foods include:

1. Green vegetables such as spinach and cilantro that has a source of calcium so it can lower high blood pressure. In addition spinach is also a type of vegetables low in calories, high in fiber and contains some healthy nutrients such as potassium, magnesium and folate that serves as the main ingredient to lower and stabilize blood pressure.

2. Skim milk is fat-free milk and rich in calcium and vitamin D. Calcium and vitamin D also serves to keep blood pressure stable.

3. Tomatoes should be included in each of your foods because the tomatoes contain vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, calcium and magnesium.

4. Garlic can prevent blood clots and thickening of blood vessels. It can also remove blockages in the heart.

5. Wheat is a very effective type of high blood-lowering food.

6. Sunflower seeds are a great source of magnesium. Sunflower seeds you can make as a snack.

7. Olive oil contains antioxidant compounds that are very good for maintaining heart health and to control your blood pressure.

8. White potatoes have a rich content of magnesium and potassium that are important for your heart health.

9. Bananas contain potassium which is useful for lowering high blood pressure.

10. Soy also contains a lot of potassium and magnesium are good for high blood pressure.

In addition to several types of foods that can help lower high blood there is still another way to lower high blood pressure are:

– Foods that contain lots of omega 3
– Diet high blood pressure such as reducing salt intake
– Expand the consumption of potassium / potassium supplements 2-4 grams per day.
Patients with high blood also have high blood abstinence such as:

Foods that have high levels of saturated fats (kidney, brain, lung, lard, coconut oil)
Processed foods using sodium salt (crackers, biscuits, salty dried foods and chips)
Food and drink cans (sausage, sardines, corned beef, soft drinks, vegetables and fruits in cans)
Preserved foods (pickled vegetables / fruits, beef jerky, salted fish, shredded beef, dried shrimp, pindang, peanut butter, salted egg)
Full cream milk, margarine, butter, cheese mayonaise, beef / goat red meat, chicken skin, egg yolks.
Spices such as soy sauce, terasi, tomato sauce, mangi, tauco, chilli sauce and other seasonings.
Alcohol as well as foods containing alcohol such as tape and durian.

For people with high blood or hypertension in consuming the fruit should also be considered. High blood fruits that are allowed for consumption are:
– Mengkudu
– Cucumber
– Tomato
– Cantaloupe
– Orange
– Apple
– Banana

For those of you who have not been exposed to high blood (hypertension) the need to make prevention efforts such as:
1. Menguranggi eat a lot of salt (salty).
2. Reduce drinking alcohol and reduce smoking.
3. Avoid stress.
4. Diligent to exercise.
5. Eat a balanced diet.
6. Expand to consume fruits and vegetables.
In addition, for those of you who have a family history of hypertension for example in the family there who suffer from hypertension one of your parents, then the high chances of high blood will decrease to you. Therefore apply a healthy lifestyle to prevent you from getting high blood pressure disease. Hopefully this post is useful for you.

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Benefits of Salak Fruits

Nutrition and vitamins that exist in the fruit of bark turned out to provide a good stimulus impact for the body. Variants of the fruit bark was more than one, namely salak pondoh, bali swaru, and condet. It also varies depending on the level of maturity. Some have sweetness, sour, until sepat.

Benefits of salak

Nutritional Content of Salak Fruit

Quoted from the pages, the nutritional content of the barked fruit Every 100 grams of fruit contains 368 kilikalori energy, 0.8 gram protein, 90.3 grams of carbohydrates, 0.4 grams of fat, calcium 38 milligrams, 31 milligrams of phosphorus, iron 3.9 milligrams. Also in a salak also contains vitamin Csebesar 8.4 milligrams. Well it turns out a lot of nutrients contained in fruit bark. Hmmmm, besides tastes good, nutrient too much. So add likes deh same fruit bark.

Benefits of Salak Fruits

Reported from the page via, this is a super benefit from fruits for health of the body that you most likely rarely expected before.

