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How to Develop a Successful Business


How to Develop a Successful Business – To be a successful business today increasingly have a very tight competition, many businesses are just beginning to emerge, but not least also folded. To be a successful person mesin jahit singer is needed in ways that are brilliant and motivation. Living in a fast-paced times you must have the right tips and tricks to grow your business. With the right tricks your business will be dashed forward, but if you do not have a clear method then it is likely your business will be skydiving. Well here are tips on successfully growing your business correctly, quickly and successfully.

How to Develop a Successful Business

Having Organized Schedule
To be successful in business you need a plan that is scheduled or organized schedule. Organized schedule will help you complete the task that you want and stick to the plan should be carried out. A good way to do this is to create a list of daily business schedule, as you complete each item scheduled, check what you have not done the same day of your list. This will ensure that you do not forget anything and you have completed all the tasks that are critical to the survival of your business.

Please note the Every Problem Faced
All successful businesses there is always a detailed record of any problems encountered. By having a detailed record, you’ll know where the problem of your business and what your potential challenges could be faced with ease. With this you will have a new business strategy to face similar problems that arise in the future and you will be used to deal with problems that arise and you will quickly solve that means you open a chance of success and grow your business if you know how to solve any problems that arise.

Analyze Your Competition
Every healthy competition gave birth to the best results. To be successful, you need not be afraid to learn and learn from your more successful competitors. Learn all the things that make you become successful competitors, by analyzing your competitors about how they can succeed this case you can implement in your business to make more money.

Understanding the Risks and Results of Operations
The key to being successful is to take calculated risks to help your business grow. A good question to ask is is “What is the worst risk?” If you can answer these questions, then you know what the worst case scenario that could happen. This knowledge will allow you to take these types of calculated risks that can yield tremendous effort for your business.

Always Creative & Inovative
Always looking for ways to improve your business and to make it stand out from competitors or other rivals, you all know that in the business world everything is a competition to get the championship. For creative and inovative why you needed to win the competition every business.

Stay focus
The old adage says that “Rome was not built in a day” applies here, and until this moment. Just because you open a business does not mean that you will instantly start making money. It takes time to let people know who you are, so stay focused on achieving your short term goals and let everyone see your long-term win some day later.

Prepare to Sacrifice
Early start a business is hard work and a lot of that you have to sacrifice if you want success, supposing you are ready to open the door and get out of your house comfortable towards a hill called successful barefoot, you must pass through gravel sharp, slippery road, inclines and other obstacles. Do you stay strong running or are you going back to your home comfortable? The more you approach the top of the hill called successful the more energy you spend, the more winding road, but if you stay focused and keep sacrificing your feet are sore to walk you will reach the peak of success, well like that is like a man who wants his business success, to succeed you have to be willing to make sacrifices such as spending less time with family and friends in order to succeed.

Provides Customers With Good What You Want
There are many successful business because it begins with good service and deliver what customers want. If you provide a better service for your customers, they will be more inclined to come to you when they need something rather than go to your competitors.

Consistency is the key component to making money in the business. You have to consistently do the things necessary to be a successful day by day. This will create a long-term positive habits that will help you make money in the long run.

Tips & How To Overcome supervisor or boss


Overcoming fierce boss – In sebuag career or employment often friction or a bad relationship between subordinates by superiors, and in this case is when you find your boss or grumpy boss. A thing that does not make you uncomfortable or make you feel at home in the company if you have a boss who tempramental, always blame your performance and often angry angry without tas ultah anak any apparent reason. Obviously this is very annoying and makes the working atmosphere becomes uncomfortable.

Grumpy boss or bosses who often scold, berate you if you make a small mistake and so on. Under these conditions, certainly a lot of employees who decided to get out of the office because it is not robust in the face of the boss or grumpy reasons.

Indeed, in a work assignment and the responsibility of the boss or supervisor is large and dominant, but of course the boss or grumpy and often angry boss angry because they want the system his men become better, more responsible and produce a better performance in advancing the company.

