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Understanding and branches of art

Art we never escape from The item in everyday life. devoid of people knowing almost anything employing art, like the application form of the motorcycle so that you can work with It is furthermore a good form associated with art, subsequently You\’ll likewise listen for the song This is surely sole example of an art. a art is usually said via someone, but will also be said to be able to be bad coming from others, This is since the Equally your art is very challenging for you to explain in addition to very tough anyway with regard to value. Art can be subjective and also You\’ll find objective consequently The item will certainly happen As soon as one user says the art is actually not necessarily somebody else would say your current same thing for you to This person.

Understanding art

Art is actually all kinds of mental activity (thoughts / ideas) In the same way outlined on the form regarding operate and so Just as to create the impression regarding beauty in addition to capable of evoke feelings of others. Meanwhile, According to Wikipedia Indonesian art is often a synonym regarding Sciences. Lately art is actually seen with the expression of an human essence, your own point associated with art can be something created from humans This contain elements of beauty (aesthetics).

Understanding your own art As outlined by Ki Hajar Dewantara

Art coming from Ki Hajar Dewantara a act (behavior) connected with man which emerged via his life, his feelings, in addition to possesses a great beautiful nature consequently In the same way to help vibrate your own soul connected with human feelings.

Understanding Art According to Encyclopedia Indonesia

Art is all kinds, human creation for the beauty people love for you to see, listen and also get pleasure from it
Branches associated with art


The word drama itself comes because of the Greek Dramos are at the Indonesian language is really a show exactly about a person’s life, therefore your own drama is usually a show (play) shown in a stage. within staging a good drama can be throughout the countless media covering your own stage, television, film along with much more. Examples drama with Indonesia may people meet around you, for example for its region Java
the center understand your own identify Puppet person, ludruk as well as Ketoprak.


The art connected with dance is accompanied with the rhythmic gestures and also mimic your behavior associated with you thus This there arises an beauty. a great dance can usually be accompanied within music for you to complete to the beauty of your dance. What exactly is meant from the music here can be a sounds The item regulate in addition to accompany the movement of an dancer.


Art can be sole of an branches regarding art tend to be synonymous within vision (visual) despite ones fact This art can also be perceived with the sense associated with touch. Art designed coming from processing point, area, line, volume, shape, texture in addition to dark light (illumination) can be a branch connected with art That You\’ll find and so quite a few approximately us. pertaining to example, painting, sculpture and so on.

Music Art

Music is often a sound It involves rhythms, songs as well as beautiful harmony. Music is usually generated by musical instruments, even though an beautiful human voice may also be said Just as ones music. Music produced from the human voice is called your current vocal and also music generated coming from a good musical instrument called your current Instrumental.

Literary Arts

Literary arts (literature) can be a type connected with writing using a catered meaning and beauty. is actually derived because of the Sanskrit literature can be literature. Su possesses a great sense although literature means your books, thus That means your current book regarding literary (writing), that will obtain a language This really is good as well as beautiful.

The bottom line can be a great item It beautiful art This when i will probably enjoy, biological along with feel That incorporates Fine arts, music, dance, literature and also the performing arts. Art is usually also sole merchandise It every time my partner and i encounter both As soon as my spouse and i are usually listening to be able to music, examine a painting or even Navigate to the show dance performances. consequently articles in understanding and also branches associated with art The item my partner and i will write, may bring launch in order to anyone which read this. whether there\’s quite a few mistakes we apologize, but no matter whether It provides launch It come by God Almighty.


icp capsule

Benefits of Broccoli – Broccoli is a green vegetable that is very beneficial for the health of the body, including to prevent cancer, stroke, lower blood pressure, weight loss, osteoporosis, healthy digestion and the body’s resistance to disease because broccoli contains complete nutrition.

Therefore, by regularly consume vegetables, broccoli this is the right choice because it is so beneficial for health, because broccoli is a vegetable that contains antioxidant vitamins A, B, C, and K, fiber and minerals.

The benefits of broccoli for health
Broccoli can be eaten directly or also to be cooked, but it should be noted also lightly cooked broccoli enough because if too long the levels of nutrients will be lost, so try not to cook or boil the broccoli more than 5 minutes.

Choose broccoli that is still fresh and green should choose broccoli that is not in the black spots on it and if you want to store it in a few days broccoli can be stored in the refrigerator for 4 days.