Diarrhea Drugs

If you have diarrhea, do not rush to take diarrhea medication. Try to treat it in a natural way. And one of the natural ways that is by eating the fruits of bark. Research says that the nutrients contained in the fruits can cure diarrhea.
Overcoming Cough

Salak is a fruit that has nutrients of potassium and pectin are high enough. Potassium and pectin itself is one of the nutrients that can help the body become healthier and increase body immunity. When the immune system increases, when you are sick cough, then the cough can be cured with salak consumption.
Assist Diet Program

When you want to have a slim and slender body and succeed while undergoing a diet program, one of the key is to utilize the fruits of bark. As a high-fiber fruit, salak is best consumed by you who are running a diet program. Vitamin C and tannins in fruit bark is also one of the reasons why this fruit is very good in helping the success of the diet program.
Healthful Eyes

For those of you who have problems with eye health, it is highly recommended for you to consume fruits. Nutrition and vitamins in fruit are said to be almost equivalent to carrots that are very good for the health and beauty of your eyes. Eating salak can make the eyes brighter, see more clearly and far from farsightedness.

Raisin Benefits for Health

Raisins, in addition to tasty but has many health benefits for the body. Some of the benefits contained in raisins is to slow the aging process, prevent blood clotting, inhibit the increase of bad cholesterol, and help prevent heart attacks or high blood pressure.

Benefits of raisins

In addition to the above benefits, we’ve also summarized some of the other benefits . Here are some points we have summarized along with an explanation of the benefits of raisins for the health of the body.

1. Good for Heart Health

Raisins are made up of flavonoids in large quantities so that raisins are the best source of nutrients to promote heart health. Raisins are also rich in Omega 3 is very good for overall body health. Raisins help improve blood circulation to the heart, thereby minimizing the risk of heart attacks, strokes and high blood pressure.

2. Fighting Cancer

Anti-oxidants are abundant make raisin very effective to fight cancer. Cancer cells are formed due to free radicals created by oxidative stress. Therefore, raisins are present as an anti-oxidant that is very effective against cancer.

3. Digestive Health

As mentioned earlier, raisins are excellent for digestion. Various studies have revealed this.

4. Slowing the Aging Process

Many factors that cause the aging process, in addition to increasing age old environmental conditions are very influential Such as pollution, UV radiation, and smoking. These are factors that cause the rapid aging process. Pollution can cause oxidative stress in the body that eventually causes free radicals. Again the anti-oxidants contained in the raisins help the body fight free radicals to slow the aging process. Therefore start eating raisins for your beauty treatments.

5. Inflammation

Phytonutrients are very abundant in raisins, anti-oxidants and tannins are also very efficient to prevent stomach swelling, intestinal tract and coronary heart disease.

6. Immunity

Raisins are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is very effective to improve the body’s defense system and is very good for the protection of the body from cold and flu diseases and prevent from any form of bacterial infection.

7. Eye Health

Raisins are also rich in good vitamin A to improve eye function. In addition, anti-oxidants that help to fight free radicals are also very good for protecting the retina from the danger of damage.

8. The Process of Blood Formation

A very abundant iron will help boost the production of red blood cells. Raisins help increase the body’s ability to absorb iron.

9. Bone and Tooth Health

Raisins offer good calcium to strengthen bones and teeth. Very good to prevent brittle bones and improve dental health.

10. Good for Memory

Raisins help to improve memory. Raisins help fight free radicals that cause damage to cells and brain tissue. The iron contained in the raisins helps to increase the supply of oxygen to the brain so as to improve brain health.

Herbal Remedy for Diabetes

There are several natural ingredients that can be used to treat diabetes. Well, here are some ingredients that can be used for diabetes ingredients.


This fruit is one of the fruit with a taste that is not so tasty and has a pretty stinging smell of the nose. Behind it all, mengkudu can be useful as a diabetic herbal remedy. There is a content of proxeroni substances in Noni fruit. This substance can be useful to widen the pores in the cell. This further accelerates the process of absorption of nutrients that exist in food to the human body. Associated with diabetes, this process will also make the absorption of blood sugar to be more leverage.


In addition to easy to find and get around your residence, turmeric can be a diabetes herbal remedy. Therefore, you can make it easier to make herbal ingredients from this one material. By consuming the ingredients of the drink of turmeric stew regularly, the blood sugar levels in your body will slowly decrease and normal again. So if that happens, diabetes that you suffer can be reduced and even cured by using this herbal diabetes mellitus drug.