Usually the main cause of this situation due to the lack of a positive communication between supervisors and subordinates. The reality in the workplace, an employer must be someone who is dominant, but it often makes a boss became arrogant and felt he was always right. While as a subordinate, you certainly will get its own pressure because of this situation. It is better you do some anticipation when facing a boss that is fierce, among others, are as follows:

Overcoming boss or boss Yang Galak

Overcoming boss or boss Yang Galak

Quiet & Wise In response to It
Make sure you stay calm and prudent in the face of fierce boss or supervisor. Do not let your emotions provoked you join, you have to think a long way in this regard. Grumpy boss or supervisor will only be grumpy or arrogant when the job because of their greater responsibility in directing employees to be better, so you have to be wise and calm in this regard. They scold you or being grumpy is not because they hate you, but as I mentioned above merka have a greater responsibility in directing and improving the performance of his men.

If they hate you you must already laid off from your job is not it? Approach and intensive communication in the face of the boss or your boss or grumpy, boss or supervisor this way you will better understand the performance and duties in running your job.

Active, creative and better
If you as an employee can show you performance that is more active, creative and better in the future there is no reason for the boss or your boss’s boss even scold you very fierce or sinister though hehehehe …. Show me the performance and the performance is better than the day by day and this you will easily reach your achievement and a good assessment for the boss or your boss. So it is not an excuse for your boss or grumpy boss to scold you because you perform better, even it is not possible you get a promotion, a bonus even become employees of “favorite” your boss because you are a good performance.

Avoid conflicts
Avoid conflicts with the boss and another employee, boss or grumpy boss in a job is not necessarily fierce or sinister in life outside of work. Yyang good relationships with fellow employees, with men as well as with the boss or your boss’s fierce will create a harmonious atmosphere in the work environment.

Better communication
A bad relationship between the employee and the employer usually occurs due to lack of communication intensive. If you always communicate, consult the job with a boss or grumpy boss they do not have to scold you for all the problems in the work already terhandle well. You will not find many faults in the work because you always communicate and consult with a supervisor or your boss, your boss was fuming mad because you do not perform manual work as directed by the boss or your boss.

Mask Tomato Can Eliminate Acne Without Side Effects

Acne is a skin problem faced by many teenagers and even adult women. No exception Nia Janiar also experienced Thus, since adolescence. The issue is still being experienced up to now, when he was in college.
The Tribune Java, coed Catholic University (Unika) Soegijapranata Semarang said, actually want to try the treatment at a beauty clinic that offers treatment of acne removal.
However, there is fear because a lot of friends who are addicted. Nia was worried about coming back acne problems, even worse, if the treatment is stopped.
“Finally, I use ordinary creams are sold freely. And since about four months ago, compensates treatment using herbs and fruits to master, with friends boarding,” said Nia.
Nia ever tried making and wearing masks pare shredded and then affixed to the face. After drying up, her face using warm water rinse. Other materials were never tried, papaya and watermelon.
Finally, he used the crushed tomatoes. As masks in general, tomato pulp and then smeared in the face to dry. Once perceived, Nia find the most suitable mask tomatoes.
“I feel fresher skin and acne dry up. Previously, I wear a mask tomatoes twice a week. Now, just a week,” said Nia.
First wear a mask tomatoes, Nia felt a little sore. Now he does not feel anymore. Sometimes, if the lazy crush tomatoes, he sliced ??into sections and applied to the face.
After about 15 minutes, rinse with warm water. From the information he read, a good tomato counteract free radicals because it contains vitamin C, lycopene, and is able to reduce oil production.

Examples regarding Side company opportunities Small Capital pertaining to Teens


Examples associated with side business possibilities pertaining to teenagers whom can i share this day an review associated with corporation possibilities which might be designed for the Private corporation inspiration teenage mesin jahit to enter your own world connected with institution but does not leave teaching as well as learning activities.

Sideline for teenagers is actually quite diverse, that\’ll be still good intended for schools, not school or even exactly who have graduated coming from school but confused what to help do next in. Side company inside little capital or perhaps capital tampa will be meant for teenagers, because when i realize pertaining to yourself That teens especially anybody still throughout school do not have many capital in order to labor and birth an business.

Examples connected with Side corporation options Small Capital pertaining to Teens

As the teenager, owning your corporation is something quite membagakan, considering that the rarely have teenagers who have the firm as well as enterprise. no matter whether we have OUR own firm would zero more time get for income to parents, will probably finance their schools, save intended for school service fees selajutnya and in some cases gave funds to the parents.

Then What is your current effort The idea would always be carried out at the side which has a small very first capital and do not disturb your current lesson, take just a number of examples of a soon after sideline.