Some of the benefits of broccoli for health:
Pencehgah cancer, the content of indole-3-carbinol, isothiocyanate and phytochemicals in broccoli is effective in the prevention of cancers such as colon, bladder and ovaries.
Keep the immune system, a high content of vitamin C in broccoli important role in fighting infection and boost the immune system.
Prevent indigestion, because broccoli contains a lot of fiber so nice to overcome digestive problems such as constipation and other digestive disorders.
Anti depression, broccoli contains folate and vitamin B which is believed to improve the atmosphere in the liver as well as anti-depressants.
Controlling blood pressure, potassium content in broccoli may help keep the nervous system, to stabilize blood pressure and healthy brain function.
Bone health, vitamin K and Kalsiun in broccoli is very beneficial to prevent osteoporosis and helps in bone health.
Preventing cardiovascular disease, vitamin B6 and folic serve to protect the body from heart disease and stroke.
Help you lose weight, high fiber content is very useful in helping the process of dieting.
Eye health, broccoli contains vitamin A and lutein which is useful for eye health.
Prevent heart disease, glucoraphanin in broccoli can prevent heart disease.
Nourish the skin, glucoraphanin in broccoli are also beneficial to address skin damage from sun exposure and aging.
Prevent anemia, iron and folic acid in broccoli is useful for anemia due to iron deficiency.
Reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, according to the study of Alzheimer’s disease risk can be reduced by a diet high in folate.
Helping the health of infants in the womb, folate content in broccoli may help prevent neural defects such as spina bifida in the fetus.
Helps control diabetes, chromium content in broccoli is useful to help regulate insulin and control blood sugar levels in the body.

For health benefits Red Chili


Hello buddy ajibers all 🙂 how are ya? whether the likes of you have a particular red chili peppers? This article is very appropriate for you to read, because now we will discuss about the benefits of red chilli to human health.
Chilli is growing – plants that have the characteristic red color and has a somewhat nutty flavor, in Indonesia alone most dishes – dishes using chili Indonesia because people really liked the food or food that has a spicy flavor and spicy flavor that results from this chilli produce sensations different makes our appetite will go up and we can eat with gusto even though the food that we eat is spicy food. It turns spicy taste behind it, the red-colored plants that have several health benefits or body, here are some of the benefits of this chili plants for health, especially for the cure:

1. TREAT rheumatism
Chili was able to cure rheumatism, how fairly it is easy:
Prepare some red chilies (10 pieces).
Then the chili boil about 20 minutes using 1 cup of water.
After rebusanya boiling water, let stand until the temperature slightly down (warm).
And then pour boiling water before the glass.
Usapkanlah water warm red chili stew was the part that feels pain due to arthritis.
2. treat ulcers
Chili can also heal ulcers on the part of our body, but we only use the “LEAF” cabainya, how:
Prepare a few strands “LEAF” chili (as needed)
Then lightly mist lightly mist the leaves chili with vegetable oil
After that, heat “of chili leaves that have been lightly mist with vegetable oil” was on fire (heated only, and do not get burnt)
After the leaves are wilted and already feels a bit hot directly attach the leaf to parts of the body which ulcerous
It turns out this chili can also prevent disease “Stroke”, which is the biggest killer disease in Indonesia’s No. 3 could actually be prevented with red chili, red chili because it can accelerate blood circulation and prevent blood clots causing stroke,

Red peppers can also be used to treat “Cataracts in the eyes”, because red chili contains vitamin C which can also be used to cure diseases of the eye.

5. treat thrush
Humans must have felt canker sores, canker sores are small benjolan2 or like blisters on the lips or mouth, and thrush is very disturbing when we were chewing food because rasak will cause a very painful sore. But with “chili red” sprue you will be resolved because red chili contains vitamin C.

6. ADDING appetite
It may already we feel alone, when we eat – the food was spicy, will give a spicy sensation that will make us will continue – canal eat and can increase appetite, because red chili has the nature of “stimulants”.