The crown of gods

The next herbal diabetes drug is by using the crown of the gods. As the name suggests, this plant can be useful to cure various diseases. Although the name of this plant is somewhat foreign to you, but in the medical and medical world, this plant is known as a nutritious plant for health. One is to cure diabetes. The way is the same with other herbs, namely by boiling the crown of this god and gulping boiled water. Diabetes can be overcome with herbal drinks from plants that have this unique name.


It’s been a long time since people used this plant as a medicinal plant to cure various diseases. Therefore, many people know about the properties of this plant. To be able to feel the benefits of this diabetes herbal remedy, you need to feel the bitterness of this plant. However, you can reduce the bitterness by using enough honey. This plant is commonly used by herbalists as a mixture of herbs for them. Research shows that this wet diabetic herbal medicine is very powerful to treat diabetes.


Last is a diabetic herbal medicine with basil leaves. For those of you who like to eat fresh vegetables may have often encountered basil leaves. These leaves are generally always present as fresh vegetables or become garnis or complementary dishes and cuisine. In addition to being fresh vegetables or garnis, basil leaves can also act as a weapon to fight diabetes. The trick is to help insulin in the process of secretion in the body. With a good process of secretion, the stability of blood sugar levels will be maintained. Basil leaf is a dried herbal diabetes medicine that is consumed in a dry state as fresh vegetables or with other foods.

Thus the discussion of diabetic herbal medicine in this article. Hopefully with the information about diabetes, the cause to the herbal ingredients that can treat it, your insight will increase. With increasing knowledge about health, you will have a better view to continue to maintain the health of your body and family. Next you just need to do one more thing. After knowing what you should do to prevent and treat diabetes, immediately practice what you know in this article. So you can be free from diabetes that is very annoying daily activities.

Benefits of Rice for Health

Rice is one type of plant that is widely grown by the farmers of Indonesia. Of course this is clearly happening because the processed from rice that is the staple food most of the people of Indonesia. Then, rice became more famous and became a princess in Indonesia since there is a saying about the science of rice that is increasingly contain more duck. When it is processed into rice and cooked to become rice, in which there are carbohydrates that can be used as a source of energy to perform daily activities. In addition, in the rice there is also a sugar content that can be felt when chewed in time long enough in the mouth.

However, who would have thought that before being processed into rice rice turned out to have its own benefits for the health and beauty of the body. From seeds to roots of rice has many benefits. Among them are as follows:

Rice seed coat can be used to overcome gastric diseases, digestive disorders, treat the disease beriberi, overcome the tingling and can increase appetite. This is because the membrane of rice seeds has a sweet and neutral properties.

Fruit stalks or often called herbs can cope with miscarriages and can clean dirty hair.

Rice seed (rice) can be used to treat fever, diarrhea, skin inflammation, mumps, rheumatism,  breast inflammation and ulcers. This is because in the rice seeds contain content such as vitamin B, enzymes, glutelin, dextrin, xylan and so forth.

Rice roots can be used to overcome excessive sweating, because when used the roots have warm properties that can close the pores of a large body.

 explains how the use of the procedure. For the use of rice seed coat and rice roots simply use 10-15 grams to boil, then drink the water. As for the use of rice seeds, simply milled rice until smooth to be applied on the diseased body surface.

However, the way of use is not applicable if the rice, especially in the fruit stalk is used to clean the dirt on the hair. Therefore, the following will explain the benefits of rice stems (straw) for the hair

The first step that must be done is to prepare several bunches of dried straw with a number of adjusted, burn it into a container of clay.
When it becomes ash, add water until it is all submerged and stir it flat and mix with lime juice.
Leave the soaking water until one night and let it dew, then take a clear sediment to wash it
Then, do massage on the scalp to feel more relaxed before rinsed with clean water
Instead, try to rinse using clean running water.

To get maximum results, do it routinely on a maximum of 3 times a week. Although shampooing using a straw is a traditional but very useful way to clean hair, black hair and can make hair shiny. This has been proven because the ancient people who use her hair looks shiny, strong, healthy and not gray despite the 50’s.