Examples regarding Side firm chances with regard to Teens


1. income Pulse Electronics

No need for getting a lot of capital in order to labor and birth the firm selling pulses, do not need to have a good counter for you to recognized an institution selling pulses. Enough from the very first capital of about 100 mil in addition to possesses an cell phone It feel enough to be able to birth the business selling electrical pulses. for the person of anyone that are generally still throughout school is very promising institution prospects, an individual learn yourself This currently many of an friends have mobile phones which call for a pulse.

2. Computer Servicing

For anyone associated with people which have expertise on the pack regarding computers would not hurt if people open an computer SUPPORT business With your home, You\’ll start the particular corporation we caused it to be home by school, whether or not you employ passed or even unemployment course You might open your business most day. and the computer will also servicing some other electronic products just like printers, laptops, smartphones, cell phones, radio as well as television.

3. online Business

In the era of a almost all forward current, your on the internet business is usually very promising type regarding business. simply just imagine, online world users inside Indonesia alone already exceeded 83.7 million you within 2014 and also can proceed to grow with subsequent years, of course, the particular can be the package for your money. Adda confused start, read only Example online institution with no Capital Profitable.

4. Authors Release (Freelance Writer)

Binsis the actual one still possesses nothing to do inside on the internet business. whether you might be an hobby associated with writing along with had a good million ideas In your head does not hurt regardless of whether an individual sell ones writing to help others. Any type of writing you are selling an article which You may accept dealings through others.

5. Photographers

For anybody associated with an individual that such as the world connected with photography there exists zero harm whether It receives photographic providers which might be accomplished following coming home from school, especially whether or not you make use of the ability for the field connected with photography along with supported which has a add tool, this company connected with these kind of photos are generally very right no matter whether anyone work ,

7. Fillers Events

A teenager offers an attitude It is complete, there\’s even an teenager that can do just about all things as being a show In the same way host. if indeed you happen to be gifted within speaking along with delivering the thing, there exists nothing wrong whether a person offer the SUPPORT charging event.

8. Logo Designer / Brand

Juveniles get a high enough imagination capabilities, such as designing suatau visible or perhaps logo regarding example. whether you happen to be a good expert at the field of graphic design would not hurt if an individual be a good designer logo. and designing your current logo You might also design banners, letters, invitations thus forth.

9. Teachers discreet Lessons

You have further skills at the container involving teaching? provides aspirations associated with becoming a teacher ?. Well, while waiting for your night out in order to come currently You will mewudukan early coming from becoming a good confidential tutor. Sideline teens the particular single In the event that not interfere With your formal education, You\’ll delivery immediately after coming home via school.

10. Selling Pastries

An effort That is very fitting to be able to fill in ones spare time, selling pastries along with effortless results are good enough to help fill out pocket money. You might sell pastries for the afternoon until your current evening, recall not too late since next time frame You can go to school.


Efficacy Cabe Rawit for Health


For Luka Iris

Treatment for injuries with red medication is dry dansembuh, but what would happen if all around us there is no such thing as a red medicine certainly will andqa kebiinggungan find a solution, to a solution with cayenne pepper is quite easy and can shout kesmbuhan overheating but the effect is outstanding, quite in mashed and smeared into the wound healing process, there will be rapid.

Stroke Disease

For a stroke, we know if stroek the occurrence of blood clots or not smooth blood acidity in our bodies, what to do with cayenne pepper, cayenne pepper can mempelancar frozen blood because there is a feeling of heat in chili will pump blood to circulate with forced.

Headache cure

Had heard the advice if dizziness, eating spicy? The suggestion is true because the spicy taste capsaicin caused when his brain is able to restrict flurry thank sinyak pain from central nervous system. Inhibition of these cues trip can reduce the pain that we suffer.

Healing Stuffy Nose

Due cayenne pepper contains capsaicin which can dilute the lender, up mucus in the nasal cavity is blocked will be watered and out. Causes, nose unobstructed so again. This applies to sinusitis and cough and phlegm.

Can Lower Cholesterol

Can also menrunkan Heat or High Fever

Actually there are many more that the hidden properties of cayenne memilki many sekali.tetapi for hemorrhoid disease that had better be avoided if not hemorrhoids will get worse or will bleed this terus.artikel Efficacy and Benefits Cabe Rawit For Our Body Health.