7. Overcoming Constipation
If we’re having “constipation” or difficult bowel movements, we can try to consume food – spicy food because spicy food can make a “stool” (feces) become diluted, but do not eat spicy food too much because it can cause diarrhea.

introduction Cucumber regarding Beauty

Benefits Cucumber regarding Beauty Face icp capsule
Overcoming your own eyes dark circles
In cucumber contained silica along with antioxidants It can blind your skin soft and also smooth thus That ones skin always feels a good teenager. Companions must have known how the can be overcome cucumber dark circles at the eyes as well as surely safe and sound furthermore trouble-free to be able to wear, with a thin slice involving cucumber in addition to area The item on the eye, as well as can also be used as being a mask towards the face.
Overcoming your own swollen eye bags
In cucumber likewise turns out there is ascorbic acid of which can make a good lack of swelling of your eyelids caused by water resistance that can establish people feel in order to end up being strange especially When we’ve been crying swollen eyes can surely once.
Reducing dark spots on the face
The sun’s rays can establish black spots or additionally called hyperpigmentation on ones face, and also to be able to reduce black spots The idea friend may use to help cope with cucumber grate ones cucumber pieces and make the mask inside just about all parts of an face in addition to neck.
Can rejuvenate skin
Above when i be asked to say That cucumbers is actually developed smooth along with soft skin, next cucumber mask will be counted in in order to make you are additional confident because of the skin always teenagers.
Overcoming your own pores open
In cucumber are good for beauty sap, cucumber is actually likewise an toner because of its face for you to open the pores will certainly shrink along with close. people do the particular by mixing cucumber inside lemon droplets, aloe vera, tomato, apple cider vinegar would end up being good because of its skin, but only regardless of whether your current cucumber feel not an problem.


One day, my compatriots and their arrival istrinya.Keduanya a physical disability that is deaf. With communication ‘roughing and as far as possible’, I got the information that they earn from selling chicken porridge in the school cafeteria where their children go to school. Several visits to the house, I know how difficult life had to pass. Motivator Indonesia

The approval of the husband, we decided within one year, and it continued into the following years, to help them continuously 50 kg bag of rice every month, in addition to selling porridge, also to eat them. If rice supplies running low, they send a message via SMS to my phone.

When a brother in need of help because of his being affected by competitors, after obtaining the consent of the husband, we also disburse funds to help. And not for the first time.

When friends or relatives or employees in trouble, they come to us and ask for help because they think we are good people, capable, wise, and can be relied upon for assistance.

Although there is a theory which states, is better the hand is over, a lot of help, rather than ask for help. Really! Not one bit!

But actually, to be honest, as a normal human being who often face matters like this, the most thrilling moment is the inner struggle in the seconds precarious must decide: Should I help this person? Pantaskan assisted? Do-do, with our help it would only damage their mental? Do not let his intentions to help even harm others, surely regret later on.

When the intention to provide assistance has been decided, after thinking carefully from various angles, extended his hand with a happy feeling. Accompanied by prayer, may be a positive benefit for all parties.

Do not taint the good deeds we have done by issuing harsh words even then aversion when it turns out that we give aid incompatible with the beautiful reality that we want. I often use the term, if you want to help people, close your eyes, ears shut, shut up, open heart !.

REFLECTION: In the story of mutual help among people, there is a lovely word that we need to look at, namely: SINCERELY! Sincere is the giver who is neutral because, sincere person who never regret in doing good! And good deeds always aim to bring happiness!

The content of Efficacy and Benefits of Potatoes


Solanum tuberosum L or we are familiar with the name of the potato is a plant that belongs to the family of tubers. Potato vegetable protein, energy, calcium, carbohydrates, fat, iron, phosphorus vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin A and many more. We can obtain the benefits of potatoes, among others, such as detoxifying, treating circles around the eyes, treat ulcers, treat kidney stones, treat acne on the face and other – other.

The content of Efficacy and Benefits of Potatoes

Below we share some of the benefits of potato-it is good for health and beauty:
Benefits potatoes to reduce cholesterol levels. Potatoes can reduce cholesterol in the body due to substances that enough potassium in it. Substance potassium can also be found in bananas. Besides, potatoes are low in calorie diet can be effective, of course, without fried but boiled.

Benefits of potatoes as a cancer preventive. Potatoes are very effectively used to fight tumor formation processes that trigger the growth of cancer in the body. Cancer in this case is uterine cancer in women and prostate in men and cancer. This is due to the positive effect of vitamin B 16 is contained in potatoes. There have been many studies that prove by regularly eating boiled potatoes can prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body.

Benefits of potatoes for bone health. Iron content in the potato is very good for bone health. Iron is helping the growth and development of bone to the fullest. In addition to iron, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, and zinc contained in potatoes is the perfect combination to form and build strength and bone structure.

Benefits potato to reduce the risk of kidney stones. In the content of the potatoes are iron and calcium that can trigger the formation of kidney stones, but magnesium is there in potato may prevent the development of kidney tissue to reject calcium. Nevertheless, the potato is not a forbidden food for people with kidney stones.

Benefits of potatoes for lowering high blood pressure. In order to be able to lower blood pressure should reduce sodium intake, but increase the intake of potassium is very good in order to reduce high blood pressure. Lowering high blood pressure can also be optimized with other content in potatoes.

Benefits of potatoes to form and build cells. One of the important vitamin required to perform the chemical reaction process in forming and building the cells in the body is vitamin B 6. It takes more than 100 enzymatic reactions and enzymes themselves are proteins causes a chemical reaction. Most of the amino acids and proteins require vitamin B 6 for the formation of DNA synthesis in the body. Therefore, vitamin B 6 is needed for the formation of cells in the body.

Potatoes for heart health benefits. There are many nutrients in a potato that can support a healthy heart performance. Some of these nutrients include vitamin B-6, vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. Then the potatoes are very good for heart health because eating non – cholesterol.

Benefits potatoes to treat acne on the face. Acne that meet face is certainly very disturbing appearance. If so you can handle it by washing first and then thinly sliced. then stick to the face that are acne.

Smart Way on How to Remove Acrylic Nails at Home

acrylic nail designs
How to remove acrylic nail at home? The craving of acrylic nails has been so vivid these days as many girls and women experimenting with their nails and the acrylic to bring the best of the look to their finger nails. Some people think that the hardest part is about putting on the acrylic nail on your natural nail and getting use to it while you do your normal activities like texting, picking up coins, doing some chores and etc, but actually the tricky part that actually can leave your nail broken and got infection is the removal part. But no need to be afraid as we will help you with some steps on how to remove acrylic nails at home. As we mentioned before that removing acrylic nails can be tricky but with these steps and careful attention on details and practice, your nails would be okay.

First the tools you need to remove the acrylic nails are: nail clipper; nail polish remover; glass bowl; olive oil; petroleum jelly; clean towel; wood stick; nail file and nail buffer. Now we go to the first step. Before peeling the acrylic off, trim down your nail to help the process of peeling the acrylic faster and less glue left behind to clean after. Secondly you can continue by preparing the glass bowl and filling it with nail polish remover. The third step on how to remove fake nails is using the nail file to buffer the gloss of your nail. Move it gently and uniformly and clean the dust when you are done with this step.
how to remove fake nails
Fourth step is by using the petroleum jelly on the skin which is contacted with the nail bed. Next step how to remove acrylic nails at home is dip your nails into the bowl of nail polish remover for around 15-20 minutes until the glue that hold together the acrylic starts to come out. Continue by taking off slowly the acrylic nails carefully. If you find the acrylic nails stick on your natural nail you can repeat to dip your fingers to the nail remover liquid to ease the removing process.Do not force the acrylic nail off since it would peel your natural nail and cause injuries which can lead to infection. So, once it’s clean, wipe clean your nails and apply olive oil to finalize the steps on how to remove fake nails.


5 Ways to Make it simpler When Moving While you are Pregnant

Moving is constantly a worrying aspect that takes place to absolutely everyone one manner or some other, however on the subject of shifting at the same time as you’re pregnant then there masses of advice and hints to observe as it’s really critical while you are pregnant to keep you safe and make your flow as easy as feasible. Whether you’re three, 5 or maybe 8 months pregnant, moving can experience completely overwhelming.

Below are 5 very important pointers to get your pass move smooth and keep the pressure level down.

1. Be Organised and have a Plan.

Planning beforehand is very vital as you can keep time and get the moving technique tons simpler, Your hormones are already raging high so maintain your strain as little as viable, this could be performed very without problems as all you need is make a list of what needs to be carried out and what wishes to move, Establish satisfactory closing dates to suit all your requirements.

2. Prepare your self by means of packing.

Preparing earlier is likewise a very good manner of making sure you’re well equipped to do your pass in time, p.C. Your containers great and also it will likely be useful for you in case you label them as it will make life a whole lot easier in terms of unpacking and also for the movers to recognize wherein to position the containers in each room with the aid of its labels. Also to make things easier you can usually hire a man with a van business enterprise.

Three. Protecting your treasured belongings.