10 uncomplicated Car Maintenance Tips only for a person The item Busy


Car maintenance can be remarkable no matter whether carried out regularly, even though seem boring, but believe That It will eventually save you day Using your vehicle maintenance later.

TIPA caring regarding a new car engine
illustration new cars: new Ford Ecosport

Take the night out to read your guideline of a car, there exists quite a few keys to press particulars The item is found towards vehicle anyone buy, do not become lazy to help open it. mobil honda semarang
Well here i can discuss uncomplicated car care tips as a reference for you.
1. transaction tire condition –

Ban will certainly live for a longer time no matter whether an individual Make sure you your current tire pressure according for the Specifications of a factory default. Visually inspect the tread of your tire, replace This whether This is not feasible. as being a precaution buy electric tire pump for you to MAKE USE OF later for emergency road.
2. Car Battery

It is usually individual of any most important parts of a vehicle. acquire your car battery care tips below:
Be sure to disconnect your own cable through the battery batrei sooner cleaning.
Clean your current cable with a wire brush in addition to the glass regarding water + solitary tablespoon regarding baking soda.
Check your cable connections, tighten whether or not The item looks loose.

3. Oil, Lubricants, Belts in addition to Hoses

Check each section of any machine, whether there\’s oil or maybe lubricant levels tend to be low straight add. likewise check regardless of whether there is wear and tear towards car belt
4. Brakes

Make sure the brakes tend to be inside good condition. Here’s The best way to check your current condition regarding MY OWN brake.
If your own brakes Whenever your own car stopped creaking mark brakes need for you to end up being cleaned or maybe brake must always be replaced.
If your current car is interested as well as inclined to help single direction As soon as stopped, ones possibility of the shortage involving hydraulic pressure.
When your pedal does not was there exists repulsion, the Firewood regarding brake fluid is actually not full. But As soon as your pedal is usually trodden decrease exhausted the means which the brake begins in order to function out.

5. Windshield Wiper

Check your own windshield wipers specification, replace When It is not running optimally. utilize soapy water on the windshield wiper can produce operate less compared to ones maximum since the regarding speedily depleted.
6. Car Maintenance Schedule

Make It a regular HELP schedule for that car, in addition to stick to the schedule.


Thus your new car care tips for you to you, directly do to its sake involving convenience of a car.

Examples regarding Snacks corporation Opportunity or even Snacks


Examples Snacks firm prospects is really a reference It In the event that be calculated being a promising future business. Snacks as well as snacks are usually foods The idea normally accompany the food regarding leisure activities just like watching TV, cinema, staying up late, treats regarding guests even Whenever learning though.

Indeed, whether when i look, snacks  jasa pembuatan huruf timbul snacks firm is usually quite dubious, but there may be simply no harm no matter whether anyone try in order to attempt the actual one, whom knows this is the business of which bring success for you to you.

Currently snacks including snacks, chips, snacks mild indeed apply for a lot inside production through large corporations It make the business features competitors This quite a good lot, but if anyone bring a good snack because of the taste or maybe your shape creative In the same way possible, It is possible regardless of whether efforts snacks made your current be excellent.
Examples Snacks firm Opportunity or even Snacks

For anyone associated with people that truly tend to be find examples regarding business opportunities snacks can instantly look at a number of examples below The item of which may then have been sole of an examples below is usually a source of inspiration for your business.


Examples Snacks institution Opportunities


1. popped corn (popcorn)

Snacks The idea This really is indeed quite familiar with Indonesia, maize unique flavor which has a texture The item bubble to be able to make popcorn is actually at the interest, This can be very fitting snacks served to accompany your own activity associated with watching TV as well as cinema.

2. Tela-Tela

Snacks second will be tela-tela, that is a meal This can be derived from cassava with small small pieces Concerning the size of an broom inside about the length regarding 3-4 cm. these kinds of food usually are rarely encountered, but You may not be too have numerous competitors no matter whether offer snack this one.

3. Corn Chips

Snacks excess still at the family corn, corn chips yes your foods are quite tasty and crunchy. these types of foodstuff may people Make a promising firm prospects because the There are few exactly who present corn chips.
4. Chips Tempe

Tempeh chips indeed leads to a side dish, but This had not been discovered Any time innovations make tempeh chips as being a snack. for now tempeh chips are generally not sole consumed as a side dish dining companion, but additionally In the same way snacks It will be served at any kind of time.
5. Nuts Atom

An atom peanut snacks That is intended inside a dining companion or friend to relax. Nuts atom is for the dressing beans in flour as well as usually white. whether or not you\’re interested within a great snack the actual one, next buatlan innovations such as additional colors, fill out flavor, consequently forth.

6. Cassava Chips

The food of any people, That is the suitable designation pertaining to cassava. Yups, cassava is really a food The idea can be processed in virtually any kind like cassava chips, meal is usually already a great relic involving ancient times therefore people do not be required to hesitate whether you wish to start a institution cassava chips.

7. Stick Sticks

Although ones shape as well as texture That resembles a great stick, It is on the interest involving meals within Indonesia. intended for currently displayed inside 3 flavors ie, salty as well as spicy. Well, whether or not you happen to be interested make sticks stick in some other flavors such as cheese flavor, fruit flavors therefore forth.

Benefits and Benefits Betel Leaves For Body Health Benefits Betel leaves


In addition to a very distinctive fruit flavor turns soursop has excellent benefits for health on the part of others that the soursop leaves. According to a study conducted by health experts at Purdue University, USA says that the benefits are not only efficacious soursop leaf to cure and prevent cancer. but also can cure his statement, addition to a very distinctive flavor turns soursop has excellent benefits to health in other parts namely soursop leaves. According to a study conducted by health experts at Purdue University, USA says that the benefits are not only efficacious soursop leaf to cure and prevent cancer. but it can also heal any statement, Do you know the benefits of betel leaves to health? Or you want to know to cure any disease? Then how to cultivate / create betel leaf herb for treating complaints or illnesses that you have suffered? Betel leaf itself contains antiseftik and content of phenols in the antiseftif five times more effective than ordinary phenol. Besides the content of betel leaf can treat various types of diseases that are beneficial for our health. Betel leaves often encountered in the woods or on the market, but we do not know will benefit the betel leaf.

Here are some kinds of health benefits for the betel leaf and how to process them:
In addition to a very distinctive fruit flavor turns soursop has excellent benefits for health on the part of others that the soursop leaves. According to a study conducted by health experts at Purdue University, USA says that the benefits are not only efficacious soursop leaf to cure and prevent cancer. but it can also heal any statement,. In addition to a very distinctive fruit flavor turns soursop has excellent benefits for health on the part of others that the soursop leaves. According to a study conducted by health experts at Purdue University, USA says that the benefits are not only efficacious soursop leaf to cure and prevent cancer. but it can also heal any statement,
In addition to a very distinctive fruit flavor turns soursop has excellent benefits for health on the part of others that the soursop leaves. According to a study conducted by health experts at Purdue University, USA says that the benefits are not only efficacious soursop leaf to cure and prevent cancer. but also can cure a variety of other chronic statement, such as diabetes and gout, and asthma.

Ingredients: 6 pieces of betel leaf, 6 pepper and a tablespoon of oil
The third mash ingredients until soft and then rub on the stomach with diarrhea.


7 betel leaves crushed and then mixed with 1 piece of rock sugar and rebuh into two cups of water until the remaining half. The stew is then filtered and drunk 3 times a day with a drink is three tablespoons.

Itchy eyes and red

Boil 6 betel leaves are still young into a glass of water. The stew after a cold was then used to wash the eyes as much as 3 times in one day.

For Whitish

10 betel leaves boiled into a two and a half liters of clean water. After the boil then cool and use to clean vgina.

Those are some ways efficacy of betel leaf and their role for kesehtan body is very beneficial for us to traditional natural medicine. May be useful for everything.

The Profitable Side Business Opportunities in 2016

Jual souvenir ultah anak
Who would not want to have double effort? The most fun when we can earn double of business opportunities profitable sideline. Double effort itself is usually done by an office worker as a way for them to increase revenue or spend hobby.

Well, a side business that exist today are so diverse. For those of you who are interested in running a side business opportunities in 2016 you can choose one or more of the following business opportunity. Some business opportunities are predicted to exist at all in 2016 so that you do not need to fear if one determine the business you want. More specifically, immediately check the following article to complete.