It may be very critical on your treasured assets to be kept secure like passports and id cards or even such things as riding licenses and voluble items which you need each day because the remaining issue you’ll need is to lose your items in transit or at the same time as the shifting takes region, however additionally its less complicated with a purpose to find them as you will want those fee essential stuff day by day. It additionally helps to jot down which room they’ll be stepping into at your new location.

4. Get help if you could.

We all understand desirable own family and friends will always be inclined to provide you a hand at the same time as moving, and this is very essential in case you accept assist as been pregnant would require you to be extra careful of what you will want to do and make certain that help is there so you can get them that will help you even before the packing system starts, so accepting help might be very useful to you.

5. Taking care of yourself.

Regardless in case you are pregnant or no longer you ought to consider yourself as shifting can be genuinely worrying consequently you want to take extra care whilst transferring, a lot of physical and mental power is required for a flow. As moving week techniques, ensure to take more time for your self. Maybe e-book your self a good enjoyable massage. Or yoga magnificence that is my personal favorites.

Furthermore on the way to stay on pinnacle of your move you need to ensure the whole lot ft as in your plan, follow your list which you first made when preparing on your pass, ensure parking has additionally been solved as sometimes this could also upload more problem and pressure on your move, there are plenty of other advice and suggestions to follow but I actually have put together the very crucial ones so you can get busy with the aid of making ready your self and additionally the ultimate thing you want is to feature more annoying wondering and thoughts. Please contend with yourself while moving all people is aware of moving process is certainly disturbing those guidelines will take a number of your pressure away.

Understanding Computers STIE Prakarti Mulya

Within today’s modern world full associated with STIE Prakarti Mulya modern technology definitely an individual many already recognize and also understand even never considered a computer, Any time a person sit school minimum certainly already unveiled through the computer, and then What exactly is the meaning of It computer?
Indeed, your current easy material regarding computer my partner and i are usually in necessitate in order to recognize uncomplicated That primary previously when i understand more, you have to understand previously people deepen duniat IT, particularly familiar in computers, You have to realize what your own definition of the computer?, the computer itself offers the countless definitions, that’s what my partner and i want invites you all to be able to recognize him more.
According towards theme the actual night out your current material tkj as well as realize your own computer, will provide a valuable information and so that you should do not katrok again, the cook often hear even WORK WITH a good computer but do not learn what a good computer \’m fine, ok not need several years my spouse and i explained, right after an little explanation understanding associated with computers According to experts.
understanding associated with computer
Understanding Computers According to experts
From a good collection connected with sources The item we managed in order to summarize, it is a computer It will probably sense an individual understand single through one, straight to the scene, yes;
Understanding Computers by wikipedia
Computers are tools supposed to technique ones facts according to the procedures That has been formulated. Said your current computer are originally intended to describe an individual whom perkerjaannya run arithmetic calculations, within or perhaps with out hearing aids, but your current meaning of an word is actually and then transferred on the machine itself. Origins, processing points almost exclusively related to arithmetical problems, but modern computers are considered pertaining to numerous tasks unrelated to help mathematics.
In your sense The idea There are tools just like slide rules, mechanical calculators kinds ranging through abacus so on, until the many contemporary electronic computers. ones term better appropriate to be able to a broad sense including “computer” is “that system information” or “information processing systems.” with the years there have been numerous additional meanings in the word “computer”, and many different words are right now referred to Equally your computer.
Said computer once commonly designed to define people exactly who operate arithmetic calculations, in or perhaps with no auxiliary engine. Based on Barnhart Concise Dictionary of Etymology, your word is considered within English in 1646 Equally your current word pertaining to “people whom count” then before 1897 is usually also used being a “mechanical calculators”. through World War II, your own word refers to the personnel of any UNITED STATES as well as British women whom perform calculate artillery street war with the machine count.
Understanding Computers In line with Robert H. Blissmer
Computer is usually a great electronic device The item can run quite a few tasks like accept input, technique your own input, shop commands and provide output at the application form connected with information.
Understanding Computers according V.C. Hamacher et al
Computer is usually an electronic calculating machine that will can quickly get digital input information, process It According to That system retained in memory along with generate output information.
Understanding Computers In line with Elias M. Awad
Computers calculate a good tool The item processes your current details for you to always be presented in the application involving digital data and analog data.
Understanding Computers In accordance with Donald H. Sanderes
Computer is usually an electronic program to be able to manipulate information easily and also accurately and designed and also organized to be able to automatically obtain as well as shop input data, process it, and also gives output under the control of a step-by-step instruction technique (Operating System) maintained inside stockpiles (stored system ).
Understanding Computers In accordance with Larry prolonged & Nancy Long
Computers are electronic calculators which are able menginterpresentasikan in addition execute technique commands with regard to input, output, computation, as well as logic operations.
Understanding Computers As outlined by Robert H. Blissmer
Computer is usually a good electronic device This is capable of performing quite a few tasks like acquiring input, input processing, storing commands and gives output for the application form involving information.
Understanding Computers Based on Larry prolonged & Nancy Long
Computers are usually electronic calculators capable menginterpresentasikan and also perform system commands regarding input, output, computation, and logic operations.
Understanding Computers Based on Williams, Sawyer
Computer is a multipurpose machine The item will be programmed, in which obtain details (facts and pictures rough) along with technique or perhaps manipulate The idea in information It will be used
Understanding Computers Based on William M. Fuori
Computers are usually the tool facts processor The idea can perform large calculations quickly, including arithmetic in addition to logic operations, devoid of intervention from humans.
To fill out your insight read also: Understanding Network
That’s a great little explanation In regards to the definition of the computer It my partner and i will probably give, is usually an additional insights along with new knowledge for your readers to help understand everything on the computer world, congratulations for you to learn

Benefits of Salt in Various Fields

In chemistry, a salt is an ionic compound formed from the reaction of acids and bases. Salts consist of cations which are positive ions and anions that are negative ions. The salt is produced from salt mines or by evaporation of sea water or spring water that contains many minerals shallow.

Types of salt:

Bases salts, ie salts which form the hydroxide when dissolved in water
Acid salt, the salt is hydrolyzed and form hidrolium when dissolved in water
Neutral salts, the salts are not of the two types above.
Salt is an important compound indispensable in many fields, such as:


Salt is also quite a lot of benefits for the health sector, without salt of course we would not be able to survive because it can support health.

Strengthens the immune system. Natural sea salt can help build a strong immune system to fight the virus, fever, flu, allergies and other autoimmune disorders.
Lose weight. Salt can help the body to produce digestive juices, so that food can be digested faster. Salt can also help prevent the buildup of food residue in the digestive tract, which can cause constipation and weight gain.
Asthma. Sea salt proved very effective as a natural antihistamine to help reduce inflammation in the respiratory system. Namely by inhibiting the production of sputum, making it easier for the respiratory system. Some people say that sprinkling salt on the tongue after drinking a glass of water as effective as the use of inhalers.
Heart health. Drinking water containing salt can help lower high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and can help regulate heartbeat so more regularly. Thus it can be concluded that the salt can help prevent atherosclerosis, heart attack and stroke. The benefits of mangosteen peel can also be use to maintain a healthy heart.
Diabetes. Salt can help control blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity which helps maintain proper blood sugar levels in the body. So for people with diabetes or who are at risk of the disease can utilize salt as an important part of the diet. Benefits of mango leaves are also believed to be very powerful to overcome diabetes.
Osteoporosis. Bone save ¼ part of the salt is absorbed by the body. This is what helps maintain bone strength. Osteoporosis occurs when the body lacks salt so that the body takes sodium from the bone, plenty of water and consume salt in moderation may prevent osteoporosis. Benefits of honey is also good for osteoporosis.
Muscle. Potassium is important for helping muscles to function properly. The content of potassium in salt can help the body absorb food. This will help prevent muscle pain, spasms and cramps. So that the salt is very important to help muscle function to work properly.
Depression. Salt can help preserve two important hormones in the body, namely serotonin and melatonin, which helps the body to deal with stress, helps the body to feel better, relax and get to sleep better at night.
Neutralize stomach acid. Gastric acid consisting of hydrochloric acid and sodium chloride. Salt can help maintain the proper pH of the stomach. So it can help create a good body pencernaaan process. Stomach acid can also be treated with white turmeric benefits.
Treating disorders of the eye. Wash the eye with salt water can ease the symptoms of infection in the eye. For example cataracts, conjunctivitis (inflammation or infection of the tissues that line the interior of the eyelid), and styes (acne / warts in the area around the eyes). Compress the eye with saline solution combined with a cup of hot water that has been cooled can help provide comfort to the eye.
As a mouthwash. The salt solution can be used as a mouthwash that is effective, it can reduce the risk of sore throat. Addition salts can also restore dull teeth into a brilliant back. For that salt is used as raw material for the manufacture of products toothpaste and mouthwash.