1. Businesses Online
The ever-expanding internet network that has now spread to all over the country. This makes the online side of the business in 2016 in the form of flourishing online business and to be excellent. The business flourished in the hands of businesses as well as internet connections are more easily and cheaply through smartphones prospective customer.

Business opportunities in the online business that can be selected for the cultivated include: affiliate marketing, forex, internet marketer, pay per click (PPC) on the ads in the blog visitor clicks etc. One business opportunity for both main and side with the prospects are still very good even for the next years is the online business.

2. Business in the services sector
For those of you who have a particular skill that not everyone can afford it then you can make it as a sideline with a tantalizing prospect. Living needs of each individual and the diverse and growing number of human nature can not do everything yourself to make business in the service will always be needed in the future.

Even predictions of the future activities of the individual is increasingly crowded, the more services are needed. so with the requirement that each time increase and multiply will always generate business opportunities in the field of new services. You are able to conduct business services according to your capabilities such as: services sevice electric tools, sewing services, website services, equipment rental services reception etc.

3. Franchise (franchise)
One side or major business opportunities with promising prospects can also be achieved with the franchise wrestle. This franchise business more and more popular because of the figure are run by entrepreneurs who lack the skills and experience to the effort involved. If you want to pioneer the sideline franchise you can choose a franchise with a brand that has been known and sold on the market.

You can be in business or sideline the form of a very promising food franchises such as frozen processed food, ice, nuanced krispi etc. Obviously you will be easier to run this business because staying duplication business concepts that have been tested. If you can not start your own franchise business can hire employees.


4. Food business
Although the food business segment is not a new thing but the resulting food products could be considered innovative. For businesses that do not rule out the possibility of food can be used as a side business opportunities in the field of culinary potential buyers invaded certainly with a unique flavor, delicious and incomparable.
There are many businesses can you wrestled foods such as; the restaurant business, small food business, such as the fast food business; satay, chicken stew, rending are packed in airtight containers and when to be eaten customer just stayed warm it up.

5. Seasonal Business
Seasonal business it can only be executed within a certain time and can not be cultivated throughout the year. However, seasonal business can be used as a side business in 2016 with the tantalizing prospect for potentially reap large profits if you are good at taking a chance.
This side business opportunities you can do with: selling pastries during Eid, selling flags and trinkets proclamation when the moment of the August 17, selling headscarves and abayas that is a trend, and so forth.

6. Creative Business
Now there is no business opportunity that can not be run when we want to try. Armed with creativity possessed we can make a profit and make kreatfitas held as a side business opportunities in 2016. For those of you who have the creativity in any case could you pour and bring into a business with the prospect of lucrative and profitable.
You can make a food product with a flavor and a unique shape, making crafts such unique; wall hangings, brooches, etc., recycle goods that are not used, and others.

Business Opportunities Clothes for Housewife

jasa pembuatan neon box
webmaster 5.0 Business Opportunities Clothes for Housewife
Konveksian – Business Opportunities Clothes for Housewife – Have you ever seen a housewife who had gathered disebuah yard or patio in a hamlet just to choose the clothes and want to buy Naju offered, at first glance it is a business like just seen and occurred in villages and villages that do not have access to markets and shopping centers were adequate so that eventually they hang items and clothing purchases in people around offering his wares, clothes offered generally is clothing that is devoted to the women, it is because it is generally clothing diminatipun clothing for homemakers stairs.

Business Opportunities Clothes for Housewife
Business Opportunities Clothes for Housewife

Although they live in villages and remote access from the city especially not familiar with the culture of consumerism but in fact housewives and mothers in villages are also no less desire to have and shopping it can be seen from the merchandise sold is always negotiable customers. However, because the clothing business for their housewives in the village then definitely the housewives have difficulties in terms of cash payment, for that reason, usually provided two options other than the cash option of cash earlier – Business Opportunities Clothes for Housewife

The second option is by giving out goods but the payment on account, the payment system is indeed such a case it is difficult to go back but businesses generally employ a fairly high price of capital which was issued for the purchase on credit so that the gains were still large and promising.

Know since when the way a business like this exists and running but until now there are many businessmen FASHION can survive and run a business activity clothing for housewives with good tips on doing business are good at managing finances for business systems mainly business which apply a credit in the payment required to be able to manage incoming and outgoing finances well, if it can not manage the revenues from credit wisely and profitably is not impossible profitable business which was originally launched instead into a business that is less produce good profit.